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In this little ditty, hides all the ingredients for creation: The “Do”, and the “Be” of existence.

To DO is Yang: To Take Action.
To BE is Yin: Surrender to Reception.

It is a common, linear, 3D habit to divide Yin and Yang in two – but they’re really One: yinyang, yangyin.
They *dance*


It is also quite a popular and common theory, to claim that Doing is better than Being – or, in some cases, that Being is more noble and purposeful than just brainlessly Doing.

Ideally, they *should* be dancing…

According to this theory, Doing is productive, and Being is lazy.

Yet Being is a state of receiving one’s True Nature and Purpose. To Be who you were born to Be – without the force of the false personality, or pressures from the imbalanced society.

To Do is Solar.
To Be is Lunar.

The trick is, to combine the two into a Life-Flow ~ To receive oneself, and ACT upon it. To act – To Do – from the forced, false self, is to imprint upon the canvas of the world with ego, and temporary, short-sighted vision.
To Be, without Action, is to make no imprint, at all.

To Do, with ego, is to deprive creation of your purpose for BEing here.

In this dance, hides, also: The Lover, and The Loved.

Yang is DOing. Everybody wants you when you’re busy. Because they can’t have you, can’t catch you.
Yin is the BEing; The Lover… receiving all the Beauty and Grace of The DOer.

Yet, one who does, and does not know why, becomes startled in the mirror of the one who watches – receives – and is uncomfortably reminded of their Being – whom they are likely to have forgotten. Or worse: whom they avoid.

The Lover, on the other hand, is so good at Being – but no one turns around from their Doing. All the Beautiful things the Lover has Witnessed eventually grow to have no outlet, though they reach; The Lover and The Loved belong to one another, but without The Dance, The Sun never witnesses the Wisdom of The Moon…

They are the reflection of each other; on whom does the Sun shine, if there is no body? No container?

If you want someone to Love you, you *have* to turn around.

(and around, and around, and around… *~@~*)

The Art of Life is in our ability to Do-be-do-be-do…


TRIBAL DANCE WORKSHOP: “The Love Dance with Ourselves” *Guest Post by Rebecca Cook*

Sacred Sexuality ~ The Love Dance with Ourselves
by Rebecca Cook

We are Sacred Sexual beings, we were created this way. To make manifest our greatest and highest selves. To be the best we can be … which has nothing to do with being in a relationship … or having sex. It means, as a woman, to honor the sacred feminine within, the Sacred Goddess within our deepest internal space, and whatever that means for us personally. You may choose to be in a sexual relationship, or you may choose not to. There is no right or wrong to any type of relationship. Whatever you choose and what is your own intent is that which we all need to be aware of.

Being clear of your own intentions towards yourself, and your choices, empowered as a woman to do your own thing, whatever that is, and  being clear on your intent towards others, your partner , or loved ones. Allowing yourself to be who you are in your highest form…. And being aware that that can change at times too. And that’s ok.

Who am I ….

what do I stand for…

what is my purpose on the world,

I recognize that I create my own happiness, my own highest good. And the good of all my loved ones, for our tribe, for the good of all humanity. We all want this, surely?

Allow unfoldment in your life, not control, gentle unfoldment, acceptance of your own truth and how that expands.

Being totally honest with yourself is the way to higher consciousness, unfolding as a rose, from bud to fullest flower.

Your feminine power is a well of delicious beauty and wholeness, ready for you to activate and dive into, without fear. The fire at the base chakra of your being, is the Kundalini rising, and as a whole the power of all women is being felt in the world for our healing qualities. The time of honoring the Goddess, the great Mother, is now ~ And the feminine force of the great SHI in all of us. Long before Christianity, the Great Goddess was revered:
”A Woman Warrior was honored and valued, member of the tribe, as all Women were, as an aspect of the Great Mother.” ~ Lynne Sinclair Wood… I love that  that … “As all women were….”

The sacred and ancient expression of dance, is both sensual, and sexual, tuning in to the beat of the music, the beat of the divine, the heart beat of the Mother Earth, and the Wildness of Father Sky..… Creation itself~~~ is sexual ~ How can it not be? Male and Female ~ The God and The Goddess … Shiva and Shakti …. Celebrate who you are as a sexual and  sensual being~~~ with and in no fear ~ only Love.

 In Ancient times, the Women danced for other women purely as an expression of Femininity and their own empowerment ~~ don’t we women love to dance…  some sensual drum beats, fine music, and we women start to move … and get it on … this happens in all cultures across the world … for the pure joy of it …this is how we honor the feminine force sometimes without even realizing it.

So realize and release this joy, with intent, and honor your Sacred sexuality with the Tribal Dance.


Dance, when you’re broken open;
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off;
Dance in the middle of the fighting;
Dance in your blood;
Dance, when you’re perfectly free.


Rebecca Cook~

The Language of Love


Every One is Loving you in their own way – whether you notice or not.

What is your “Love Language”?
Learn to speak them all, and watch your relationships *~ Bloom ~* evergreen, all around you!


