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Art by Mardi Shakti
WRITTEN BY: Bruce Frantzis Taoist Tai Chi Master and Lineage Holder

The Tai Chi Symbol

First there was Emptiness. The tai chi symbol itself was used by the Taoists and dates back to the 14th century BC and possibly earlier. As if that wasn’t old enough, it’s necessary to go back even further—much further–to appreciate this symbol and its meaning. In fact, according to Taoist lore, we have to travel back to the very beginning, to the time of emptiness, when there was only the infinite void.


The void, being a void, was empty. At the same time, it also contained all possibilities. However, these possibilities could not be manifested or created into form.

The Tai Chi Creative Force. The ability to move from simple possibility to actual manifestation and form is possible through the creative force of tai chi. Tai chi is the force or place of raw, undifferentiated energy. From this place, opposing or complementary forces can arise.

Yang and Yin Energies Arise. Out of the void, and through the separation and differentiation of the tai chi creative force, two primordial and complementary energies arose: the yang and the yin.

Yang. The yang energies are associated with the radiant light of the sun as well as its fiery heat. Yang energies are expansive and shoot outward.

Yin. Yin energies are associated with the dark of the moon and closing inward for rest, regeneration, regrowth, and creativity.

Complementary Energies. Yin-Yang energies are often thought of as dualities or polar opposites. Dark-light, cold-hot, female-male, matter-spirit, earth-heaven, down-up, soft-hard, closing-opening, and yielding-aggressive are other ways of characterizing these forces. However, one can also think of these energies as complementary, and sharing a common source.

Both are equally good. One cannot exist without the other. Neither is better than the other. This equality and interplay between the yin and the yang is depicted by the equal sizes of the dark swirling yin and that of the swirling white yang.

Yin to Yang and Yang to Yin. In the symbol, yang energy is always present within the yin, as represented by the small white circle engulfed in the black. Likewise, the swirling yang energy contains a seed of dark yin energy. Just as a child can go from tears to smiles in seconds, yang energy can quickly change into yin energy, and vice versa.

Constant Change. The amount of yin is constantly changing. So is the amount of yang. Both are constantly shifting in a cosmic energy dance.

Cycles of Change. Going back to the tai chi symbol, successive slices yield ever-changing amounts of black and white, yin and yang. This, like the circular shape of the symbol, shows the cycles of change—the movements from yin to yang, and yang to yin.

This is like the constant shift of the earth between day and night, summer and winter.

The tai chi creative force and humans. Changes in the balance between the yin and yang are also reflected in the lives of humans. The idea of tai chi provides a way for an individual to balance and to integrate yin and yang and everything inside—at the mundane to the spiritual levels.

The movements of tai chi forms–with gentle rhythms of expanding and shrinking, opening and closing, yang and yin–are a way to maintain balance within one’s self and one’s world.

Practicing the physical moves of tai chi is a way to access and to implement the possibilities contained within the tai chi force–including that of personal enlightenment.

At its simplest and deepest, the tai chi symbol is a symbol of existence and the process of creation. It holds a reminder of the very best that each of us can create, for ourselves and for the world.

LGB…T… what?!

In 2014, I wrote the following post:

“A lot of people think, that the “LGBTQI+ community” is one, unified group of people.

Queers are actually a bunch of individuals, with their OWN infighting, and discordant politics; there are LGB’s who want to separate from the T+, BECAUSE: L’s and G’s and B’s are same-sex/both sexes attracted, and then there are Tschools of thought that “everyone should be pansexual!” and “there’s no such thing as same-sex!”. Or, if you’re a lesbian, your same-sex attraction is ‘transphobic’.

How does that philosophy fit into same-sex attractions and relationships?!

It doesn’t.

Then, you have trans people who want to liberate themselves from gay, lesbian, and binary politics altogether.
But plenty of L, G, and B who DON’T.
And within the trans community, you have those for surgery, and those against surgery.
And M2F are completely different from F2M.
– even trans is NOT a united front.

You also have L’s and G’s who differ in politics, and L’s who want their OWN COMMUNITIES.

