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People would sooner believe in the Law of Attraction, than they would in actual INTERFERENCE.

But if *you* have experienced this, you will know.

It’s very easy to become paranoid, or to feel like this is a way for people to avoid accountability for their actions – 

But if *you* have experienced this, you will know.

And if something *has* happened to you, that has altered the course of YOUR life, this *could* just be medicine for your Life.

“Because hostile hyperdimensional forces have a vested interest in the Matrix Control System, they go to extraordinary lengths to suppress any destabilizing factors that could disrupt their food supply. Anyone who starts the process of waking up and regaining personal power and freedom is immediately targeted. The targeting aims to put him or her back to sleep, render him powerless, or make him or lose faith in continuing his path.

When a personal impulse toward freedom occurs, an equal and opposite impulse is set into motion, attracting to the target various negatively synchronistic opportunities to engage in vibe-lowering experiences to offset his impulse toward freedom. These include situations that aim to induce fear, distraction, suffering, doubt, depression, indulgence in lower impulses, and self-serving behavior.

Sometimes this phenomenon arises naturally from the law of inertia (occult and karmic laws) while other times there is intentional and active amplification of this counter-impulse by negative hyperdimensional forces to disarm the threat before he gains more power.

Other methods of suppression include sabotaging and distracting a targeted individual via people around him who are open to direct manipulation. Anyone who fails to be fully conscious in the present moment can be a puppet for as long as his or her attention is elsewhere. Lapses of attention are enough for a subconsciously implanted impulses to result in regrettable words or actions.

Most people in this world place no priority on awareness or attentiveness, and instead live life in a semi-conscious dream state that makes them very prone to being pawns of the Matrix Control System. Some are born with insufficient levels of individualized consciousness to ever experience a lucid moment, and it is these who form the primary class of “Matrix agents,” the rest of us functioning as agents only part of the time when we fail to watch ourselves. Due to the plethora of spiritually asleep people in the population, the Matrix Control System has no problem finding chess pieces to maneuver into place around a target.”

~ Tom Montalk

#matrix #agents #interference 

* I intend to transfer all my articles and work, over the years, from fb to my blog. You might remember I had planned to do this since “Mary Magdalene and The Age of Virgo”.
Since this is also taken from fb, there are additional links and comments in the thread; I’ll put them in the comments, here. I’ll have to get permission from people to publish their comments. But this will be a work in progress.  



For anyone as Persephone as me.

SINCE PLUTO IS IN THE SPOTLIGHT, THIS ECLIPSE… that’d be, July 13, 2018, here are the 3 degrees of interest: the KARMIC degree (20); the ECLIPSE degree (21); and the QUEST degree (22).
Below, will be the Cancer SUN/MOON Eclipse Degree.

(from Elias Lonsdale’s “Inside Degrees”)



But before we begin, I’d just like to say I once Loved a guy with this degree; and it couldn’t be more accurate:  

Many different perfumes carried by a breeze.

We bear within us many past lives, each one complete, autonomous, and emitting its own subtle, special fragrance. There are points along the journey when we must stand together with the whole line-up of our previous selves and follow out the journey they were all leading to. This is a formidable task. There is a lot to live up to. It grants you authority and conviction and it makes it very hard to get started. In order to get anywhere you must at times deny the awareness that everybody is there, and do whatever you can do, apparently on your own. But truly the depth of experience, the substantive inward development and the power of your inner drive give it away–you are destiny-charged in a larger-than-life fashion. Being self-possessed is your watchword. There is so much to accomplish. And at the center of the journey lies self-knowledge and the overriding determination to clear the karmic slate, to free up what has been trapped and bound and to come to yourself afresh. This destiny-will is guided, cosmically supported, centrally relevant to your whole world, and you will do it. Turn the darkest of hours into the brightest breakthroughs by refusing to stop anywhere or to back down from your resolve to wake up this time and get on with the greater path, at long last.