Important to note, is that depending on one’s “Love Style” certain unkindnesses will not phase one, while those same unkindnesses will destroy another.

According to Gary Chapman, here are the 5 Love Languages:


Actions don’t always speak louder than words. If this is your love language, unsolicited compliments mean the world to you. Hearing the words, “I love you,” are important—hearing the reasons behind that love sends your spirits skyward. Insults can leave you shattered and are not easily forgotten. You thrive on hearing kind and encouraging words that build you up.

Can helping with homework really be an expression of love? Absolutely! Anything you do to ease the burden of responsibilities weighing on an “Acts of Service” person will speak volumes. The words he or she most wants to hear: “Let me do that for you.” Laziness, broken commitments, and making more work for them tell speakers of this language their feelings don’t matter. When others serve you out of love (and not obligation), you feel truly valued and loved.

Don’t mistake this love language for materialism; the receiver of gifts thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift. If you speak this language, the perfect gift or gesture shows that you are known, you are cared for, and you are prized above whatever was sacrificed to bring the gift to you. A missed birthday or a hasty, thoughtless gift would be disastrous—so would the absence of everyday gestures. Gifts are heartfelt symbols to you of someone else’s love and affection for you.

In Quality Time, nothing says “I love you” like full, undivided attention. Being there for this type of person is critical, but really being there—with the TV off, fork and knife down, and all chores and tasks on standby—makes you feel truly special and loved. Distractions, postponed activities, or the failure to listen can be especially hurtful. Whether itʼs spending uninterrupted time talking with someone else or doing activities together, you deepen your connection with others through sharing time.

A person whose primary language is Physical Touch is, not surprisingly, very touchy. Hugs, pats on the back, and thoughtful touches on the arm—they can all be ways to show excitement, concern, care, and love. Physical presence and accessibility are crucial, while neglect or abuse can be unforgivable and destructive. Appropriate and timely touches communicate warmth, safety, and love to you.
Personal: My LL’s are equal PRESENCE and AFFECTION.
I cannot imagine a better way to Celebrate Life!
REALLY *HERE* – with You!

Also, my presence, and time, *is* my gift – my Life, an Act of Service.

(“Gifts” and “Words” do not *transmit* Love to me. However, I am aware that people are Loving me in their own way, so I embrace it all – hu am I to be the dam in Love’s River? I Love to communicate in ANY language I can discover, at all.)

I was once in a relationship (? <~ monoship?) with a Beast.
He was extremely verbally abusive, a bully, and a stoner (Absence is a killer for a person of Presence… running away, being distracted, out of it, non-communicative – are all offensive to Presence).

Luckily for me, his “words” did not scar me, because that is my non-Love Language.
Just the repelling nature of his character was enough.
His next girlfriend was not so lucky, with her Loving Words…
he also added violence to that mix, and his very existence offended me. (on a side note, in his ugliness, I saw my beauty, and I got a first-hand look at just how bad the human condition was upon the Earth.)

As a person of Affection, things like rape, violence, and physical abuse are devastating, and practically unforgivable.
Even coldness, hurts.
Anything harsh on the sensory being.

-we are all so delicate in Love.

For a person of words, and gifts, nasty words, meanness,  and the ‘taking back of gifts’, or  taking of material possessions hurts (hmm… now I know why my Mum was always harping on about that camera incident… her main language is “Gifts”).

I’d be talking to my Mum, and she’d be writing a thesis, or something. Distracted (according to me), and keeps asking me to do the dishes – for my Mum, Service, and Gifts are her language; she’d be giving me a million cute things I don’t want, that I’d keep just because she gave them to me, and they emanated with her Love -but I just want conversation and hugs!

Eventually when I saw the way that we Expressed Love, differently, existence became clear!

In true fashion to a person of Service, making more work for her – existing; having dinner, using a plate, or -yeah, just existing, was like, really annoying for her!

My sister, on the other hand, is like Words, Gifts, and Service. Can’t stand hugging. It was a bit shit for me to grow up with people that don’t speak my language, but hey – we Live.

As I’m sure it was shit for them to just have me “hanging around” with my presence, when they are hungry for precious, thoughtful words, or personalised, meaningful gifts and service.

*~ Here I am! ~* I’d say with bated, open arms…

Lol – families.

(on a side note, in the same degree of Virgo, is my Saturn, sister’s Mercury, Mum’s Moon, and Dad’s Sun. As soon as I learned that, I was like: what an awfully harsh, cold, constrictive child I must have felt to my Mum’s soft Moon.
And my sister must have felt her freedom of expression extremely silenced by the patriarchal rule of my Saturn. I had to learn to speak softer to them.
Dad, on the other hand, found me to be more of a Teacher to him.)

Family dynamics are fascinating.
Please share your stories, below, if you feel like it – you know how I Love “Quality Time”!

*~ Service is the Highest Act of Love ~*
*~ Service is the Highest Act of Love ~*
*~ Service is the Highest Act of Love ~*

It is Transcendent.
To Serve from Love – not slavery.

– In my case, it’s more of a “give you what you need – not what you want”; I’m transformational, that way 😉
I’m not afraid of a little Tuff Love.

