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Ritual of Letting Go

“Things aren’t the way they should be.
Things are the way the are.”
~ Unknown

In the Southern Hemisphere, we are fading into the Longest Night.
The Longest Night holds the secrets of the eternal velvet blackness, whose star-speckled truth is often blinded by the activity of the single sun.

But this is Christmas.
And it has a spirit…
An evergreen tree would be brought inside, to remind everyone that not everything dies in Winter.
And we’d all stay warm, together, close, and sharing.
Intimacy: that Invisible Light.
We would return to the Womb of Life, where we all began, for nourishment, “time-out”, and rebirth.

Any fears we find in the stillness and shadows of that deep inner-space, or that we find obscuring the glittering hope of infinite stars, are projections of our scarred psyche.
Individual, or collective – depending on your reach.

This is the place of dreams.

Or of nightmares.

We colour it, we seed it, like painters.

The Soul Shrinker

The Soul Shrinker
“OK, so not the prettiest card in the deck, but believe it or not, a long time ago, the Soul Shrinker was very beautiful – but every wicked, mean, nasty or unnecessarily critical thing that we humans say, or even think, cause him to become more ugly. Every time we are unconditionally loving and kind, he becomes less ugly. Obviously, we have a long way to go.”
~ Read more: http://faeryforestmagic.blogspot.com.au/2011/05/faery-message-for-saturday-14th-may.html

Look to the changing of the seasons, and look to the moon.
Look to the rising and the setting of the sun.
Feel the Rhythm of Life turning in you.

The Winter Solstice is the deepest in-breath.
The day after tomorrow, we breathe out.

So take this time to commune with the Dreamtime, and meet The Alchemist who dwells in the centre of the Earth, whose portals are the caves, and the hollows in the trees.
The one who grinds bones to ashes, to dust, to black oil… hand over your everything and she’ll make you medicine.
This is:
“Crone Lhamo”

 Enter the cave...:http://www.thealchemyofholism.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/61Crone.pdf

Lhamo; Tibetan for “Goddess”
“Do not be satisfied with a superficial approach, look deeper.
Do not fear your own inner knowing.
Crone Lhamo requires total authenticity.
Time to release a lot of baggage you have been carrying for a very long time.
Time to release disease.
Time to cut away all that is no longer needed.
Get down to the basic bones of the situation.
The Crone’s cauldron is just the place to recycle it. She can take it all in her dark brew and just suck all the negativity out of it and turn it into……
Time to release your whole idea of who you are and jump into the unknown. 
And not just the unknown, but a dark and spooky one at that.
Time to re-examine our group projections.
Our projections of good and evil and all those archetypes we take for granted…”

Enter the Cave of Lhamo for Ritual and Medicine…: http://www.thealchemyofholism.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/61Crone.pdf


Create a “List of Loss“.
From Loved Ones
To Dreams
To Values
to saudade…

Sometimes, things are taken from us
Sometimes, we let things go.
Sometimes, we are the ones who take things away…

You may put your List in an envelope, and address it to Crone Lhamo, if you wish.
You can post it in the mail (haha)
Or: you can Light a Fire – a portal to her stash of ashes – and you can deliver it to her Cauldron of Alchemy, that way.

Return it all to the void from which it was born.
Nothing was ever really “yours”
– except you.

Meditate upon this:


you can change ‘god’ to Lhamo, if you wish. 😉


Assuming you are working with Flame (and not the post office)
Find that flame within you that never dies
That which is you, yours.
That which has never been touched.

Become One with that flame for a while.
Immerse yourself in yourself.
Get to know your true, inextinguishable power.

Gather your strength, and purity.

Imagine it growing bigger and bigger
Consuming your Heart
Consuming your Body
Until you Glow
Let it burn away the outer shell of muck that the world has projected upon you, that has made your Soul Shrink.

with warmth.


* * * VIBES * * *
If you like them, then:
(feel the “Mm” in the bridge of your nose)



The first one is Ganesh, who unblocks all your chakras and portals and makes you clean and clear – ready for fine-tuning, like the Instrument of Peace and Change that you are.
The second one is Kali Ma, with the Red Tongue. She takes yukky things away.

