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An Excerpt From My Book: SUNSET

Sunset Fragment

I even suffer from a slight anger towards orange. I get angry at carrots for being so…orange.

I can only really tolerate it in a very particular shade. One in the triad of my favourite colours – reminiscent of a scene in Maui; where I have never been.

This composition is hot pink, sunset orange, and ultra violet.

I also have other triads of favourite combinations. There is a fluttery, alive, star-gold with radiant turquoise, and rose pink…

And a velvet red, turquoise, and gold.

I think I like turquoise because it seems to be a beautiful blue with a radiant heart of gold. And speaking of turquoise, Lets play a game!

(As I’m sure you can imagine, I actually write a small descriptive paragraph about it: as the more work you put in, the heartier the result. But at your leisure…)

About Us

1. What is you favourite colour? Now describe it in two words.

2. What is your favourite animal? Describe it in two.

3. What is your favourite body of water? i.e.: bath, river, lake, teeth brushing water… two words.

4. Imagine you are naked in a white room with no windows, no doors; no way in or out. Describe in two words how you feel.

It’s funner if you do it with others (as always)!

My answers are always changing, and I won’t give you the thesis, but often it’s:

1. turquoise (radiant, electric) or velvet red (warm, alive)

2. flamingo, peacock (both are exotic masterpieces) or tiger (powerful, majestic)

3. bath/shower/waterfall (weightless, warm / hot, unrelenting and / Gravity – there’s this whole thing with the higher river falling into and merging with the one below. The whole process of unification)

4…I forget.

I’ll give you the results later. Chances are if they were right here you would read them before playing. No fun.

~> https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/294522


Tantric Maas


IN TANTRA… all the women are called “Maa”; this is because they become the Mothers of The World, extending warmth, nourishment, and nurturing, deep into the roots of the Soul, causing the seed of that Soul to *~ flower ~* into its full, radiant potential; safe within the Sacred Sanctuary of the metaphorical Womb of Creation, that is intimately connected to The Expansive Cosmos, that gives Birth to all of us, over and over again.


All Maa’s have within them, the Inner, Untouchable Virgin/Maiden, and the Eternal First and Wisest Woman, known as the Crone, who is Married to the Cosmos; she is beyond birth and death; She is the Boundary of infinity – the Gatekeeper of the Magic Portal from whence we all came, and shall return, no matter our age, our race, or our class ( – or lack of 😉 )


Creatrix is Triple – braided – because She is the Weave of Life, itself; the beginning, the middle, and the end.


Known by some, as The Spinner; The Measurer; and The Cutter of the destined thread which is Your Birth, Your Life, and Your End.


Tantric Maas are the Wholeness of this Trinity; her innate knowledge of New Beginnings, freshness, and eternal purity, transitioning to CONSCIOUS LOVE, Nurturance, and Nourishment of Life, which transitions into HEALTHY Boundaries that provide the necessary structure for infinity to come to form; to exist, and to manifest the ethereal vision and Highest Potential of the ever-present cosmos.


And in Her image – the coveted Form of the Goddess: Women of Earth. From Her, each Soul is Born into Form and Matter, out of Her Love, and from Her Body… Mother; who is Daughter of The Goddess.


Happy Maa’s Day, to every Womban… to all who ignite, nurture, and contain Life, itself.


May you always be Loved and Respected for the Cosmic Miracle and Fact that you ARE.


Jai Maa!


x~ Namaste ~x


(For Lovers of The Goddess: as I like to say;
“He protects Her Body; She protects his Soul.”


* Protection can read as Love; can read as Venerate; can read as Treasure.
Mother can read as The World.)


*~ ❤ ~*






Once upon a time, we had temples.

In those temples, were the Priests and Priestesses of The Goddess: Creatrix.

For the purpose of this story, we have the Trinity of Innocence, Ignorance, and Illumination:
Civilians; Beasts; and Priests and Priestesses of Creation.

In the time of the wars, the temples were used as a filter; to “de-beast” the bloody before they were allowed back into the villages among the innocent civilian men and women.