Take your own Love for a test-drive, here:
(the quiz is kind of… inefficient, but hey – who doesn’t Love a quiz!?)

Just a thought…: Chaos and Harmony

Chaos is blind, but Harmony thinks it beautiful... "Chaos at the Heart of Orion" ~ Hubble/NASA

Chaos is blind, but Harmony thinks it beautiful… “Chaos at the Heart of Orion” ~ Hubble/NASA

(circa August 7, 2010)
Life is about the oscillating choice between these two primal forces.

One is free to choose – Chaos or Harmony?

Choosing both is probably the neutral point of non-dualists, who sit amidst the constant bubbling and erupting energy of these creative primal forces; who are in constant relationship.

Choosing Harmony is not denying Chaos – it is ‘choosing’ Harmony.

The way I see it, Chaos’ default destination is Harmony; and the path of Chaos denies Harmony.

Everything in This Universe that has at once been chaotic, has eventually settled into Harmony (if not, it is inert, arrested, or in the process of aligning…)

So, one can choose the path of learning this – and continue to oscillate between faith and separation – or, one can choose Harmony with absolute faith, and just go with the flow… and learn to ride the alignment wave… and admit Chaos. I would reiterate the historical point: “Follow your Bliss”.

Again, I bring it back to “…there is only illumination and ignorance…” (Thank you for that one, Shirley MacLaine – and Guides!). They are in constant relationship, for ignorance receives illumination. Reception is the opportunity for the growth of expansion – is this not the aim of This Universe?

I would say that ‘choosing’ Harmony leads to Illumination; and Chaos, eventually, leads to Harmony.

So, just a thought… what say you – my Divine Counterparts?

*…In La’kesh…*


Anahata chakra, the Heart chakra, is the seat of balance within the body.
It is the Sacred Meeting place of Rising, and Descending; ma and pa cosmos.
The Alchemy of Matter and Spirit; material essence, and spiritual awareness, unified.


“Anahata chakra has twelve vermillion petals. The Yantra in the centre of the chakra is composed of two overlapping, intersecting triangles.

One triangle, facing upward, symbolizes Shiva, the male principle.
The other triangle, facing downward, symbolizes Shakti, the female principle.
A balance is attained when these two forces are joined in harmony.”
~ http://www.tantra-kundalini.com/anahata.htm



IN THE SPIRIT OF THE SEASON… Happy Valentine’s Day!
According to the Hindu, today is MahaShivaratri: The Divine Wedding of Shiva and Shakti.
It is still the season of Lovers… Psyche & Eros & Mars & Venus are all in Pisces, and Mars & Venus are getting closer by the day, for their Cosmic Kiss…

So, in honour of Divine Union, here is my brand new book: The Sacred Sex Manual
A beginner’s guide to Authentic Tantric Sex Magic.
Power to the People.


It was going to be an article for a popular .com but it was way too long for an article, and we couldn’t get on the same page about it… so I made it into a short ebook, instead.

“Know thyself, and ye shall know the Universe” ~ Pythagorus

You can sample a portion of it on the site for free.
Be sure to share this with your Lovers, and potential Lovers… 😉


This post is inspired by a chat I was having about something JEFF BROWN wrote:

Are You in a Conscious Relationship?

One of the beautiful things about the conscious relationship movement is that couples stay together and work things through when the shadow arises between them.

Where before many people gave up on relationships that became difficult, we now understand that we all have unresolved issues and patterns that are brought to light in powerful love connections.

Like a flashlight to the dark crevices of our consciousness, that which is not yet healed reveals itself to be resolved.

To walk away from those connections is to delay our own expansion.
At the same time, some of us make the mistake of thinking that we must attempt to work through every relationship that excavates the shadow.

This is particularly true for those with co-dependent tendencies because they are constantly looking for reasons to remain fused, even if they are beyond the point of resolving their differences.
Conscious relationship does not mean that every relationship is worthy of our conscious attention.

Some are exactly what the soul doctor ordered, and others are deeply unhealthy.

The art form of relatedness is distinguishing between the two. ॐ
~Jeff Brown

Particularly, I had this to say:

“Where before many people gave up on relationships that became difficult, we now understand that we all have unresolved issues and patterns that are brought to light in powerful love connections.

To walk away from those connections is to delay our own expansion.

At the same time, some of us make the mistake of thinking that we must attempt to work through every relationship that excavates the shadow.”

Such a voice of Clarity on the Power of Love. (Jeff is GREAT – a Cure for the psychic pollution of “the New Age”)

Escapism; Denial; Co-dependence; Shrinking; Fear…

Le Couer… COURAGE. Is not the absence of fear.

Love knows what it’s doing, and I wish people would remember to Surrender to that.

The more time you spend with the wrong people, the longer the world is out of alignment.
You hurt others, you hurt yourself. You enable bad behaviour.

Toxic partners are poison. You have a duty to the future to make them aware of their True Reflection; to leave them better than you found them – but to LEAVE them.
Nothing grows in toxic foundations; everything dies. Including you.

“The Secret Ingredient here, is: Boundaries.