… and wake-up, he did not, in the time that I knew him. He chased different women like wisps of perfume… confused by the rainbow his Soul Journey was asking him to integrate. He stopped here, and there, delaying his Reunion – running from it, even, to keep The Drama of Samsara alive. Like other men I’ve known, he just wanted to play with new toys.
I hope he makes it. His degree says he will.
He was grieving when I met him – but his Aries South Node didn’t know we all were.
They never seem to think about the ways in which others might need them.
I transform my sorrows and losses into lessons and guiding lights for the way; the one that leads us all home, to unity consciousness.
I will tell you, that we had the kind of synchronicity that makes you both feel like the universe is on your side; it wants you to win.
One time, I was looking for a new movie to watch, and he had updated online, that he HIGHLY recommended iOrigins.
I watched it, and I smiled… that entire plot is summed up by this exact degree; no wonder it spoke to him.
With Pluto dancing on his Sun, he might be on his way home, soon…   


A stately old house in a ruined condition.

Karmic entanglement in patterns, syndromes, and worlds which have no future. Dwelling in worlds apart and worlds gone by. Intent upon salvaging the essence-spark of what was once there and claims your allegiance still. You are heavily drawn back in a virtual stupor or enchantment of following out a script, fulfilling a fate. Every line written ahead of time. Starchy and formal. Haunted, intrigued, bound up within what would seem to be no longer happening. Yet inwardly brooding all-pervasively upon the reverberations and echoes of what went wrong, of what was lost, of the severances and the tragedies. Doomed to stay in the lost places until Divine Spirit intervenes. Self-sentenced to limbo, half glad of it and half miserable and full of longings.


A bare altar covered with black velvet.

Death is a force that brings into Earth something from beyond and this something is the X factor in the human equation. Your own previous deaths as major sign-posts which hold you to your noblest and most surrendered ways of being. Mortality has spoken; immortality arises from the ashes. A threshold awareness that hugs the edge between the worlds and bows before a God who presides over the living and the dead. You stride across worlds, in tune with myriad frequencies, and are quite able to make way for the unknown, the infinite, the other side of life. A fiercely-held intention to bow before what truly is and fall for nothing less, no matter how attractive or appealing.



High up on a mountain an eagle’s nest.

Heritage and birthright, the soul’s inheritance. Being granted a belongingness, an attunement to rarified worlds. Consciousness triumphant. Maintaining the Crown vista of universal essentials, you are imbued with natural wonders and treasures. Wakeful, vigilant, and clear. You have superlative faculties of sifting through and finding what we all need to see here. Remarkably untouched by personal limitations and distortions. Called upon to uphold the truth and knowing it. Serene, focused, and unsentimental. Diving right to the place where the goods are. Impeccable skills used under constraint. The finest accompanies each breath. The mark of previous karmic attainments of the highest kind. Resuming where you left off, steady, self-assured, and righteous in the best sense. Beyond reproach.

And lastly, here is the perfect movie for this eclipse:


She represents the Archetype of Cancer, naturally. But that’s all I’m going to say. I might review it in its own post, someday.

Trolling Dead Girls

I just thought I’d take a moment out of my life, to illuminate, that even after being raped, tortured, and murdered, girls and women are STILL abused. Even in their death.
Even after they’ve been ROBBED of their LIFE.
How low, can you go, humanity.

In the news of the two latest dead girls I’ve heard of – that I did not go looking for – the memorial site of Melbourne Comedian, Eurydice Dixon, was vandalised. That is, after she was already raped, and murdered by some big fat man.

Another is the Instagram of a 16 Year Old Girl. Tortured & Murdered by her LOSER 34 year old “boyfriend” – what kind of inadequate grown male “dates” a 16 year old girl??
Who has the life-experience, and responsibility, here?

A Teenage Girl’s body does not belong to anyone but her.
Her body is changing, she is embarking upon the slow, foreign bloom into womanhood.
Any adult knows this; if she’s posting “pretty pictures” on instagram, that’s her, exploring her own sexuality. It’s not for you.
Any adult knows, that insecurity fuels the need to be told you’re beautiful.
Every Body wants to feel Loved.
Daughter of a widowed dad, this girl had no mother to guide her transition from girl to woman.

And yet, trolls on the internet, with pathological attention-seeking deficit disorders have things like this to say:

trolling dead girls

One troll account named itself after her murderer. She didn’t “accidentally” end up in a barrel.