(*these are phonetic)


Remember that only what is empty can be filled.
Remember that all the leaves must go, before Spring can bloom.
Remember the acorn that transforms into an oak, only by being completely shattered.
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
~ Anais Nin

To remind you of your blooming, work with flowers.
Anoint your Heart with Rose oil or water, or some flower you like.
If you’re lucky enough to have a bath, bathe in it.
Add salt, and Lavender: both dissolve negative energy and cleanse the auric field ~ the colour violet.
If you don’t have a bath, make a magical solution, and anoint yourself with it; from the tip of your head to the tips of your toes.
The temples, behind the ears, between the eyes, down the throat, and keep going…
Remember what it feels like to *~ Bloom ~*
As you touch each space, imagine it bursting open, sloughing off the old, and bursting forth new light…

*~ Bloom ~*

*~ Bloom ~*


Create a circle.
Out of stones, or cushions, or stand or sit in a hula-hoop.
This is the circle that represents no beginning, and no end; time out of time.
This gives you an idea of boundaries, yet also of our sameness; our personal space, to which we are all entitled.
Allowing only what we want in that space, and filling that circle with our self, our radiance, our expression.
Feel all cords and connections being burned away in the Light of your Radiance and Power, and falling outside the circle, retracting to whom they came from, or seeping into the earth, or withering like a severed umbilical cord.
Letting go of what once nourished you, and tuning into that flame that you are of The Great Bonfire.

This Solstice, there is a Global Prayer happening: essentially, it’s about praying for people who don’t know spirit, to know spirit.
Those who don’t know Spirit, go around stealing energy from others, and consuming everything in their wake.
So sit in your Spirit Circle, let go of any contracts/energy cords to which you were not party.
Any old Soul Contracts – just let go.
You can make new ones; for now, it’s too confusing and chaotic…
Just let it all go.
Become One.
And pray for everyone to know The One.

We are all connected.
Everything matters.


Believe in the power of ordinary people who like to dress up as superheroes.


Throw out all the dead things; dead flowers, empty packets, used tealight shells, junk mail – anything you can find with dead energy.
Clear your space, and offer it up the trash portal – another secret entrance the the Cave of Lhamo.
So you want to be conscious of waste, and discard it gratefully.
Into the cauldron we go…


Clear your Heart

“Stop insisting on clearing your head — clear your fucking heart instead.”
~ Charles Bukowski

Everyone is in there; some like thorns, some deeper than others, some like an ice-pick, a dagger, or an axe.
People are constantly starting things they don’t finish.
Some find the passcode, unlock the safe, and run away with the jewels…
Some turn your Heart to a Harp, and play it like you’ve never heard it sing before ~ or will again.
And you knock on your chest; no harp, only thuds.

But you know what?
That’s ok.
Clearing the Heart is a big job, but first of all, remember that it’s YOUR Love.
No one made you any more or less Loving.
It was you, the whole time.
It’s your Heart, the core of you, and it met people, and it Loved them.

The biggest problem, is that so many people are so disconnected from their Hearts, they weren’t even aware of the conversation it was having with yours.
They’re all up in their head, trying to be in control, and make practical decisions about what they would like in life.
– this is such a big topic, all of its own; I couldn’t possibly cover it in just this section.
The truth is, people don’t know how to be Soul Mates.
They approach relationships like a contract, and usually, LOVE is far from being involved.
There’s a warmth, an attraction, a partnership.
But Soul is usually locked in the safe.
And you *know* a person who has known REAL Love; the two of you could be in Love in an instant, because you both carry it around in your Hearts.
It is the silent smile, shared.
Everyone else just has a résumé, and a compatibility shopping list.
There is one other kind of Love-er: The Warden.

So first of all, we’re going to breathe into the Heart, and feel for any fractures.
We are going to listen, and we are going to talk.
Because the Heart is a Unicorn.
It’s a rare and magical creature with a bio-luminescence all of its own.
It sends out homing signals to those who speak its particular language.
– it doesn’t use English.

So, I can’t really say much more about it; nothing compares to what I could tell you with a hug.
If you want some intensive help to Clear your fucking Heart, then utilise this, and adapt it accordingly: for example, replace ‘mind’, with ‘heart’, and use your thoughts to sort out your feelings.
Feel things.
You could draw a Heart Mandala, and hear what it really has to say, face to face…
Creativity is the fire, that flame of inextinguishable you…

And don’t be mean to your Heart – it’s clearly been through enough.

And keep an eye out for Love-Beams and Unique Superpowers.