Boundaries are an Art of Measure.”

The Secret Ingredient here, is: Boundaries.
Boundaries are an Art of Measure.
Some people’s Boundaries are too tight, and others’ are too loose.
And I am writing this, to elaborate on all of that.

Too loose, and you’re hurting yourself.
Too tight, and you’re hurting others.

Fast-Forward to your Graduation!
You may now stop re-living the same nightmare over and over with other partners, in order to “learn that lesson”.

It exposes our Shadows, to others, to ourselves. True Love is Illuminating, and Penetrating.
It brings you Clarity.
It is your Mirror.
“To walk away from those connections is to delay our own expansion.

Point being: not ‘just’ your expansion…

We EXPAND into The High Road.
We CONTRACT into The Low Road.

The High Road, is the path that is Aligned with The Grand Design.
I don’t have time to debate whether there is or isn’t a Grand Design – there is. You will download that realisation once you become realised. Look at the little pentagon when you pluck a grape from the vine.

The High Road is MACRO-Vision. The Medicine of The Eagle. The Eternal Soul. Cause and Effect. The Great Cycles.
“As Above, So Below”
The Low Road is MICRO-Vision. Simply; your little world, with your job, and your friends, and your house, and your family. You, You, You, Mine, Mine, Mine: The Ego. Your name and temporary person, who is destined to die.


“I Love a Man that turns around.”

MACRO-Vision can see the whole picture; the above, and the below.
MICRO-Vision sees only ‘the below’; the potential for separate things. It has NO COMPREHENSION of the Cohesive Macro-Vision.

To travel The Low Road, is to live, and die, and make very little impression upon any other living thing. Not even your offspring; life’s default back-up programme is it’s Lust for itself. (It would just be nicer if it were ‘conscious’.)
Unfortunately, this ‘default’ pattern has been repeating over the aeons (Samsara), and severe damage is being done to our Host-Planet. Unconscious Impressions. Either the entities who run, design, and perpetuate this civilisation are micro-focused, OR they are evil aliens with a precise agenda. Whatever it is, it is NOT good. But only Macro-Vision can see that.
So, just like those who’ve gone before, you’re welcome to The Low Road if that is your wish.
It’s a little bit like a movie… it’s fun, it ends. You die.

To travel The High Road, is to EXPAND into the Unknown. Nothing is certain, except that your Life will ripple out and touch the Lives of others.


“Moira” is The High Road

The High Road is Aligned with the Grand Design. It is not the way of Ego and Control. It is the Path of Surrender.
– and That is The Great Big Fear.
Of the Ego, to your Soul.
All you do, is switch pilots…

Face to face with another – consciously – is the greatest Potential Expansion there is.
Facing your TRUE SELF in the Mirror. *note: NOT projections. That is UNconscious, and annoying.

Anyone who doesn’t want you because you’re “too damaged” (from before learning about your Lovingly loose boundaries) can go fuck themselves.
They are AFRAID OF THEMSELVES. Not sweet beautiful you. ❤
They don’t want to grow up.
They want Sunshine all the time, happiness, and laughter, “easyness” – not the Raw Unedited Truth of Existence.
They don’t want to look in the mirror – they want to project UNreality on to you. Don’t allow it.
Or worse: they’re just an asshole. Here’s hoping they never have a Pluto Transit.

* please note: if you *think* you’re in Love with someone, and they’re not returning it, one of two things is happening:
1) Your Ego is driving; your radar is off: you are lost, and actually just obsessed, hungry, or desperate – and it isn’t Love. It’s just attraction, trying to show you your way back to yourself. You’re not seeing ‘clearly’.
2) Their Boundaries are too tight, they are rejecting LOVE TRUTH CLARITY – not you – and you will have to “Return To Sender” to get on with the re-calibration of the Universe.

It is constantly recalibrating; you can trust it. That's why everything is in perfect order; or will be, again. Hang on to your True Self; your *~ glittering ~* way; the golden thread; your Bliss. OM *~ <3 ~*

It is constantly recalibrating; you can trust it.
That’s why everything is in perfect order; or will be, again.
Hang on to your True Self; your *~ glittering ~* way; the golden thread; your Bliss.

It is in Surrender, that we are filled with the flow of “The Absolute Power”.
Let’s call it “Love”.

Love is a River, and it has it’s destination.

That’s why it is possible to be a vessel of Love.
Ultimately, “Love will save you.”
That’s why “The Lover is The Saviour.”
*please remember that True Spiritual Ecstasy was hijacked by the church. Love is God. Lovers are Saints.

(I Love Fan Videos. 🙂 People put their Heart in them) …*Note: “Prayer to St. Francis” by Sarah McLachlan is not available in Australia. 😦


To quote myself:

“Love knows what it’s doing, and I wish people would remember to Surrender to that.

The more time you spend with the wrong people, the longer the world is out of alignment.
You hurt others, you hurt yourself. You enable bad behaviour.”

These are the Tai Chi ~ the on/off ~ the towards and away ~ Giving and Receiving ~ The Art of Relating.

