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truth_3Hello, Bees!

Want to help the project spread around the world, or find and create spaces closer to you?

At its inception, someone┬ádecided to post a series of ads on gumtree (Australia’s version of Craigslist) seeking unused and degraded land for growing food forests to feed people for free.

The responses were so positive and generous, that the idea spread, taking on a life of its own; from people offering unused land to grow food and shelter, to inviting people to help out or join their already established communities, to co-creating entirely new ones!

I heard about this project, and decided to devote my Love to helping it get ON and IN the ground!

I built a website to help you find each other; it has a forum where you can discuss what you might have to offer to Love…

How YOU can help, is by spreading the word about the website by posting ads for unused or available land in your local media forums, like community papers, craigslist, gumtree in your area, social media, relevant communities, and anything else you can think of!
If you can figure out how to reclaim Crown Land for public and community use – do let us know.
In Victoria, alone, there are plenty of vacant houses just waiting to be stolen by the banks (see comments for links) … let’s see if we can’t keep them for the community.

You can also help by communicating with your local grocers, markets, and co-ops, and by opening up discussion on how to best serve the world.

You can create little Love-cards to pollinate your world with, like what I made, here:
Colour-print them on some card, cut, and hand them out at festivals, co-ops, schools, breakfast bars, or vendor stores. ­čÖé


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