And keep an eye out for Love-Beams and Unique Superpowers.


Return to Sender
When Love wants to pour forth healing, potential, growth, expansion, and all sorts of untold magic, and the recipient for whom it was intended does not wish to receive it, it’s then that we must return that Love to sender.
Or burn forever with longing, and aim.

Divine Love comes from The Source.
That Bonfire of which we are flames.
Divine Love has plans for us all.

But there is also, free will.
First, Love is a gift.
Second, it is a choice.

So if we can’t let it out, it must go back in…
Commune with your Radiance, and Return unfulfilled Love to Sender.





The most common – and simplest – way to understand this is with the trinity of:

* Body
* Mind
* Spirit

We embody a body; we experience through the perceptions of the mind; and we are the spirit.

So, you can see how we are all these three things, split, or whole.

But there is even more to this, and I will begin at the core:

The reason I have chosen this picture, is because it is the easiest way to understand;
We will begin with the teeny tiny Babushka: the unbroken one.
She is solid. She is whole.
Think of her as your essence-self; she is the eternal flame of the Great Bonfire from which we all emerged.
Flames, clothed separate, and dancing through time and space…

The Inner Core – the monad, the atman, the christ consciousness – is the perpetual sexual spiritual orgasm of creation, itself.
Electricity and Light in the uniqueness of You.
Dancing so close, so unified, that I cannot tell them apart.
It is The One.
You are that energy signature – irreplaceable, incomparable.

Let us now build upon this one, this electrical, living individual – you;
We are the skin, we are the skeleton.

Add a Babushka Doll around the flame, and this is our first layer – let’s call it consciousness, or the ability to know one’s self.

Add another doll around that, and call it ‘mind’; the ability to have a conversation with consciousness.

Add another doll/veil and call it body.

And another, that we will call “The Personality” – this is all the things that you like; all the things that brighten you, and make you dance (inside, or out).
You might like red, you might like rainbows, you might like grass, or Egypt, tequila, or velvet, music, words, water, gold, or lightning, thunder or driving, breaking hearts, or disappearing… the potentials are infinite!

The ego might be the next doll/layer/veil. This is the one, that meets the other. Separate.
Here, we have a human.
In this separateness is where all the tension is; bound flames, longing to merge.

Choices are made to keep the self, or generate Love, Brightness, and Heat by the re-uniting of two flames.
Whatever decision is made by one, affects both humans.

If one thinks they *are* the human – or the ego – or the personality, their layers will be fused; hardened.

-That’s why broken people let out the most light.
The fluidity of twisting open, unveiling, and getting closer to the burning core… in individual shades we don’t even have names for; octarine, glitterine, fla’tango, and violet ice…

The more living and dying we do, the more we add layer upon layer of Babushka Dolls, building up a person.
Giving it a name.

Making it “real”.

We have different masks, or costumes, depending on our interactions – we are fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, children, friends, famous, boyfriends, girlfriends, married, teachers, computer programmer, director, musician, professional fairy.
We may have a stripper name, personality, and sheath.
We may have a healer name, personality, and sheath.
We may have a mystic name, personality, and sheath.
These, too, are layers of our multi-dimensionality.

We birth new bodies/sheaths/layers/veils, and shape-shift fluidly through them all, at any time.

Some people are constant characters, and that is just as ‘normal’ – variety is the spice of life; we can adorn ourselves with complexity, or strip it right back to simplicity.

We embody the Babushka Doll of all the lives we’ve ever lived, and ever will.

We embody our perfect self, and our not-so perfect self.
We embody our Divinity, and we are also the embodiment.

I call this “my human”. She is ‘mine’.

Fused, I am the effervescent, living, breathing, embodiment of the Cosmic Orgasm.

I call her “my human”. She *is* mine.
She is all the senses, all the bodies, and I Am The Flame.

I am the Inner Peace in her Wild Life.
We share her eyes.
I am the glow.

So, my human, and your human, has layers to it;
* emotions
* feelings
* senses
* thoughts
* personality
* perceptions
* the unique soul sexual signature

She has an astrology chart that interacts with yours, and can be the embodiment of any planet, any day.
Different people give birth to our different bodies – some we’ve never met, tried on, or embodied before…
The Cosmic Clock cycles us into Initiations in which we birth even more outer layers of our selves. We manifest.