Eventually, The Beasts destroyed The Temples, along with the Priests and Priestesses – and everything they stood for.
They raped and pillaged the villages and villagers, breeding in violence, ignorance, chaos, and disorder ~ and a sleepy darkness fell all over the land…

What we have today, is this mess.

We have Civilians and Beasts who think they’re priests/priestesses; Beasts who claim to be Gurus, Holy Men, and Leaders, capitalizing on ignorance; invisible Priests and Priestesses without temples, and without each other – and any other chaos, suspicion, confusion, and undoing you can think of.
– sprinkle a starry-hope of the precious small things of life, in there, too. Civilian life is creative, fun, exciting, unpredictable, and has a lot more *~ expanding ~* to do…

The glorification – and training of – the nature of The Beast in women and men, through television and cinema, mixes the beast in with civilians; Breeding. Possessing. Controlling.
Condoning bad behaviour, and making it appear ‘normal’.

Anyone whole (Holy) is portrayed as Sanctimonious, Vacuous, a Charlatan, or a Loon.

We are the children of this mess:
Children of Priests
Children of Beasts
Our Mothers; of consciousness or unconsciousness.
Wounded, sometimes. Lineages back.

This beast has nothing to do with passion; nothing to do with sensuality; nor anything to do with the liberated ecstasy of the Earth-God, Pan.

This beast is purely reptilian, and in feral, survival mode. Calculating, reactive, ruthless, and manipulative.
(see comments for more on the reptilian brain.)
Survival is not necessary in a thriving, expansive eden of existence… there is Life beyond “Thunderdome”.

We all make our journeys from Innocence to Ignorance, from Innocence to Illumination, and from Ignorance, to Illumination.
There *is* an order.

Astrological Archetypes are a language unto themselves, and contain timeless, cyclic wisdom; The Priest/Priestess of our story is the True Representation of the Star Sign, VIRGO.

The Era of Wars, as the Age of ARIES.
The Earth-God Pan as the Age of TAURUS.
The Age of CANCER as the era of Matriarchal Societies and Cathedrals.

These traditional planetary rulers are:
Virgo: Mercury – “Right-hand of God/Goddess/Sun”, Scribe, Communication of Tantra.
Aries: Mars – Energy, Impulse, Force.
Taurus: Venus – Treasures, Senses, Love, Beauty, Art, Aesthetics.
Cancer: Moon – Roots, Origins, Mother, Home, Womb-Wisdom.

“Bad Leos demand to be treated like royalty.
Good Leos treat others like they were royalty, too.” ~ Christopher Witecki

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” ~ Jim Morrison

“What are you doing, Brahman?
You’re playing Hide and Seek with yourself…” ~ Alan Watts

At least we all have our humanness in common.
And Love, if we can find it.


*~ He protects Her Body; She protects His Soul ~*


Requesting Research: Temporary Post

Requesting Research: Temporary Post

I am writing a new book about the sexually abused.

If anyone would like to help me with my research, please, read on…

The working title is:
“A Guidebook to Sexual Abuse: the slow, silent death.”

So, what I will need from you, if you choose to accept:

* What needs did you feel you had that were never met?
(that you would now offer to others who have gone through this)

* What needs did you have that were met?

* Whether you were sexually abused *before* being sexually active, and how it shaped your ‘sex life’.

* Whether you had been sexually active before the abuse occurred, and whether it changed your ‘sex life’.

* Did you develop extra sensory skills, such as psychic intuition, astral projection, telekenisis – etc

* Have you ever, or since, had a “healing relationship”, where your partner helped you a lot.

* How are your relationships? (Friends, Family, Co-workers, Intimately)

* There are many forms of sexual abuse, and assault – anything that felt… wrong.

* Did your sexuality get trapped in your sex organs? High Sex-drive? Did you become self-destructive?

* Did you feel like every time someone touched you, or was alone with you, that they ‘might’ assault you?

* Do you physically tense up when you pass a stranger in the street, walking alone?

* Any “irrational” fears?

