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Today, I’d like to talk about: SAMSKARAS

What are they?
Essentially, they are Scars from Samsara.

– what is Samsara?
Samsara is the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth ~ over and over, and over again.
Round, and around “The Wheel of Life”.

– you may not have your memory, but you have your Soul Scars.

I have contemplated them, before; I have one, above my left breast, that stings of betrayal… sometimes, it feels *active*, trying to seep into my consciousness… but I only glimpse flashes – like an arrowhead, or a spear… and I won’t go into the *feeling*; (~ but to say: “hot tears”).

However, I have been thinking about them, more, recently, since I noticed a decline in the mental health of The Compassionate Ones; I have a friend who has said:
“I think something has happened here, that’s never happened before; No life, ever, in any universe, on any planet, has damaged me as much as this one has.”

That hurt me to hear, because I knew it was true.
I know him.
I’ve seen us change…

And I thought about all the new samskaras we’d gained.

My Heart, in particular, is in completely unfamiliar and hostile territory.
And I used to be the optimistic one.

I reach out to you, today, to acknowledge these old wounds. And any new ones this incarnation gave you.

I don’t much like to put samskaras into words, because they are generally from the worst of the worst – like genocide, betrayal, and abuse.

I remember learning, that when a child is exposed to unsafe conditions, a samskara can *pop*, and *–*, flooding the consciousness of the small person, and filling them with adult emotion.
I’ve seen that happen.

I can’t say that I know how to heal them… I know that when you die, and leave your body, they go dormant, in the Light Body.
*~ Weightlessness ~*

It’s just in the being here, that they flare up.
I have ventured into the wound – flashes – like I said; I have visioned, chanted, forgiven – forgotten.
I have tried healing consciously, praying, re-living, sending Light, and Love… Tried moving on, moving forward, fading to black – and yet, it still flares up, sometimes…

So I guess it has come down to: Learning to Live With It.
(- but that won’t stop me from researching samskaras, further.)

* See the comments, below, for some excellent articles on a sore subject.

This image, is of a man who was the victim of a racial attack; these scars may seep further than just skin-deep.

Imagine how many people are scarred under their clothes.

How many are scarred under their skin.

Some identify as brave, with their battle-scars, and war-wounds; medals of honour, courage, survival, and strength.

Some people like scars, because what seems invisible within them, has been made visible; either upon their flesh, or the flesh of another.

Some just Hurt. Deeply, Privately, Silently…

Personally, I like to touch them, with my healing hands, and radiate… Soul Deep.

It is the separation of Body and Soul that has scarred us all the most.

x Namaste x