Children have no sexuality. What do trolls have to say about GROWN MEN that rape, torture, and murder children – and babies?
“What was the Mother doing…?!”
“Why was she wearing…?!”
Why; because men can’t be trusted?
Because men are dangerous, opportunistic, and predatory?
Because we should all expect this behaviour of men?

Some stories I will never tell you, and some pictures I will never show you – you can’t unsee that shit.
You can’t believe how women and children are treated, and what is done to their bodies by “men”.
Strangers – and the men who claimed to Love them.

“Rick and Julene had been worried their son Trent would go to jail after revealing he had a sexual relationship with the 12-year-old and feared that she was pregnant.”
– sexual relationship? Why are you calling it that? With a 12 year old?
Rick was a murderer, and a child rapist.

I wouldn’t have been able to sleep knowing I didn’t say something.
Dead Girls have no voice.



(I didn’t make this; I had it made.)

Could this gift be yours…?

Nothing in Life is free. But we are valuable.

I will post this necklace, to anyone, anywhere in the world – for free! – and I have two!!

First one gets to pick which design you want; suitable for all size necks.
There are two different designs (not shown). IF you’ll help me.

The only requirement is that you have to care, be passionate and devoted to women’s empowerment, healing, and rising, #RoseArmy and #MeToo, and help me with all that, online.
Like, running a page, or finding people to run the others.

You see, if you’re passionate, none of this is hard; it will be our liberation. All of ours.

And could be fun.

Feeling sad about Anthony Bourdain’s passing.
Feeling like we need to get stronger.

First Step: Join me, here, and write me a paragraph on how much you care about #RoseArmy, #MeToo, saving the world, and all that.

Step two: Write me that paragraph, of about 60 words or less, about why I should pick you; HOW you are passionate about helping save the world. You don’t need to have a lot of followers, just to be able to keep an eye on the movements, media, events, network, and share links, write articles, posts – or even tweets.

Nothing you don’t want to do.
I only want you if want to.

If you don’t want to, please share this and help me find two people who would be good for this.

And I’ll post it, anywhere in the world…!

Stay blessed!


So I never did tell that story…
For now, silence; while I think about it.
A brief preview, while I gather some sources…

Her death was publically announced, two/three days later, on March 29:

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.01.16 AM

Date (pirate english settings)


There are a couple of sources where her birthday is the same as mine: September 17

One source says 16th.

Her “Happy Birthday to me!” video, dated September 17.

Below, Instagram post, 17th September.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.20.08 AM

We all September 17’s, had Chiron opposite our Sun, at that time. 

RIP OUR DEAR GODDESS. @psalmisadora September 17, 1974 to March 26, 2017

A post shared by Psalm Isadora (@psalmisadora) on m PDT

Virgo Magick: “Chop wood, carry water.”



Spirituality is not out there somewhere. It is not an abstract thought, not something we need to imagine, there’s no need for us to become something else other than who we are to experience it, there’s nowhere else to be other than where we are, in fact – spirituality is experienced when you are going about your daily chores as usual. When you are present within your body, first and foremost – you are spirit embodiment in the most literal sense.

This is all about Virgo, because it is something that every Virgo intuitively knows and actively puts into practice without fault. As much as other may understand natural laws intellectually, Virgo is the one that actually uses them on a regular basis. Practice makes perfect, right?

How often do we hear about Virgo nitpicking, obsessively  compulsive and hypochondriac? Sure, guess Virgo’s nagging voice of reason is too much to…

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The Metaphysical Flow of Male and Female Energy in Embodiment


Men of earth are living a fraction of their potential: one-dimensionally. This includes the ego, the intellect, and “The Male-Gaze”. Literally one of the 5/6 senses.

I mean, it takes great energy and patience to teach sacred things to the argumentative and ungrateful reptilian mind.
The simplest way that I can put it, is thus:

Male eyes emit yang energy.
Female eyes magnetise yin energy.

The Male Heart is a yin place.
The Female Heart is a yang place.

The Male sex-organs are yang.
The female sex-organs are yin.

These two systems interact for the Creation of Life.
This is the root of All life.