Even our facebook profile is one avatar of ourselves – you, to whom I am addressing, are real, aren’t you?

This one is your thinnest, most ghostly Babushka Doll.
It is known as your STRAWMAN – which you didn’t make, but was made FOR you – by society; the man-made construct of illusion and deception.
All the serial numbers it calls you, birth certificate it ‘requires’, forms it makes you fill out, and things it forces you to do and be –
That is society hijacking your strawman, that you don’t even know you have.

It is your prison costume in the world of illusion until you reclaim it for yourself.

Just as we embody our bodies, and our bodies embody cars to drive around in – we are wombs within wombs.

So, let’s put it all in reverse; drop your human (in all its complexity), and YOU remain.
Be the Lover, and BE YOU
Be the teacher, and BE YOU
Be the singer, and BE YOU

Just as Salome un-veils, one by one, we, too, reveal more and more of our Light as we apocalypse… closer to our original, unnamed, flaming colour… octarine, glitterine, fla’tango, and violet ice…

Stripped… until there before you stands a naked flame.

The more complex we are, the more layers we will have.

It doesn’t just add character -it adds character’s’ 😉

We are multi-dimensional.

To be simple and pure, or layered and layering – no matter.
As long as you Live in the Flame in the Light of your Eyes, you can be as multi-dimensional as you can imagine… living infinite lives all at once.

Essentially, *~ NAMASTE ~* means: “my unbroken Babushka Doll says “Hello!” to your unbroken Babushka Doll”.

My truth, to yours.


– or as they say in the movie, Avatar: “I see you”.


Sperm + Egg = You

Sperm + Egg = You

Sex is the Root of ALL Life.

Relationship; Union; Generation.

It is the condition of our sexuality that creates the condition of our society and quality of our Lives; unconscious sex = unconscious life.
and ∞ vice-versa

Destructive sex ∞ Destructive Energy ∞ Destructive Lives

Nurturing Sex/Sexuality ∞ Nurturing Lives

Sexual Wholeness ∞ A Life of Wholeness

Powerful Sex ∞ Powerful People
Polluted Sex ∞ Toxic People

It really is, what should be tended, if we wish for the Tree of Our Civilisation to fruit and flower – or we, as a people, won’t be able to breathe.

The Secret to our Sexuality, is in its POWER to Illuminate the Mind, and charge the being into a creative, tuned-in and turned-on expression of the Universe.
aka NOT an obedient slave.

From the coccyx bone, up the spine, and into the brain;
A pillar of Electric-Light encased in a Sensuality Suit.

* Religious Oppression ( -ah, SEX *IS* GOD)
* Sexual Manipulation through Media
* Pretend “education systems” – ALL the emphasis is on the monkey-MIND
(distraction; occupation; distraction; occupation)
* Unconscious Parents and Teachers
* Bad Habits/Traditions
* Unconsciousness


A: It’s the sexually-charged electricity that turns the Lightbulb on, in the mind.

Without it; darkness.

Keeping sexuality oppressed, polluted, divided, confused, and manipulated is in the best interests of The Global Slavery System.

Broken Lightbulbs.

Seeking LIGHT outside themselves.

Sex (generally) creates a pleasure-positive charge that can be used to counteract negative charges, stored in the body; this is sometimes why sexual cravings can turn a dark corner.

What people get up to, in private, consensual environments, usually has to do with the alchemy of transforming negative charges, into positive ones.

Shadows, into the Light.

Suffering and Silence, into Ecstasy and Expression.

<Contraction> to Expansion ~*

The other shadow of sex, is not consensual – it’s not about relationship – and it is about power, and severe mental illness.
The most unconscious of all.
Walking Beasts.
The kind with no predator.

SEXUALITY is not a mental concept; it doesn’t live solely in the Mind.
‘God’ (Shiva) is in the Mind, (pineal gland; often asleep)
‘Goddess’ (Shakti) is in the hips (dancing, electric; sensual aliveness)

SEXUALITY is a complete experience, that uses ALL the senses, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
~ and sometimes that extra one… *~ Phenomena ~*
SENSES are our Windows from our inside to the outside… the meeting place. Tantra.

SEX is Love’s Reunion with itself.

SHAKTI is your aliveness…

This world needs some serious Relationship Education; but only the Conscious are paying attention.

Do I believe in Utopia?
Well, I come from there, so…
I know it’s possible.