* Did you disassociate? “Leave” your body? Do you have any sensations? Did you learn to have sensation? No sex-drive? No orgasm? Eventual orgasm?

* Was your abuser: a stranger? familiar to you?
Were there feelings of Love from you, toward them? Or did they mean nothing to you?
(Trying to explore the differences, here, between not taking it personally {stranger}, and confusing it with ‘normal Love’, daily interaction with an abusive family member, or someone you were dating, or Loving {in which case, there can be no dis-associative barrier}.

* Did you ever: Recover? Integrate? Or do you feel broken forever?
(Please elaborate on recommended healing modalities)

* Any advice you might have for someone who has been sexually abused, that you wished you had done, or wished someone would have helped you do. Or anything you can think of.

Some homework for you (if you want):
1) Explore the “5 Languages of Love”, and let me know if “Affection” is at the top of your list, and how deeply sexual abuse wounds you.
If “Affection” is not at the top of your list; did the event/s *deeply* wound you? Or were you healed by many of the other Loving ways, such as: beautiful, healing words, or gifts, or acts of service toward you…

2) Watch the movie, ‘Mysterious Skin’, by Gregg Araki, and let me know if you identify with either of the boys; one of the boys, of neither of them.
Are you something completely different…


Please FEEL FREE to answer or offer anything YOU think might help the world, that I have not included in here.

You are also welcome to send me a quote from you, that would be your one message to the world regarding sexual abuse. And you can sign off as anonymous; with a made-up name; or with your first name – whatever you want.

Please understand that I operate on a Universal Scale; all agreements between us are for the sole purpose of education, and you enter into this with a humanitarian heart, giving *~ nothing ~* but what YOU want to give.

Email me anonymously, or not, at:
mardishakti at gmail dot com

In the subject, write: “Abused” (in capitals, if you want 😉 ) followed by “Reply” or “No Reply” depending on what kind of interaction you would like to have: you can deliver me your input, full stop, or, you can help me further, by asking and offering questions.
And yes, of course: “Boys are welcome, too.”

Thank YOU.




TIME; it never matched my Heartbeat…

Did you know?
The days of the week are all named after the planets:

(…Tiwaz, Woden, Thor, Freya: aka Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus)

You can understand this clearly in the Latin-Languages; Italian, and French.

LUNdi – Luna – Moon
MARdi – Mars
MERCredi – Mercury

English uses the Norse names: “Thors” Day who is also Jupiter: “Jeudi”

One Week, of 7 Planets is one quarter of a Moon.
4 weeks, is 28 Days, is One total Moon Cycle, from empty, to Full, to empty, again.

So why are the Months uneven?

The maps of time indeed stem from the cycles of The Cosmic Clock; yet over time, we, of this world, have been ‘de-tuned’ from our once harmonious relationship to the rest of the cosmos.
We live in man-made time, that is the lock and key to Samsara (the hamster-wheel).

There are 13 exact Full Moons in one cycle around the Sun, yet we live with an uneven calendar map of uneven day’d months (‘moon-ths’), with a weird “Leap Year” every 4.
And the *very second* the year ends, it begins, again!
That never felt right, to me.

The Mayan Map-Makers have a 13 Moon Calendar, and something known as “The Day Out of Time”, around every July 25th.
The Sun rises with the Star, Sirius, on this day of “Time as Art” – but The Blue Star is a story for another time… 🙂

Just knowing about any of this is the first step.

– but, I don’t know how a planet of people can evolve if they just keep going around in circles…

“A well-known adage is that those who forget history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history. Likewise, those who have never learned the facts of calendar history have built an entire belief structure on a faulty foundation: the assumption that weeks have cycled continuously and without interruption ever since Creation.”

“It must always be remembered that *when* one worships reveals *whom* one worships: the Eloah of Creation, or the god of this world that is the leader of rebellion against the Creator.”


THE AGES are also mapped from The Cosmic Clock. Each age is approx 2000 years; as you can see, our Map has reached this number, and began at the onset of the Age of Pisces: The Fish Symbol.