The Adi Shakti
The Mahamudra


“Maithuna can take place, as a union, purely on a spiritual or metaphysical level (non-penetrative), where you connect using your subtle bodies or spirit, and a transfer of energy occurs”

It rocks your body; it isn’t ‘imaginary’.

“With Maithuna, orgasm is only a pause in the whole meditation and not the aim.
The focus of Maithuna is to join mind body and spirit until you see only the god or goddess before you wearing the features of your lover.”


I was lucky to find a diagram of the flow, at  all. Use your imagination to follow the flow in a figure 8 pattern that unites the couple as one. In moments of great Love, a woman may have even felt her Heart lunge magnetically to pour LOVE into his Heart. If his Heart is closed, and he’s trying to stick his dick in too early, you have “bad sex”. 😦



Are you starting to get the picture…? Don’t forget to visualise, or even feel, the path of the figure 8. Out, in, out, in, out, in. You become one breath of the cosmos. Physical penetration is not even necessary.  – “what?!” you say? To which I say: “Why have an abortion when men could just learn how to have sex properly,”… another story, for another time.


Rape causes metaphysical damage that can eventually progress to physical damage – depending on many factors, from repeated assaults, to serious Love-Alchemy that generates a slow, cellular healing. Rape is more than physical assault – it is soul-violence. It can even shatter the causal body: the vehicle for the soul. A homeless soul, confused and struggling for embodiment, can sometimes take their own life. Cord-cutting is useless in situations where rape has shattered the causal body. Cord-cutting is for your exes, and toxic friend/famships.





You will need sage, salt, lavender oil, herbal tea, rescue remedy, journal, water…

First, the talking stick.
Scroll down to the bullet-points to go directly to care.

Kali Yuga
is a crazy time… the dark-age of man. There aren’t many real grown-ups, here, on Earth.
When you need someone to hold-space for you to express yourself safely, you’re usually met with a “what about me!”

In that way, no one is ever heard; you shrink, and the other person becomes repelling.
Or, there’s fighting.

Space is feminine… a woman holds inside her body, *space* for new life. It’s a sharing quality that creation gave to her. In a world that suppresses the Goddess, there is *no space*… every void is filled, and people don’t know how to listen, and just sit with the sounds and the silence of creation.

But the ancient tribes of earth knew what was up…

Soul Retrieval  by Sandra Ingerman

            Imagine yourself sitting in a circle with members of your community. You have gathered together to support one community member who is suffering from a traumatic experience. You know that if one person is suffering and is ill it effects the entire community. So you have come to help hold the space for healing to happen.
            It is dark and the stars are shining bright in the night sky. The air is still. Everyone feels held in the loving arms of the universe and there is no doubt that healing will happen for all gathered here.

So when someone comes along and says: “what about me!”, they are not being a member of the community. They are penetrating the atmosphere of healing with individual ego-force – and their behaviour is leaking childhood-wounds. All over everyone.

Being a female is not divisive; it’s a fact of life.
In tribes, there was women’s business, and men’s business, and each one respected the other; it’s how they got shit done.

You would think that we were evolved enough to utilise the technology we have, to advance our communications – but the human-race is stuck in its infancy; it’s reactive. It imagines intonation in the written-word. It argues with itself, on your posts: commonly known as projection.
You would think that we were evolved enough to mingle women’s business, and men’s business, and that it would help us learn about each other, and respect each other – but that can never happen if people don’t know how to listen.

Not everyone has your life.
Not every girl has brothers, sons, a father, or knows men.
Some people have no family, or have been betrayed by it.

#RoseArmy and #MeToo are working on some world-changing things… that you are a part of.
This movement is about women; woman-led. If women hadn’t spent their lives working for this (without pay), enough to gather in unvanquishable number, in the face of adversity, criticism, attack, and interruption, there would be no *spotlight* for anyone to be heard in, in this moment.
Ladies, first.
Just like chess; there are rules.
And we are in a patriarchy; everything has to be tactical.



This Goddess-Moment does not want to be your mother. That’s Lilith (currently conjunct Galactic Centre).
She might want to be your Lover, your sister, your friend – she might not. How can she if you act like her child?
If you don’t behave as her equal?
Men can totally share their #MeToos; they are simply joining in, as equals.