Too much GIVING, not enough SELF-Giving, and RECEIVING what YOU want.
Where is the Self-Love?
Would you let someone treat you this way?
You deserve to be Loved the way you Love.
The Lesson is always Boundaries.
Loose is the Way of the Lover.
The Way of Trust. Openness…
The Unconditional acceptance.
The Ever-Giving Heart.
You are enabling bad behaviour every minute you allow yourself to be disrespected. You aren’t helping them; you are teaching them that it’s ok to treat people this way. And they will continue to do it to others – don’t you want to protect the world from being treated like that?
Don’t you want to stop it in its tracks?
You are stunting your growth on a child in an adult-body. You are lowering yourself to help them up. They don’t want to come up, and will cut you down every time you try.
You deserve an equal.
“But if no-one helps them, who will?”
You have obviously never heard the tale of the drowning person who WILL drown you, too.
Say it with me: “I Am a Lighthouse. Not Search & Rescue. I Am a Lighthouse. Not Search & Rescue. I AM A LIGHTHOUSE. NOT SEARCH & RESCUE.
If they wont meet you in The Sacred Middle, where are you?
You’re in THEIR world.
We need you here, in Alignment.
The more time you spend with the wrong people, the longer the world is out of alignment.”

How? – do you even care? lol
Maybe you do, maybe you don’t; there are two of you, or you’re often ‘split’.
Maybe you give what you want to give – but not necessarily what others want, or need.
Maybe you don’t receive what others want to give you.
If you Love to give – and be received – then receiving is a gift, too. You should try it sometime…
That includes really listening; not just hearing what you want to hear.
Did you ever think that people might actually need you?
That you really are that valuable.
That you matter more to The Universe than you think you do?
You are shutting the world OUT.
Depriving it of Alignment. Whether you can see it or not, you are. Starving it of your Unique Essence.
You are single-handedly preventing Expansion of The Universe. You are that important.
With Boundaries too tight, you are the Living Embodiment of The Low Road. Deaf, even.
Not everything is about what you want; you have so much to offer others about Boundaries… about things we don’t even know.
You are Tantra waiting to happen.
The Flow needs you to open up and let it in.
We need you, here.
If you chose CONTRACTION – or ended up that way – you’re just afraid. Wounded. We all are. And the more out of alignment we are with The Grand Design, the longer we remain wounded…
Breathe in Contraction, Breathe Out Expansion.
Breathe in Contraction, Breathe Out Expansion.
Breathe in Contraction, Breathe Out Expansion.
Do that all night.
Open up.
Find someone you can trust, and just start a conversation… start to learn who is expansive, and who contracts.
Protect Expansion, and Heal Contraction. Treat them how you may have wanted someone to treat you in your contracted state.
Go into their world, and pull them out.
Leave at the first sign of drowning, but don’t give-up on those who are learning to swim.

* please note: there is nothing wrong with privacy and alone-time. That is the Art of “Healthy Boundaries”.
While The Low Road may hide in constant comfort and paralysing safety, it’s not like “you can never rest on The High Road!”
That’s what The Art of Sanctuary is about; take a moment, go backstage, replenish, refresh, restore, re-script, recalibrate, re-womb. Rest. Dream… and be reborn.

You know you don’t belong together, yet, nothing better is going on And you’re so comfortable.
You are both enabling the misalignment of The Universe.
You are robbing other people of their “perfect match” by occupying space you know you don’t belong in.
The more time you spend with the wrong people, the longer the world is out of alignment.

If your radar is ‘off’, it will be your Ego in the Driver’s Seat. “Lusting”. Cheap Thrills, Ego Boosts, and Power Games.
Ego relationships rule the Microcosm. They shut-out the FLOW for fear of disruption, of loss, and change.You can be in charge of your micro-cosm, to a certain ‘comfortable’ degree of compromise.

When you Love someone, do you fear their shadows? NO.
Then why would someone not be capable of Loving yours?

“Healthy Boundaries”

Or as my X-Beast used to howl: “What’s the point in doing all this if no one else is doing it!”. He just wanted to drink Pepsi and race cars. “I don’t wanna know! I just wanna make mistakes and figure it out myself!!”
“I’ll see you at the Finish-Line.” I told him. I don’t think he got it; like, I’m already there. Waiting.


DISCLAIMER: there are many articles on “conscious sexuality” out there, raising passionate debate and heated outrage in the name of ‘sexism’. It is my finding, that people who ark up about the “equality of the sexes”, have yin and yang planets in harmonious or unified aspects. In their world, the sexes are equal. There is also a breed of genderless people; Androgynous, Angelic, Alien – they also have these yin and yang planetary placements. So, to you, I say: you are not my “target” audience. You may read my articles with yin and yang eyes, and find yourself amidst its wisdom, and add your own in any of the comments. This is Tantra: getting to know people who are not you.


These Symbols, written in the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, transcend the limits of our Language… Hint: they are NOT 2D. The River… between them… is The Sacred Middle. Tantra.