The Ages move backwards, and we have either begun – or are beginning – The Age of Aquarius.


“Mark Passio also discusses the concept of time and money very well. He posits that Time is TRUE Spiritual Currency.”

And he is only saying what I, myself, always knew: it never matched my Heartbeat.

Who still hasn’t got this figured out, yet?

All your time, all your presence, and attention, *that* is all you will ever TRULY have. To share, to give, to exchange… to live in.

*~ “That’s it!” he exclaimed to Lloydine. “The world is living in artificial time! This place should be renamed the Museum of Mechanized Time.” ~*


You are being robbed;
and displaced –
every Heartbeat that you GIVE; that you don’t really want to give.

Spend it wisely.

Stay Tuned for next week’s episode!

(because that’s how synCHRONOSity works; in episodes; in events; in puzzle pieces… getting the picture…? 😉 )





Me too. sigh…

* Start with chocolate ( or coffee – one or the other.)

* Start with your favourite fruit; visualize, taste and smell… The colours! (Purple and Yellow, and pink… Passionfruit!) Surround yourself with the vibration of the colours. Use the essential oils of your favourite fruit.

* Start there; keep it up. WAKE UP your senses… rouse yourself from the concrete dullness of artificial reality…

* Look in to your past, at your happiest times – not dependent on another person, but maybe the weather, the smell of jasmine, the promise of something that you wanted, or were enjoying.
Start with One. Write it down.
Interaction with your environment, with ‘the other’ is beautiful.

* Which music changed, or changes you… listen to them. Write down (so you can SEE) what was going on for you emotionally, at those times… Listen to the music on REALLY GOOD SPEAKERS (wooden), a must. You need to FEEL it, again.

* One or 5 favourite movies? Watch them. Remember why you Love them, and what you Love about them.
Everything you Love about them is for you.

* SIGHT. Beauty. Anything. Art that you Love. Beauty that you like to look at; find something beautiful… Emerald? Lavender? Black Latex! 😉

* Which Season is your favourite? any order – *WHAT* do you LOVE about it…? Colours? Atmosphere? Activities? Write everything down. One word at a time. Then, bubble tangent each word. The answers you are looking for will send you an impulse.

* What did you want to be when you grew up? Why? What next? What is EVERYTHING you have ever wanted be?
List them all, tell yourself why. Ask yourself what steps can you take – TODAY – to get you one step closer to anything you ever wanted to be.

* Are you happy *where* you are? Why not? What is missing? Look at what you want. Research where you will find the things that are missing. Take one step, today, toward to being WHERE you want to be. -create a vision board, so you can LOOK at “where”! (Lucky you if you can draw 😉 )

* How are your foundations? Have you outgrown them? Are they too unstable? Sometimes surrender is all that is left. Things must die for new things to be born. MUST. Acorn to Oak. Compost to new growth.

* What are your dreams…? Bucket List? What would you MAKE SURE you had done before you die. Just ONE thing (keep going if you want).

* *LOOK* for your Bliss, everywhere ~ talk to people that seem golden. Especially 😉 Talk to everyone!

* Enquire to others, what *THEIR* Bliss is… Learn. Ignite. Remind. Be reminded.

* SENSES… Touch beautiful things, Look at Beauty, Smell Beautiful aromas… Taste delicious things! Listen to pleasing sounds… Like, really listen. Allow the vibrations *in*. Chant Sanskrit Mantras – ancient healing, and fine-tuning technology.

* Experiment with combining sensual pleasures. That’s why movies are so nice… combining visuals and sound.
And materials; combining textures and colours… and flowers, combining aroma, colour, texture! Food: aroma, colour, taste!
Combine. Sex combines all the senses at once – why it is so hypnotic and prevalent. If you would like to have sex, you might like to explore how to relate to another person. Look in the mirror. How do you look to you? Like who you are looking for? How do you smell? Are you sensually active? Are you sensually attractive? Are you the 6th sense? Go deeper – what are you attracted to? What qualities do you like in another, what do like in yourself?