Hear that? *So* Happy “ppl r waking up!” Don’t hurt Corey with your low-vibrations.

Anyone saying “what about me!”, or “what about men!”, or “this is a divisive psy-op!”, is behaving like a child.

Let women gather, and get organised.
Support them, or leave them alone. Show some respect.

You, child, come next.

Once women have regained the power that was stolen from them, she won’t forget about you. Her nature is sharing – despite your individual experiences.
This planet belongs to women.
Mother Earth is a mother.

There are mothers around who actually LIVE for the chance to mother someone; bring her a gift, respect her, and invite or ask her to take you under her wing.
Women should respect women’s right to not want to be mothers while they deal with their own pain. They need to stay *focussed*.
Knowing where you fit is the best self-care you can do; same as knowing where you don’t fit.

Rose McGowan has been working on her #RoseArmy for at least two years that I know of.
I’ve been working on sexual education and human liberation my whole life, and have really thrown myself in, in the last 5 years, after my last rape completely destroyed my life.  Slaving away. Dying, slowly.

Tarana Burke started a MeToo movement, 10 years ago, that has now joined forces with Alyssa’s latest one. No-one owns the expression: ‘Me, too’. It’s the most universal and unifying concept in human experience: affinity.
The origin story is sad; Tarana was a camp counsellor, and a girl confided in her about her stepfather graphically sexually abusing her, and Tarana stopped her short, sent her to someone else, and couldn’t bring herself to say: “Me too”.
“The look on that girl’s face,” she said, “The shock of being rejected, the pain of opening a wound only to have it abruptly forced closed again — it was all on her face,” she wrote.

That’s what people are doing to one another online; only you don’t get to see the shock on the faces of the ones you hurt with your words.
How can you know what you’ve done.

Since the MeToos, you now know, without a doubt, that the world is no longer on your shoulders: you can take a break, and know that a member of the Rose Army, or a MeToo, will take the nightshift, the dayshift, or the weekend, and you can have rest.
As long as you come back when you’re ready, the spotlight on this stays ON.


Rando Shakti on the internet

Things you’ll need: salt, sage, lavender, rose petals, rose water, water, colloidal gold, superhero art, womb-book, rescue remedy, herbal tea, essential oils, journal, blanket,

* Mass Soul-Retrieval means you are definitely not alone. Take Heart.
* take a walk along the ocean shore
* take a bath with epsom salts, and lavender oil, and rose petals
* even take a footbath
* add some rescue remedy to a bath, or your bottle of water
* sage your space, or make a spray with white sage essential oil and rose water – or any others you like. Being creative brings your power on!
* drink some green tea, or herbal tea at sunset (or whenever)
* make an aura spray with rose water and colloidal gold – add anything you like
* wrap yourself in a light-blanket; over your head, around your ears, across your body, and tuck your feet in, if you want: cocoon
* steam under a towel, over a pot of boiled water; use a drop of eucalyptus oil
* wear your Sunday-best – celebrate!
* drop of rose oil over your Heart
* self-massage any areas you can reach – make a massage oil to remind you of this Mass Soul-Retrieval
* practical thinking: connect with counsellors, astrologers, psychologists, naturopaths, homoeopaths, aromatherapists, doctors, masseurs, yoga classes, the swimming pool, and get your mind.body.spirit aligned.
* Make lists
* Matangi Mudra (or your favourite mudra)
* commit to yourself – anything is possible, now
* connect with other MeToos, and if you have suggestions for where to go from here, get in touch with Rose, Tarana and Alyssa, or just keep an eye on them
* write in a journal – or a blog. Or social media. Wherever you feel like expressing yourself.
* Join my group
* dance, sing, use your voice!
* Yoga Nidra: a gift for the nervous system. I Love this, and you can sample one of my favourites, here.
* if you’re rich, commission an artists rendition of you, as a superhero. I had one made, once, and it was so incredible to see a picture of my soul, compared to what only the camera sees…

Mardi Weaver

Imagining I am that toned gives me strength. lol. It retrieves my Soul, after all I’ve lost. It looked *so much* like my photos; except: cartoon. 😉 Incredible.


Hollywood and the Collective Consciousness

Sex Censorship

I’d like to talk about The Hays Code.