In other people’s worlds, the sexes aren’t always ‘equal’, they are complementary; two halves, in teamwork. (-and “she” can “wear the pants”. Too. Some heterosexual-couples might even identify as lesbians, unbeknownst to you – especially with Venus, Moon, or Psyche contacts.) There are EXTREME masculine and/or feminine people in the world, who want to understand each other, and be in relationship with one another, who have been split in half by aliens/religion/tradition/society/nature/ – whatever – and do not have harmonious yin and yang planets/psychology. In these articles, mostly, I see over 90% of Women trying to educate men on how to be in relationship/s with them; failed Love has turned her Humanitarian. Her Lover is so far away (in distance and consciousness), that everyone is caught in her beam. I see public lectures to useless old boyfriends who refused to *~ EXPAND ~* “Female Teachers” are, in fact, a Yin/Yang. Teaching, and Illumination, are Active, Yang Energies. Giving.


Not 2D

As are Male Students: “receptive”… Yin Men. Because – classically – Men are Mars, and Women are Venus, and Mars is War/Sex/Self and Venus is Love/Relationship/Harmony. He wants to find his own way without any help from anyone – solo-mission into the unknown, discover shit, make mistakes, and figure it out himself; and She wants to Love, and Team Up, and become a Power-Couple who get WAY more done – together – than his “Pioneer Mission” can ever even hope to achieve on his own. Because he can see what he wants, and go straight toward it – but she can see everything, everywhere… Everything he can’t. Of course we all have male and female and Love and War and are all made of sperm and egg: Mother-Magic-Father. Cosmic Mother and Father energies are Yin and Yang – we all have them to varying degrees of balance and imbalance. These “conscious sexuality” articles are written by people (mostly women) attempting to educate the world on the art of relating. If you find you are irritated by the tone of these articles: WRITE YOUR OWN! Be a voice for your own minority, and post your article on the comments of other articles you find, so others can find them. If you are a reformed useless X-boyfriend, share your awakening. If you’re Androgynous, teach us how to Love YOU. If there’s a hole in the world, what are you going to do about it?


YIN AND YANG/SRI YANTRA/TAI CHI/HUNAB KU http://www.beginnerstaichi.com/tai-chi-symbol.html

Because if they’re not in communication, they’re in chaos. And this is Tantra: The Balance of The Cosmic Forces.

And the only reason that no one “wants” to be a “feminine” is because reception does not get the reception it deserves. It is a CONSCIOUS GIFT to be received. An ALLOWING. It takes great courage, to CONTINUALLY and CONSCIOUSLY open up, and flower, and bloom. Radios are receivers. To be receptive, is to receive your environment, the entire Cosmos. Wombs Lovingly and Willingly receive New Life. USB sticks receive data. So even though the days of Doris Day and John Wayne are over, Doris and Wayne still exist. And maybe they are attracted to each other. And maybe WE can help them understand each other. Because, according to these 90% of articles, Doris has found her inner cowboy, but Wayne still refuses to sing. LIVING EXAMPLE: my Venus in Virgo in the 11th House, means my Love is a Priestess, a Healer, a Teacher – and part Alien. Like, from the Future, or Outer-Space. Eccentric, electric, inventive. My Love is Humanitarian. (but enough about how great I am – lol) My Mars in Cancer in the 8th House, on the other hand, is a Feminist, Alchemist, Intimist, and Sexual-Energy Transformer. I protect Feminine Energy, and I fight for Mothers, and women, and sex, and Tribe – and Sanctuary. For Grandmas, Grandpas, and The Cycles and Secrets of the Womb, and of Life and Death. So you see, I am mostly of a “feminine” persuasion. A Feminine Warrior/Alien Priestess. My inner John Wayne is a Cosmic Cowboy and Goddess Worshipper. My Love and War are also in a sextile aspect, meaning they are a team, and a force to be reckoned with: Priestess and her Conscious Cowboy. * IN THE FUTURE I will also do short “John & Doris” astrology readings if that’s a reflection you’d like to have for yourself; and I’ll check the health of your Team Venus/Mars. I’m so busy right now, and will edit this part when I’m ready. Yee-hah!


I don’t want to have sex with you.
Your erection, is not my responsibility.


If this is news to you, here are a couple of suggestions:
1) Learn how to develop human connections through the art of conversation. Ask interesting questions. Have interests.

2) Learn how to channel your sexual energy into other things, by using it as fuel for your Life; connect it to your Heart, circulate it through your body, connect it to your mind, fuel your art, creativity, and community projects.

3) If it’s uncomfortably overwhelming, go and masturbate in the bathroom and come back out for at least 5 minutes more erection-free conversation.

4) Maybe your Navigation is all off, and your erection leads you astray. Get aligned with your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

5) Go and find someone who shares your mutual desire for casual, meaningless sex.

So this is dedicated to all the boys with only one thing on their mind: sex.

I don’t want to have sex with you.
And I don’t owe you an explanation.

Personally, if I want you, I’ll let you know.
But some girls might not feel so comfortable doing that.

Maybe she hasn’t found her voice… so on behalf of her, here are some of the reasons why she doesn’t want to have sex with you:

Maybe she just wants to be friends.