* Get a makeover! Get a new haircut, buy a well-fitted or tailored item of clothing. Some solid shoes for a good foundation. Especially city living. Elsewhere ~ just for an occasional night out. Look into doing this once per season. Get rid of old stuff – pass it on to someone else for treasure. OR: find yourself a *uniform* look (all black), and feel secure in that uniform, to go about your Bliss…!

* Eat healthy – smell and taste and feel better.

* If it’s not about sex, define what you *would* find attractive in a sexual partner. ATTRACTION is how you make friends, too 😉
Write it all down, cross it out, start again, say everything that is on your mind – no editing. Look into the symbology of anything that has come up. Comfort? Strength? Teamwork? Those sorts of things. You can tangent bubble each word to find the *answer/s*.

* Write down everything you Love to do *with* a partner. Explore what that means to you.

Say Hi to yourself. 🙂

Look at your Bliss.

“No Man is an Island”.

(so, add things below that might help others Bliss out ~ fruit, flowers, scenery, projects – * 😀 *)

Apocalypse, NOW.

Apoc NOW
*~ Apocalypse NOW ~*
APOCALYPSE: “The Revealing”; Unveiling; Disclosure. (An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning ‘un-covering’), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation ~ wiki)

“Tear off the mask; your face is glorious.” ~ Rumi ♥

* NWO has imprinted a Fear of Oneness in the collective sub-conscious. Unity is the Meta-Physical Truth.
* Illuminati “originally” meant The Illumined Ones, which meant Enlightenment.  Original Freemasons were the crafters of Sacred Geometry which is the language of ‘perfection’: “god”.
Hinduism also worships Geometric Patterns as Yantras: structures of channeling God/Goddess Energy into the home, or sacred space.
Enlightenment has been polluted, and has been imprinted with Fear so people will fear “Illumination”, and no one will seek Real and True Enlightenment. Especially due to being brainwashed unworthy by the patriarchy.

* All sacred symbolism – which was a language beyond language – has also been polluted; the Snake represents the Kundalini (cultures over), which leads to Enlightenment. Reptilian Fear keeps people away from studying The Snake, and discerning the Sacred from the just plain deceptive. Sex was also demonised – which is HILARIOUS: it is how we all come to life! It “should” be Sacred. Half sperm, Half egg.
Sexual/Spiritual energy is the Kundalini. So sex has been polluted, too. The Mother used to be worshipped because: where did we come from? Mum! ❤

The Devil, or Satan was also created out of symbols; King Neptune of the Universal Sea of Consciousness has a Trident, which was given to the creation of an anti-god, to penetrate deep into the sub-conscious; The Horned God, Pan, was a Taurean representation of the Earthly pleasure of the senses, and sensuality: scent, sight, sound, touch, taste, feel, sense… (aka Dionysus). Thus, you can see, that the Body/Earth realm was also demonised, so we’d hate ourselves, and not trust ourselves, and our instincts.
Sensuality, as such, has been completely removed from sex (Big Topic in itself; TRUE tantra, etc Conscious sex, has become unconscious sex, which creates: “Unconscious Life”.)
All these symbols were stolen from Paganism, which was Nature, and Native relationship with the land: The Mother.
Anti-god is simply the opposition of god ~ away from Illumination.
Into Ignorance. Darkness. Blindness. God is a patriarchal concept that denies the Cosmic Mother.
The Patriarchy Reign
Pluto is in Capricorn which is a HUGE death/rebirth/ Transformation of the Patriarchy/Divine Masculine role in All of Life. It is crumbling, and falling down: it is written in the stars (astrology was also demonised, and ‘women’ were literally burnt to death for being in tune with Creation and The Cosmos).

* These ‘men’ are “Saturn” Worshippers; Saturn rules our collective Reality (Structures, Boundaries, Discipline), which is why they succeeded at manipulating “Reality”, while we’re all distracted by Duality!

Native American quote:
“They told us to get down on our knees, bow our heads, and pray to their God. When we looked up, our land and our children were gone.”