Then, in that Lesbian community, you have *all sorts*…
You have butches and femmes, non-binaries, fluid, and bisexuals.
You have traditionals and progressives.
Butches clashing with Butches.
Hardcore lesbians clashing with bi-sexuals.
There are also plenty of gay people for and against gay-marriage.
Queers are NOT a united front.
Plenty of them DON’T want to be lumped into a category, at all. Especially one that has nothing to do with what they’re into, or what is relevant to their health and lifestyle.
None of the L’s, G’s, B’s, or T’s that I know, are interested in supporting *anything* harmful against children, or anyone.
No one wants that.
Some individuals believe trans-surgery is a form of self-harm; others don’t. Some believe getting fake boobs, or a nose-job, is a form of self-harm. Loving yourself, as you are, is difficult for many.
Sometimes, it hides other psychological injuries.
Some people want to be free to do whatever they want.
Some people want to Heal themselves, or Heal others.

Relationships are seeking balance, everywhere.

I grew up in the queer community, and half my fam and 98% of my friends are gay.
I *intimately know* all sorts of relationship dynamics, from platonic to romantic.
All sides.
Unconditional Love + Healthy Boundaries is where I live.

Apart from being well-received by my usual circles of 98% queer friends, I had one friend-of-a-friend contact me in my inbox:


What have I learned since I wrote this in 2014?

I have learned that the LGB have indeed broken away from the T+
– the T+ is absolute chaos.
Medically, sexually, interpersonally – and worldly – T has nothing at all to do with LGB Rights.

The “LGB Alliance” has been formed:

I have also learned that male-bodied T’s have begun infringing upon the rights of the women of the world; who are neither L or B, and completely spilling out of the “LGBTQI+” Umbrella.
Thus making the T an issue that predominantly affects women, worldwide.
But it’s even worse for women, now, because it’s disguised.

The Emperor Has No Clothes…

No one was listening before this; women have been fighting patriarchy for so long. From Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), to Child-Brides; for freedom, equal human rights, and general safety from men.

Predators LOVE to hide. They’re opportunistic; they gaslight; they bully; they invade. They have criminal minds.

As mentioned, in 2014, F2M and M2F are completely different; also, technically not possible. It was just slang my friends and I used around the gay-table. I feel most comfortable using TiMs and TiFs:
Trans-Identified Males, and Trans-Identified Females.
Males have Male bodies, and Females have Female bodies.

In particular, these male-bodies have infiltrated female sports, effortlessly robbing women of scholarship opportunities they have worked and trained hard for, their entire lives – not to mention their safety and changerooms.

This TiM goes by Laurel Hubbard
Your eyes don’t deceive you; Laurel looks smug, and Silver looks… defeated; spiritually.

And in true, abusive-male style, women are not allowed to object.
They have to submit, and play along with it; one objection, one language-slip, and they are violently abused and gaslighted – being called “transphobic”, or “terf”, while the mob screams rape and murder threats at them.
All they are, is women objecting to The Naked Emperor before their very eyes, that no one is acknowledging, and expressing what the wisdom of their bodies is telling them: that they feel uncomfortable, or threatened, or unsafe in some way.
“Going along” with it is known as “Fawning” – the lesser-known of Fight, Flight, Freeze – and Fawn.
And I can guarantee, that most women (pansexual, straight, L or B) who Fawn about TiMs in public, have different stories to share in private.
A common one, is that men who build their lives on their “white-male-privilege” and then become TiMs cannot begin to know the struggles women face in the world.


Some TiMs are sane, reasonable human-beings, who protect women, children, and reality:

Blaire White
I don’t need to agree with everything Cassie has to say, to agree with the sentiment, or find the article valuable; you can read it here.

I learned about the very real dangers of Self-ID:

I wonder how women who had actually had stillbirths would feel about that; secretly, on the inside.

I won’t even waste my breath on Johnathan Yaniv.

I also learned that T’s are six-times more likely to have Autism.

Of course, being “Academic” they’ve been forced to use “woke-speak”; to be politically correct, at all turns. You can read the PC-pandering study, here.

Autism is a Developmental Disability.
Some Traits of Autism include:

  • Reverses pronouns (e.g., says “you” instead of “I”)
  • Gives unrelated answers to questions
  • Does not understand jokes, sarcasm, or teasing
  • Does not understand personal space boundaries
  • Lack of fear or more fear than expected
  • Aggression
  • Causing self injury
  • Temper tantrums

One woman told me her autistic son always called women with short hair, “he”, and another woman said her autistic-teen lacked empathy for others, and threw tantrums often.