Maybe she wants a relationship.

Maybe she wants to build a relationship based on friendship and shared interests.

Maybe she went to a girls school, and boys and men are aliens to her.
Maybe she has no brothers, no father, no uncle, no male friends, at all. Maybe she only knows the company of women.
Maybe she’s scared of you.

Maybe she wants a real man.

Maybe she’s sick of raising men.

Maybe everyone finds her beautiful, except herself.

Maybe she’s tired of being bothered by boring men trying to fuck her.

Maybe she’s just a friendly person.

Maybe she’s a Lesbian.

Maybe she already knows you don’t have what she wants or needs.

Maybe your clothes smell like stagnant washing. Maybe this already tells her all she needs to know.

Maybe she was sexually abused as a child, and will never get over it. Or maybe she will. Maybe she hasn’t decided, yet. Maybe she doesn’t know how.

Maybe she has body-issues.

Maybe she wants to fall in Love, get married, and have babies.

Maybe she doesn’t want to get pregnant, doesn’t want to take the pill, and hates condoms.

Maybe she needs Sexual Healing.

Maybe she’s only ever been raped, and has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Maybe she doesn’t know she has it. Maybe no one has ever let her talk about it, and she’ll never speak again.

Maybe she was seduced by too many older men in her twenties, and will never trust again.

Maybe her Heart is bruised.

Maybe she’s just here for the music…

Maybe she feels pressured to be happy. And smile. And not cry.

Maybe she’s a virgin, and you’re not the one.
Maybe she still believes in Love.

Maybe she wants to Make Love.

Maybe she can’t have what she wants; so there’s nothing that she wants.

Maybe she has her period.
Maybe she’s not in the mood.

Maybe she’s in Love with someone, right now. And it’s breaking her Heart.

Maybe she’s tired of shit boyfriends.

Maybe she’s tired of attempted rape.

Maybe you’d find all of this out if you cared to get to know her. No matter how long it takes.

I don’t want to have sex with you – no matter what I’m wearing.

Maybe she learned to get dressed from magazines and tv.

Maybe she DIDN’T buy her boobs, and doesn’t want to talk about them – even if they’re breathing. Even if they’re radiating.

Maybe she hasn’t learned how much strangers like to talk about them, because she’s used to being surrounded by people that treat her like a person.

Maybe she’s naturally classy.

Maybe she has no idea how hot she is. Maybe looks don’t matter to her.
Maybe you’re the pervert.

Maybe she just had to wear something, because society doesn’t make clothes that fit her.

Maybe she has no idea about fashion, and  doesn’t care to.
Maybe she does.

Maybe she likes to dance – and dresses for the occasion.

Maybe her clothes reflect who she is.
Maybe they don’t.

Maybe she feels peer-pressured, or is just trying to fit it.

Maybe she doesn’t know that she’s in for a life of being sexualised yet…

You can’t go wrong with friendship.
Stop thinking about your penis, and meet people, and ask the kind of questions that bond two people together.

Now that you know some of the possible reasons why she doesn’t want to have sex with you, you can hold all of that in your Heart, and ask inquiring questions.

Or you can throw in some deep statements, and walk away for a while.

Things like, “I’m not afraid of your darkness.” and walk away.

“Maybe you could tell me about it, sometime.”

“I only like deep people.”

“I’m always interested in new friends.”

She’s a person, and your erection is your responsibility.

If you learn people-skills, maybe she’ll WANT to touch you. It’s not about having to convince someone you’re worth it. Prove it.

Be interestED:

“Do you like casual sex, or do you prefer relationships?”

“What do you like about casual sex?”

“What do you like about relationships?”

“Do you feel confident enough to share a strong foundation of Love with someone, and an open sex-life, or are you more monogamous?”

“Parents together, or separated?”
– this will give you a good indication as to whether this person believes in Love, or not.

“Do you like books? What is one that really stands out? Did it teach you anything?”

“Do you watch movies?”

“What do you Love? Kittens, Rainbows, Holidays, Psychology… Money? What would you do with money?”

“Do you write? You look like a writer. You look deep. Where can I read what you’ve written?” Because if you’re interested in her, you’d like to get to know her mind.

You can talk about your sister, or your mother, or your dreams and aspirations.
Offer interesting and relevant things about yourself.
Talk about the last book that taught you something.

Ask her about her Heart. Find out what she Loves and Values.

“I really like deep conversations, but we’ll have to get to know each other better for that.”

Just Ask.
And if she doesn’t want to talk to you, don’t hang around. Go away.
You can try coming back one more time, later, to see if she missed you.
And if you do it a few times, each time making sure it’s long enough that she’s forgotten about you – maybe even thought you’d left – you might begin to grow on her… and maybe she’ll want to be friends.
And then you can learn why she really doesn’t want to have sex with you.

If she doesn’t want to be friends, don’t push it, and understand NO.
Maybe she never wants to share again.




The most common – and simplest – way to understand this is with the trinity of:

* Body
* Mind
* Spirit

We embody a body; we experience through the perceptions of the mind; and we are the spirit.