HOWEVER – I find myself, in a Foreign Place… with Aliens, to whom I am also the Alien.
But they don’t understand me, like I understand them…
Alas; we SHARE Reality.

Currently Brought to You by Ignorance and Obedience.
“Whoever Controls the Media, Controls the Mind” ~ Jim Morrison

So… I will use MY MEDIA to *GUIDE* The Mind of Society.

I will not even go into the science of it; but our Lips are Sensors.
They READ… The inner lips explore their environment; from the time we are babies, and we put everything against the soft part of our mouths: TASTING LIFE. Sensing Life. Our mouth, our lips; our technology, sending information to the nervous system, to the brain…

Not to mention the pleasure… 🙂
Which, flickers the lightbulb in the mind – we want that!

SEX is a Language of Life, itself.

Do you want YOUR sexuality to be dictated by Unconscious History? By your parents, your teachers, dark society?
Or, do you want to grow up, and make it an expression all of your own… your language.

What turns you on? And WHY:
Do you Love the Fire?
Do you Love the Milk?
The Ice…
Do you Love Space-Exploration, or Gardening The Soul…?
Do You Love to watch *~ POWER ~* Erupt at the touch of your fingertips…

What the Patriarchy is Hiding AND Exploiting:

Mother is The Womb.
Mother, is the Mothership.
The Womb is The Cosmic Portal, through which we all arrive; don’t you think, that it’s actually rather logical to Worship the Womb of society? The Women, The Mothers?
Not the Patriarchal God that Heads all Religion, and DICTATES, from an invisible realm?
Looking out into Space… it is expansive, just like a Womb.
What is a *~ star ~* without a Universe to put it in…

If only society could see how beautiful Women/Wombs are when they Flower… The Perfume of Love fills the world.

Even if her womb is damaged –
Even if her womb is a ghost…
Even if she is not a Mother to embodiments, she is Mother to creation, to society, to projects, to the world.

If there is or was, something wrong with your Mother, it stems from her damage; for not being valued, for being treated badly, once upon a time, for being born into a lineage of women shaped by men… and carrying all that aboard her Mothership.
If she was hurt, and never healed, well – she was just your unconscious Captain. And that deserves a thank you.

How comfortable are we with our own Power, embodied?
Your Body is the Womb of your Soul.

Tantric Maas


IN TANTRA… all the women are called “Maa”; this is because they become the Mothers of The World, extending warmth, nourishment, and nurturing, deep into the roots of the Soul, causing the seed of that Soul to *~ flower ~* into its full, radiant potential; safe within the Sacred Sanctuary of the metaphorical Womb of Creation, that is intimately connected to The Expansive Cosmos, that gives Birth to all of us, over and over again.


All Maa’s have within them, the Inner, Untouchable Virgin/Maiden, and the Eternal First and Wisest Woman, known as the Crone, who is Married to the Cosmos; she is beyond birth and death; She is the Boundary of infinity – the Gatekeeper of the Magic Portal from whence we all came, and shall return, no matter our age, our race, or our class ( – or lack of 😉 )


Creatrix is Triple – braided – because She is the Weave of Life, itself; the beginning, the middle, and the end.


Known by some, as The Spinner; The Measurer; and The Cutter of the destined thread which is Your Birth, Your Life, and Your End.


Tantric Maas are the Wholeness of this Trinity; her innate knowledge of New Beginnings, freshness, and eternal purity, transitioning to CONSCIOUS LOVE, Nurturance, and Nourishment of Life, which transitions into HEALTHY Boundaries that provide the necessary structure for infinity to come to form; to exist, and to manifest the ethereal vision and Highest Potential of the ever-present cosmos.


And in Her image – the coveted Form of the Goddess: Women of Earth. From Her, each Soul is Born into Form and Matter, out of Her Love, and from Her Body… Mother; who is Daughter of The Goddess.


Happy Maa’s Day, to every Womban… to all who ignite, nurture, and contain Life, itself.


May you always be Loved and Respected for the Cosmic Miracle and Fact that you ARE.


Jai Maa!


x~ Namaste ~x


(For Lovers of The Goddess: as I like to say;
“He protects Her Body; She protects his Soul.”


* Protection can read as Love; can read as Venerate; can read as Treasure.
Mother can read as The World.)


*~ ❤ ~*