A TiM is appointed as a Head of “Red Tents Australia” – where women and girls go to bleed. Where women go to discover their connection to their wombs, to womb-wisdom, and the cycles of life and nature.
Spaces specifically designed around woman’s experience – for which there are no words.
It’s an Initiation.
Too many women are disconnected from the Wisdom of their Wombs, as it is.
These spaces were supposed to rekindle their Shakti.
I can tell you, that the energy generated in these spaces does not rise around male-bodies.
Tribal Lore had men’s and women’s business for a reason.
Know that if there’s a male-body in your Red Tent, it’s not a *real* Red Tent.
The West clearly isn’t ready for a real Sweatlodge.
If Johnathan Yaniv didn’t make me hate TiMs, this dude certainly has.
What kind of non-woman would accept a role that inherently belongs only to a woman?
Oh that’s right; pretty much all of them.
This TiM has robbed a woman of her moment in the Sun; and has also polluted a Sacred Space.
This shit makes me want to die, most days.

Stay tuned for my next article; “Why You’re Not Two-Spirits.”


Due to recent #shadowbans on #instagram, I’m making WORKBOOK 2 from my course, available to the first 10 kind women who need it, want it, and ask me nicely.


My IMDb Review for Leaving Neverland

“A one-sided social experiment backed by Team Weinstein.”

The Weinstein Documentary “UNTOUCHABLE”, was drowned-out by this last-minute entry to Sundance.

Oprah – Weinstein’s buddy – spent her 65th Birthday, aboard David Geffen’s Boat, with Paul McCartney (and others), watching this movie – fun times.

Safechuck claims he was abused on the second floor of a Neverland Train Station, and states – many times, officially – that the abuse ended in 1992.
He says he was dumped for a younger boy, as he grew into a manly teen.


That Train Station wasn’t built until 1994!
(The internet has receipts)

Dan Reed says that Safechuck must have got the dates wrong – he must have been abused post ’92.


Impossible with this narrative; Safechuck would have outgrown childhood (the internet has pics), MJ would have been under investigation by the FBI at that time, AND married to Lisa-Marie – not to mention: OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

Meanwhile, Robson dated Brandi Jackson for 7-8 years; they began dating Age 12, and MJ arranged for their playdate, at Robson’s request – that doesn’t support his claims in this graphic fantasy, that MJ was “grooming him”, and telling him not to trust women and girls, because they were evil.


So where’s Brandi in this story?

Hang on; where’s anyone one else – at all – in this story?!

Brandi and Taj Jackson – MJ’s niece and nephew – have done some interviews sharing their sides of the story. Taj, himself, a victim of child sex-abuse, from his maternal uncle, is making his own docu-series on his uncle, and exposing EVERYTHING, over the years.

We are so lucky we have the internet, to break the spell of curated media – if you pay close-attention, you’ll see the curation leaking in, across social media, and various social experiments on the unsuspecting public – much like this money-grabbing distraction, that deflects the spotlight from LIVING sexual predators, like Harvey Weinstein, and R Kelly.
(and from the recent assassination of Nipsey Hussle, who was making a Documentary on Dr Sebi who’d cured AIDS, and then got murdered by big pharma.
Left-Eye Lopez had spent time with Dr Sebi, and was excited, devoted, and passionate to bring it to the West – but then she died…)

This Hollywood Mind-Control Experiment hurts the *real* victims of abuse, and enables predators, while confusing the public.

Confused people aren’t very effective, are they?
Aren’t very pro-active in their communities, are they?

They’re made to feel helpless so they’ll donate to a cause. A cause pointing in this direction.
Where *does* that money go?

Dan Reed, himself, admits those Train Station dates don’t add up – the internet has screenshots.


If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, I don’t know what does.

Oprah’s family even claim that Oprah, herself, lied about her sexual abuse and poverty, because “people like those stories”. Do you?

The *real* war, is *still* on VICTIMS of actual abuse.
Sexual, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Financial, Societal.
Perpetrated by MEN, who hold significant positions of influence, privilege, and networking.

“Believe Victims”, the women cried, in unison.
Believe WOMEN.
98% of women are telling the truth.
3% of men are telling the truth.

Until Men stop ruining the world, abusing power, and wasting resources, trust only 3% of them.

MJ was too pure and vulnerable for a perverted world like this one; no one was more generous with their Heart, Soul, Charity, and Gifts.

Remember his messages, above all.
They *want* to darken the world; don’t let them.