So, you can see how we are all these three things, split, or whole.

But there is even more to this, and I will begin at the core:

The reason I have chosen this picture, is because it is the easiest way to understand;
We will begin with the teeny tiny Babushka: the unbroken one.
She is solid. She is whole.
Think of her as your essence-self; she is the eternal flame of the Great Bonfire from which we all emerged.
Flames, clothed separate, and dancing through time and space…

The Inner Core – the monad, the atman, the christ consciousness – is the perpetual sexual spiritual orgasm of creation, itself.
Electricity and Light in the uniqueness of You.
Dancing so close, so unified, that I cannot tell them apart.
It is The One.
You are that energy signature – irreplaceable, incomparable.

Let us now build upon this one, this electrical, living individual – you;
We are the skin, we are the skeleton.

Add a Babushka Doll around the flame, and this is our first layer – let’s call it consciousness, or the ability to know one’s self.

Add another doll around that, and call it ‘mind’; the ability to have a conversation with consciousness.

Add another doll/veil and call it body.

And another, that we will call “The Personality” – this is all the things that you like; all the things that brighten you, and make you dance (inside, or out).
You might like red, you might like rainbows, you might like grass, or Egypt, tequila, or velvet, music, words, water, gold, or lightning, thunder or driving, breaking hearts, or disappearing… the potentials are infinite!

The ego might be the next doll/layer/veil. This is the one, that meets the other. Separate.
Here, we have a human.
In this separateness is where all the tension is; bound flames, longing to merge.

Choices are made to keep the self, or generate Love, Brightness, and Heat by the re-uniting of two flames.
Whatever decision is made by one, affects both humans.

If one thinks they *are* the human – or the ego – or the personality, their layers will be fused; hardened.

-That’s why broken people let out the most light.
The fluidity of twisting open, unveiling, and getting closer to the burning core… in individual shades we don’t even have names for; octarine, glitterine, fla’tango, and violet ice…

The more living and dying we do, the more we add layer upon layer of Babushka Dolls, building up a person.
Giving it a name.

Making it “real”.

We have different masks, or costumes, depending on our interactions – we are fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, children, friends, famous, boyfriends, girlfriends, married, teachers, computer programmer, director, musician, professional fairy.
We may have a stripper name, personality, and sheath.
We may have a healer name, personality, and sheath.
We may have a mystic name, personality, and sheath.
These, too, are layers of our multi-dimensionality.

We birth new bodies/sheaths/layers/veils, and shape-shift fluidly through them all, at any time.

Some people are constant characters, and that is just as ‘normal’ – variety is the spice of life; we can adorn ourselves with complexity, or strip it right back to simplicity.

We embody the Babushka Doll of all the lives we’ve ever lived, and ever will.

We embody our perfect self, and our not-so perfect self.
We embody our Divinity, and we are also the embodiment.

I call this “my human”. She is ‘mine’.

Fused, I am the effervescent, living, breathing, embodiment of the Cosmic Orgasm.

I call her “my human”. She *is* mine.
She is all the senses, all the bodies, and I Am The Flame.

I am the Inner Peace in her Wild Life.
We share her eyes.
I am the glow.

So, my human, and your human, has layers to it;
* emotions
* feelings
* senses
* thoughts
* personality
* perceptions
* the unique soul sexual signature

She has an astrology chart that interacts with yours, and can be the embodiment of any planet, any day.
Different people give birth to our different bodies – some we’ve never met, tried on, or embodied before…
The Cosmic Clock cycles us into Initiations in which we birth even more outer layers of our selves. We manifest.

Even our facebook profile is one avatar of ourselves – you, to whom I am addressing, are real, aren’t you?

This one is your thinnest, most ghostly Babushka Doll.
It is known as your STRAWMAN – which you didn’t make, but was made FOR you – by society; the man-made construct of illusion and deception.
All the serial numbers it calls you, birth certificate it ‘requires’, forms it makes you fill out, and things it forces you to do and be –
That is society hijacking your strawman, that you don’t even know you have.

It is your prison costume in the world of illusion until you reclaim it for yourself.

Just as we embody our bodies, and our bodies embody cars to drive around in – we are wombs within wombs.

So, let’s put it all in reverse; drop your human (in all its complexity), and YOU remain.
Be the Lover, and BE YOU
Be the teacher, and BE YOU
Be the singer, and BE YOU

Just as Salome un-veils, one by one, we, too, reveal more and more of our Light as we apocalypse… closer to our original, unnamed, flaming colour… octarine, glitterine, fla’tango, and violet ice…

Stripped… until there before you stands a naked flame.

The more complex we are, the more layers we will have.

It doesn’t just add character -it adds character’s’ 😉

We are multi-dimensional.

To be simple and pure, or layered and layering – no matter.
As long as you Live in the Flame in the Light of your Eyes, you can be as multi-dimensional as you can imagine… living infinite lives all at once.

Essentially, *~ NAMASTE ~* means: “my unbroken Babushka Doll says “Hello!” to your unbroken Babushka Doll”.

My truth, to yours.


– or as they say in the movie, Avatar: “I see you”.