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Virgo Magick: “Chop wood, carry water.”



Spirituality is not out there somewhere. It is not an abstract thought, not something we need to imagine, there’s no need for us to become something else other than who we are to experience it, there’s nowhere else to be other than where we are, in fact – spirituality is experienced when you are going about your daily chores as usual. When you are present within your body, first and foremost – you are spirit embodiment in the most literal sense.

This is all about Virgo, because it is something that every Virgo intuitively knows and actively puts into practice without fault. As much as other may understand natural laws intellectually, Virgo is the one that actually uses them on a regular basis. Practice makes perfect, right?

How often do we hear about Virgo nitpicking, obsessively  compulsive and hypochondriac? Sure, guess Virgo’s nagging voice of reason is too much to…

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