(Links and pics to be added at a later date; I wrote this for IMDb and am posting it here, in case my review is not accepted there.)

*Disclaimer: MJ Fam are the good percent of men who can be trusted.

They are thoughtful, intelligent, courageous, noble, and devoted. These men treat everyone like family, and expose the real predators, to keep everyone safe.

Anyone who actually knows Wade and James is deeply ashamed of them – even James’ own cousin! And Wade’s dance students (not to mention his ex-girlfriend!).

My review is relevant to Harvey Weinstein attempting to destroy the #MeToo movement – which has been sullied by being FORCED to “Believe All Victims”.

Believe women; keep an eye out for predators.

Boys who are child victims of adult men – like Arch Bishop Pell, who is only getting SIX YEARS in a plush prison for raping children – suffer the most due to Robson, Safechuck, and Reed’s FABRICATION, full of holes… shame on them.

Thanks for everything you do, #MJFam!

I’ve never felt so Heartened. ❤️

#LeavingNeverland #Weinstein #NipseyHussle #DrSebi #IMDb #ArchBishopPell


That’s me!

I’ve been working really hard, and learning the internet – I can now help many people, at once!

Due to Trauma-Factory, Earth, I’m running late for my own destiny…

I’ve now created two online courses – but Facebook and Instagram have banned linking out to my website because I am just that revolutionary, and evolutionary.

I mean business.

I mean change.

I make you this post, to share with your world. (It’s safe to post on fb/ig).

Know anyone interested? Please send them my way!

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Love & Thanks,




Because 7 is one quarter of 28 days.

28 days is one Moon Cycle.

From Empty to Full, to Empty, to Full.
The Moon is Divided, to further pin-point “time”.
From New Moon to Full Moon, is 13/14 days – 2 weeks.
And another two, from Full Moon to New Moon.
Roughly 27-30 days each Moon.


The Moon Cycle is pretty precise, and pretty regular – but not in the way that the Human Mind comprehends time/space.
Every 27-almost-thirty days, the Moon is Full – like clockwork.

Where the human-mind has the problem, is that the Moon orbits the Earth, while they *both* orbit the Sun.
This causes a 27/28 or 29/30 day Moon Cycle.
Also why the Moon appears BIG some days, and not on other days.

Half of 30, is 15; half of 15 is 7.5, which is still one week.
One week/quarter, is roughly 7- 7.5 days/Suns.

The Moon is a Sundial.

What else do we know with an approximate 30 day cycle?
Oh; that’s right: THE RHYTHM OF LIFE



“Ovulation” is akin to a FULL MOON; you can see the waxing of a new cycle with the ‘Primordial Follicles’, as the egg matures. When it is *full*, mature, and bursting with life, it busts out of the Ovary, ready to hang out in the Fallopian Tube, where it meets your Dad – or not.


The SAC (Corpus Luteum) the egg was grown in, WANES… just like the darkening moon, withering, and becoming Cosmic Compost. The Feminine Mysteries are present in this cycle, as The Triple Goddess (The Moira, from my book).  I prefer to Ovulate at a FULL MOON, and bleed on a New Moon.


The Triple Goddess is known as The Maiden; The Mother; and the Crone. Waxing, FULL, and WANING. As a Meditation, this cycle can be acknowledged in ONE BREATH CYCLE: 1) New IN breath… 2) FULL OXYGEN-RUSH LIFE-FORCE HEARTBEAT! 3)…Waning OUT breath. The Goddess is in YOU.
The Female has The Womb; this Temple of Life, where you lived from the moment YOUR MOTHER formed inside HER MOTHER. Even if you are boy, you lived there, and were born from this Rhythm of Life. Any harm to women, is harm to LIFE, ITSELF. HARM, to THE RHYTHM. Deal with your Goddess issues. Everyone has them, in a Patriarchy. God is NOT male – soz.

Many indigenous communities mapped only by The Moon.
– there was no need for “precise” mapped-months of a-certain-amount-of-days/hours/minutes/seconds.
Heartbeats keep your real-time.
You have never not-been “happening”, NOW. Boom. Now. Boom.
Indigenous Moons were, simply, “The Harvest Moon”, or “The Cherries Turn Black Moon”, and the Moons were counted by the seasons; The First Moon after Summer. The First Moon of Winter.
Quarter Moons were maps, enough.
(and half-quarter, quarters.)

