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…abusive relationships are an interesting topic that I would like to discuss; it’s such an uncomfortable topic, that no one ‘really’ likes to talk about it. much…

Often, relationships are just a psychological projection on top of another psychological projection; it’s so confusing, entertaining, and dynamic, that it can sometimes last for years!
Swapping back and forth, just killing time.

There are schools of thought that like to hold the victim accountable for ‘allowing’ abuse to continue – but it’s not that simple…

If we attract what we need to learn about ourselves, then it is equally true, that we attract what we need to learn about others.

In which case, two (positives/attractions), cancel each other out…
…all that’s left is OBSERVATION.

– not judgement, but observation.

It’s actually quite a headfuck to think that “everything is about you”; “What am *I* doing wrong?”
“What am *I* attracting?”

– actually, that way of thinking is for people that have no self-reflection.

If you are not a psychopath, naturally, you have empathy; are considerate; are not lacking in accountability.

That said: you are, more often than not, NOT attracting your equal.

You are attracting someone who is imbalanced, who seeks your balance.

And will throw you off balance if you keep wondering what they’re here to teach you…

Then there’s astrology; where some people are more fiery in Love, and others are more watery ~ different styles of Loving.
(way more complex than just that alchemy… air, earth, and everything in between!)

Sometimes, through the dynamism, they clash. SEEKING BALANCE.

Then there is Neptune… always seeing the best in someone – The Potential – no matter how often they kick you in the face with reality…

Pisces will tolerate more than any other sign – because of COMPASSION. EMPATHY. FAITH IN YOU.

Unfortunately “acceptance” of bad behaviour as “a lesson you need to learn”, not only psychologically implies that you are stupid, naive, inexperienced, and “have a lot to learn!” – it shifts the blame, and the attention, from THE PROBLEM.

“Law of Attraction” serves only to soothe the psychology, and to unwittingly allow bad behaviour to go unmonitored in its acceptance; it is a subtle form of “being in control” of things that you really are not.
Sometimes, there is learning, sometimes there is teaching; sometimes, there is just SELFISH.

There is a vast difference between being Zen, and “mental conditioning”.

Indeed, many reply: “Well, at least I’m happier when I think this way.”

And sure.
It’s our experience to experience.

But don’t be afraid of confronting devastation if it’s THE TRUTH.
The Truth leads us to our next revelation.

“Attracting” rapists, and beasts is not ‘a thing’.

There is nothing – “karmic”, or otherwise – about a child ‘attracting’ abuse. Nothing to learn from it, at all.
That is FORCED and UNWANTED “relating”.

FORCE is not something you attract, but something that comes *for* you.

Even if you have boundaries.
Even if you say no.
Especially if you are trusting, new, and open…
A Perfect Star-Heart, simply radiating…

A beast is a beast; it should never be confused with your beauty, your strength, your sanity: they want what you have.

Confusing them with you is to have them hide in plain sight.

Pisces is most willing to Nourish by Love.
Mother Theresa.
Nourished by ‘God’.

An Unconditional Loving Heart is a Healer ~ wants to help. The World…

Libra can’t be alone; will compromise, and over-compromise.

Scorpio will take whatever it can get; merge, submerge, reemerge…

– these are energies, not star signs.
I might best do to talk about Neptune, and Venus, and Pluto… but they’re not understood so deeply.

The Truth about The Mirror, is that it’s actually the opposite – not the same.

Draw a line, on your face, and when you look in the mirror, it will be on the opposite side of what you are facing.

Literal example:
My X-Beast was so hideously ugly on the inside, that he showed me how beautiful I was, because I was nothing like him.
– it was a shocking revelation; to learn that such a chasm, such a difference, existed…

My ‘light’ is so Hunted, that it’s not even safe for me to go outside.
– either that, or it’s *~ blinding ~*
– exposing, confusing, and dissolving the psychological projection headed my way…

When I want, like a magnet, I attach at the Heart -just so there’s no confusion ^_^
~ have to peel me off 😉

Through “relationship”, some Hearts learn to open, and some Hearts learn to shut down.

The closing is the sadder…

All of it, seeking BALANCE.

Because people are vampires; feeding off each other’s energy…
depleting each other.

When life is like this, one is not aware of The Source of Love, in the Heart-Centre.

A Star…

Nourishing, and self-nourishing.
This is why, when a star shuts down, it’s a terrible loss…

I used place my hand on the Heart of whom I was speaking with.
And close my eyes.

I didn’t realise I was “weird”…

Youth and Beauty is taken advantage of – devoured by hungry vampires – by those who feel they’ve lost their Youth and Beauty.
– the innocent do not “attract” that; they didn’t even know it was a thing.

# In summary, we are all coming from ‘about’ 12 different directions…
“Me vs You vs We”
“Mine vs Yours vs Us”
“Small World vs Big World – The High Road vs The Low Road; Macrocosm vs Microcosm”
“Cosmic Parents; Cosmic Mother vs Cosmic Father – The Yin Way vs The Yang Way”
“Friendship vs Romance; Humanitarian Consciousness vs MY happiness/pleasure/radiance. “ALL of us” vs *just* Us…”
“Persecuted vs Persecutor; Eternity vs Now. Timeless, Unconditional Love vs Too Busy for Love”

Every single one of these ways is REAL.
A real perception/projection


Relationships are for Spiritual Growth.
If one is Spiritually Grown, then they share that with “the other”.

Everything else is just playtime, bonding, ego-strokes, *shiny* and “getting to know you while accidentally getting to know myself” –

The Spiritually Grown are “The Soul Mates”

Not just a co-dependent drama that never dies…

Anyway; too much to say on this topic!

Consider this; THE BEGINNING.

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