“If motion pictures present stories that will affect lives for the better, they can become the most powerful force for the improvement of mankind…”

Here, we openly acknowledge the potential for psychic influence, manipulation, and mind control.

“Hence, though regarding motion pictures primarily as entertainment without any explicit purpose of teaching or propaganda, they know that the motion picture within its own field of entertainment may be directly responsible for spiritual or moral progress, for higher types of social life, and for much correct thinking.”

Whose thinking?

“Mankind has always recognized the importance of entertainment and its value in rebuilding the bodies and souls of human beings.

But it has always recognized that entertainment can be a character either HELPFUL or HARMFUL to the human race, and in consequence has clearly distinguished between:

a. Entertainment which tends to improve the race, or at least to re-create and rebuild human beings exhausted with the realities of life; and

b. Entertainment which tends to degrade human beings, or to lower their standards of life and living.

Hence the MORAL IMPORTANCE of entertainment is something which has been universally recognized. It enters intimately into the lives of men and women and affects them closely; it occupies their minds and affections during leisure hours; and ultimately touches the whole of their lives. A man may be judged by his standard of entertainment as easily as by the standard of his work.

So correct entertainment raises the whole standard of a nation.

Wrong entertainment lowers the whole living conditions and moral ideals of a race.”


The following are the seeds of the stories that have calculatingly manipulated the collective-mind since storytelling was harnessed on the silver screen; along with the psychological aftermath of these themes that have been magnified by their sojourn in the shadows.

Exclusion – regulation by agenda – thereby ‘created’ the shadow: it empowered the imaginary ‘devil’ in the dance of duality.

Let the projector shed some Light on a shady subject!


Crowd Control:
To this day, the most prevalent tv shows are about Law, Order, and courtroom shenanigans.
“OBEY” is the message.
The LAW is watching – they’ll get you!
These days, they protect the corporations from YOU!

(I may as well just quote the entire plot of THEY LIVE ~ lol  )



Women of the World have been waiting for this day; we have been working for it, since they came.

Rose McGowan and her #RoseArmy may have just changed Hollywood, forever.

This is an Herstorical moment!

ALL the voices, hashtags, posts, and tweets who found the fire to join the chorus of women who stood – bravely – in the critical spotlight of consciousness, helped to change the world as we know it.
What is now known, cannot be unknown.
Everything is Illuminated.

“It is harrowing to have people know my deepest pain, but fear cannot stop this national convo that needs to be had.” ~ Rose McGowan

Those of us putting ourselves out there, patiently waited for the moment we had sisters to stand alongside – it takes an army of women to be heard; you may have noticed.
Love straight-shot it, in 2005.
Some of us died waiting for this moment, giving everything we had, and leaving all we had behind; for every girl or woman lost to male-violence, we remember her in our Hearts. We work for justice and awareness, with Liberation as the ultimate goal.

You are taking part of someone’s soul. It’s happened to me. It alters the course of your life; it’s altered the course of my life.” ~ Rose McGowan


You should always take care of those sweeter and smaller than you are.” ~ Beasts of the Southern Wild

The Neptunian Magic-Mirror of Hollywood rules collective-consciousness; male-dominated, they’ve been stealing dreams, and implanting nightmares since the birth of the silverscreen.

Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” ~ Jim Morrison

For so long, all we’ve heard and seen, has been known as history; commonly referred to by witches as: “HIStory”: men’s stories. The Male Gaze.
If you know anything about astrology, you’ve been watching Pluto in Capricorn dismantle the patriarchy, brick-by-brick. By now, we’re about half-way through, and while many girl’s and women’s lives have been interrupted and interfered with, we have been working every day to break the spell of the patriarchy over the masses; it may have just happened. But not without effort. Not without a public anchor: Rose.

So whether you’re “sick of hearing about it”, or whatever. Tough.
Women deal with it everyday; keeping the story alive, and bringing it ALL the way home, to pedophilia and organised crime, is how it has to be. No more.
There are still many, many comments online from people who DON’T get it.

Hi-Five to all who do! ✋

Rose McGowan has her Sagittarius Moon and Lilith conjunct Galactic Centre.