The “general global consensus”, of approx 12 Moons of 30 Days equates to the 360 Degrees of a Perfect Circle.
A perfectly mappable calendar.

The Mayan Calendar is mapped according to 13 Moons of 28 Days (for example).
And every year, after the end, and before the beginning, they have THE DAY OUT OF TIME. This “DOOT” occurs when the Sun Rises with Fixed-Star Sirius.
Total of 365 days.

It’s the Gregorian Calender that traps you in artificial time of 12 uneven Mo(o)nths, *not quite* in tune with the regular-moon.
This *could* be remedied with even-Mo(o)nths, and approx 5 days “out of time”. A great way to end and start a year, don’t you think? 

The Gregorian Calendar traps your mind, your energy, your attention, and life, in Maya/Matrix. “The Illusion”.
In here, you are subject to the things that artificial time wants you to know; what’s important; who matters; who’s the boss; what the rules are; invented government; invented money; invented religion; earth-for-sale; what you absolutely must buy with your values and money-system; what is news… it’s all a lie. “A Grand Illusion”… detuned. OZ.

* I didn’t invent the calendar; I didn’t invent astronomy; I didn’t invent astrology: I witness.

And if you *don’t* understand this^, you can’t “astrology” – and this is why: IT’S COMPLICATED.
It’s an endless study of maps, cycles, orbits, maths, concentric rings; ellipses; geometry; physics; Light; psychology; archetypes; storytelling; alchemy; chemistry; wonder; awe; magic; alignments; aspects; revelations; discoveries – and more.

I want to show you something really cool; you can read about the Venus Synodic Cycle, here:
01-earth-venusAnimated Venus:

A Story of 0 – 9



(Infinite, a perfect circle)

All of its creations emanated from it in numerical energetic order.

(A magical order unseen)

1 2   3   4    5     6       7        8        9

And thus everything is built from the infinite combinations of itself.

It’s as if I have a unique ‘phone number’ that dials back to the origin of my creation.

Perhaps I am a 1 1 1 1

or a 1 2 1 2

or a 1 2 3 4


Whatever my ‘number’ it can be dialed; it can be resonated…like music… My entire being can sing the sound of me.

And this thing known as chaos; it is movement. Without it there could be no combining of numbers. For they would remain in order. Stagnant.

For example, myself.

The mathematical summation of:







The year I was born + the number of the house I live in.

The numbers I notice + the people I meet.

(Now equals number combination’s the brain cannot fathom)

The hugs with others, the grass, the trees, the birds, the rain. The music and the dance. A solo experience shared of a beautiful maths. For I began at zero, so must everything else. Everyone else.

All ancients made stories to understand.

Another story I like coz it’s pretty is the Fabric of Life.

An individual strand. Like your own number thread.

Imagine…how beautiful… a dense cord of colour/number/sound/texture energy. Vibrating musical notes. Building textures from the origins of energy. Complex born unique from simple zero. Origin of all. You know? As above so below- In La’kesh-etc

Imagine you are a threaded needle; walking around, dancing, hugging, smiling at strangers, shaking hands…


‘…go Under the Ivy’ ~ Kate Bush

Imagine your thread – mine might be a strong, wooden, brown vine, abundant with Ivy – green leaves entwining, vibrant pink-red roses – always renewing, revealing honey-gold light dew-stars from their hearts. Unfolding and enfolding. Breathing with life; pulsing with movement. Imagine the singing…

'...becomes The Rose." ~ Bette Midler

‘…becomes The Rose.” ~ Bette Midler

Every time I hug another, I feel as if the threads hug also, weaving together this ‘fabric of life’; our songs harmonize, creating a new sound. Or they don’t harmonize, yet still – a new sound.

Sewing a moment together in time. Weaving forever, moving forever, dancing forever.

Imagine the sight!


One of Life's Fabrics...

One of Life’s Fabrics…

I = Mardi

In La’kesh

All My Love

4 April 2013 at 16:42

betty burlesque

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In 1930, Hollywood – centre for Mind-Control – introduced the “Hays Code”, which censored sexuality in cinema, on the grounds of “immorally influencing the minds of the public” with SEX. 😂

This censorship (along with its Religious origins) actually CREATED and FORTIFIED a split in the human being, between its wholeness, and its sexuality; separating the two.
This is how the billion dollar porn industry was eventually born; through censorship, and suppression, where it was forced underground, and into the dark corners of life where its light became blanketed in guilt and shame… which then expressed itself in twisted ways, due to trying to ‘flip the switch’, and saturate accumulated negatively-vibrating trauma with the positive charge of pleasure (pleasure/pain + trauma/healing HUGE topic).

Sex used to just be a part of the whole experience of being alive; it’s where being alive came from! YOU ARE THE LIVING ORGASM OF THE REUNION OF THE COSMIC MOTHER AND FATHER (whether you like it, or not – that’s your issue.)  

It makes ZERO sense, that one “official” couple fumble around in the dark, until they eventually learn they’re not compatible – or worse; think they have to live like that forever!

Art, education, and entertainment are natural vehicles for the exploration of sexual and sensual delight, that help you learn about yourself, and heal your traumas that were created by the Space Patriarchy, in the first place!

– aside from the Ancient Vedic Art of astrologically aligning partners with such specificity, that they were guaranteed to at least get along – and where a LOVE MARRIAGE always won out, over an arranged one.
Sexual Education of the next-generation was traditionally a WOMAN’S ROLE; the patriarchy needs to get its filthy fingers OFF human sexuality.
Its doing it wrong.

You know why He squashes Her down, century after century…

I’ve said it a MILLION times: the secret to your liberation, is *literally* found in your sexual energy.
UP The spine, ILLUMINATING your brain/mind/consciousness  – which is an EVENT, and not a concept. It’s something that actually happens, that releases you from slavery.
I’m sorry to say: THEY DO NOT WANT THIS FOR YOU. If they did, you would KNOW what Kundalini was, and that it could happen to you!!
When mine rose, that was my first revelation: “why the fuck did no one tell me this could happen?!”

As of the other day, the patriarchal internet plans to censor many of the frequented Social Media sites; Tumblr, Instagram, fb, and it will eventually hunt you down.


Tumblr censorship

“According to the policy, public discussion of “sexual violence and exploitation” is OK, but anything encouraging sex for pleasure between adults is now a bannable offense in public posts.”

Clearly, sex is the worst thing a person can engage in.  

FILE-SHARING was also interrupted by the patriarchy, rather than seeing where that could take us, as a species. It was bringing down the Monopoly of the Media Mind-Control Machine, and making way for the rise of non-curated stories.
SO, they started curating REALITY. 

Whether it’s file-sharing, or sexual pairing, The Goddess LOVES connection, and sharing, the speed of light, electricity, abundance, creativity, and creation…  

Many of you may know, that I left fb in April; I know it owns Insta, but I’ve just been laying low, here, and staying shallow, while I mourn existence, and what has become of the world in my short life.

I express my disdain in short bursts, on Twitter, and MeWe.
Mostly, I seethe.

We are living in a post-MeToo world, and those of us who are SEXUAL HEALERS and EDUCATORS have no platform, no vehicle, and no voice for our work.

Tantric Goddess, Psalm Isadora, who killed herself a while back, once despaired about how fb and twitter classed her HEALING WORK as “sex work” – she wasn’t allowed to advertise any of her stuff on the platforms and to the people that NEED IT, the most.

If you think I’m overreacting, do you think I’ve been overreacting for 9 years?
Or, that maybe, I might just be onto something…?

What you can do right now:
1) If you’re a female who is concerned about this censorship, click the link in my insta bio to get on my list by downloading your FREE copy of 5 Rituals for Self-Care – this list is for women, only. Please respect the space we need to talk amongst ourselves. Click here, ladies!

2) If you’re not a female, you can get on my MAIN list, on the homepage of my website, [which has already been banned by fb AND IG DM] where I’ll keep you updated on what we’re doing. Scroll down the page for the sign-up form.   

3) Join MeWe, I’m there. It’s like a colourful and fun fb. Private groups, chat, friends and shit.

TRANSFER any of your Goddess or Sexy groups over to that site. Bring your friends. It’s a party.

Freedom still exists there, (for now). They are a smaller company, so it will take them longer to embrace censorship. Move quickly, gather your tribes.

4) Read the articles on my blog (here!) for more info on Sex, Censorship, and the Silverscreen.
– Give me a minute; everything I do as a Public Service, I do with c-ptsd from rape trauma, whilst recurringly homeless.
Yes; I hate earth, and want to leave, asap.
Why would I want to stay anywhere the GODDESS LIFE-FORCE is enslaved??