Galactic Centre is notorious for the astrology of Whistleblowers; Sagittarius burns with the truth. Often a foot-in-mouth sort of character. Sometimes, the voice of God/Goddess.
This place is the hand that turns our galaxy… the movement of this moment.

The Moon is about Womankind; the phases of womanhood, motherhood, childhood, and our Soul: the rhythm of life, itself. Period, period-blood. The Womb. It’s about home, sanctuary, intimacy, embodiment, and feelings. It is reflective – but on a mass scale, in a situation like this, we might simply say it’s about “Women”.

Lilith is about Independence from the Patriarchy, and crimes against women and children – she is untameable. She has been demonised by you-know-who.
Once the war is over, she is pure, primal, uninhibited creative and sexual expression.
These days, she is known as a dark-goddess no-one wants to touch. The buried one. Silenced, yet screaming if you are pushed too far away from life, and can hear her at the ends of the earth. Caged. Misrepresented. Erased, almost.
There is an image, here, that reminds me of what she is.  The first image.

The Voice of the Universe is *literally* speaking through Rose, right now, because Galactic Centre is presently being *activated* by Transiting Lilith, herself, and Transiting Saturn; which aids in manifesting Lilith’s authority, embodiment, and voice.
This is Mature Lilith.
Real Lilith.
When all the women started speaking up about the TRUTH behind the Hollywood Mirror, I commented that I could hear “Lilith conjunct Galactic Centre”… I got a thrill.
Lilith/Saturn and Galactic Centre are also getting a little *electrifried* by a trine from revolutionary Uranus in Aries, and, as part of a GRAND FIRE TRINE with the North Node in Leo, Destiny is involved. Our future is here. Our moment has arrived – if we keep the spotlight ON.

Powerful women (Lilith), supported by Reality (Saturn), Revolution (Uranus), and Destiny (North Node): ladies, our time has come.


Other notable astrology of the moment is Jupiter just switching over to Scorpio – Jupiter is BIG, and EDUCATIONAL, and Scorpio is sexual, deep, power-engaged, and mysterious… combine the two.
Jupiter in Scorpio is ruled by soothsayer, Sagittarius, so as the Cosmic-Clock moves, so too, will the story of earth: stay present, and engaged in your Truth and your Mystery.
You might even *shock* yourself!
Jupiter in Scorpio is also influenced by Pluto, who is in Capricorn: this astrological coming-of-age is HUGE.
Saturn activates Galactic Centre only every thirty years.

And a shorter, yet *active* transit of the last few days, is MARS (sexuality, passion, strength) opposite CHIRON (#ouch).

And an ever shorter astrological moment, is Venus conjunct SUPER Galactic centre; this one is from late-Virgo to early Libra. Venus here, has the deepest Heart: she’s a Healer of galactic proportions.
Mars is slowly but surely on his way there. Any day, now.

Revolutionary Rose is also about to have her Lilith Return, and Saturn transit her Moon.
Sister-witch Alyssa Milano has her Sun conjunct Galactic Centre; Alyssa started the hashtag #MeToo on twitter, so the world could see the Truth.
So the world could Witness.

Alyssa’s the Light. Rose is the Night.
Both of them are having Lilith and Saturn come round for a visit…

What this astrology means for Rose, is that she is literally the EMBODIMENT of the TRUTH of NOW. When Saturn hits her Moon, this can be a challenging time, emotionally, OR, she may just get realer.

During my Lilith Return, I wrote this: although I hate the powerless image the editor chose to accompany it. Very *soft*, small, and *non-threatening*.
I had no intention of being “threatening” – only real.

Alls I know, is that Rose is embodying her Destiny: Capricorn North Node gets shit done. It’s the Chief.

North Node on the cusp of the 8th House: she’ll make a powerful boss. An excellent investigator and dismantler of the patriarchy, as she reclaims female power from its ruins.

Goddess (Lilith) vs The Patriarchy (Saturn)


Rose is Goddess speaking.

She’s an apocalypse.
Oh yeah; and her Venus is tightly conjunct Uranus. She’s so unusual… 😉 Definitely a female revolutionary. An ingenious Venus. Artistic, Awakening.
“Shocking Pink” – I think she once said…