Only men are allowed to make $ off women’s bodies and energy – the women, themselves, are not! 

Ergo: homeless. Dependent. Enslaved. And forced into unsafe conditions.  

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE; I’ve always been generous, that way.


Some of my later posts are *so* PTSD; I apologise.
There is a lot “in between the lines”; she just assumes you “get it” – and sometimes extra details and links in the comments.

I had *so* much to say; I’ve just not been able to get it out, in time.






* The Alphabet vs The Goddess by Dr. Leonard Shlain
* Sex at 24 Frames per Second
(Click *tiny blue link*, top LEFT)

No sex, please, we’re beholden to our advertisers.



* please note, I am not addressing any criminal or abusive topics related to this subject. Tribal Lore, or a matriarchy, would never tolerate such garbage in the first place. 

What is the Reason for Rape?

A young woman asked a very good question at the “Youth and Truth” sessions with Sadhguru.

My comment on the article is below her question; I have quoted Sadhguru from the article, above.

Q: Sir, we portray our India as a woman and call her “Mother India”. Yet we see many rape cases, even in which we see a man raping his own mother, daughter or sister. What drives a man with such madness of pleasure to do such an inhuman act?

The guy goes crazy.

If he thinks nobody is watching, he will pounce on somebody.

…you must understand that in a rape case, the only witness is almost always the victim. If you guarantee to a rapist that, if you rape and get caught, you will hang for sure, what do you think he will do? He will eliminate that only witness.

If he was in the village, then by eighteen, nineteen he would be married to somebody. Now he has no hope. He is simply there, and he will do wild things. This is the nature of a human being, we must understand.

The woman has asked the question, because she is *not* inhuman; she is not like this.
It is not her nature to be “feral”.

Wild with wonder, and passion, and creativity, and Love, perhaps – but she is not a rapist, or a killer, by nature.

Here, Sadhguru paints a picture of man as a “Wild, feral, hormonal rapist and murderer, by nature.”
And we are told he is “just a man” – or a boy, even, and to NOT BE AFRAID. Even Sadhguru sounds afraid! His first thought, is: “Do not guarantee to a rapist that they will be punished; for he will surely ELIMINATE YOU.”
Rape and Murder you.

Let us not forget that a FATHER who rapes his baby daughter, is not under the influence of Hormones – this is something else, entirely.
A darkness, that us women of the world still have no answer or explanation for – other than Man is, by nature, ‘stupid’, ‘hormonal’, ‘crazy,’ ‘opportunistic’, ‘self-serving’, ‘clueless’, ‘calculating’, ‘reactionary’, ‘murderous’.
That girls and women are better than him; so we will not have equal-partners, but needy-children with scary muscles; as bosses, teachers, parents, friends, and romantic-partners.
“Do not blame the boy-child! He is messed-up; misguided. Misdirected. Unable to think for himself. He is pathetic. Help him; but be careful – he might rape and murder you.”

Men can be MORE than this beast he is portrayed as, in every culture, all over the world. We are Universally Bonded by the fact that it is not “Indian Men” – it is MEN.
Women cannot help him; he rapes and murders her if she tries. Men must help Men.
Help them to R.E.S.P.E.C.T. women.

He goes on to say, that Indian Society had previously planned a boy’s life; your affairs will be settled, you will have a wife.

Man is the perpetual Baby; with his clothes laid-out, and breakfast ready. He does not see nor receive his Mother’s Love; he expects her servitude. She is his slave. Woman is his entitlement.
He is like a fat, pompous king, that feeds only the ego, and his primal nature.

The wife will be the ‘new mother’.

Some of the points he raised are relevant only to Indian Society. And to hormonal boys.

Mother Earth is full of murderous male-rapists who are beyond hormonal years; whose wives give birth to daughters; who have sisters; who were raised in cities.

The way I see it, the majority of the world worships a male-god; this has programmed girls to see men as god-Like.
Boys are not programmed to see girls and women as god-Like: it is imbalanced.
She automatically respects him; he automatically does not respect her.

This young woman’s question holds the key:
It is called “Mother India”, but She and her daughters are disrespected.

The further India moves from its Goddess roots, the stupider it’s men become.

Girls and women need to see Man for what he really is; not “god-Like”, but exactly as Sadhguru describes: FERAL AND DANGEROUS.

Om Shakti
Om Shanti