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It used to be liberation of the mind from Maya… simply, from the ego of the self, and the ego of others.

But now – for whatever reason – it is about more than just that: it is about liberation from a global agenda, as well.

Liberation from The Matrix – which was created within Maya.
A lie on top of a lie.

(Maya is not a ‘lie’ like you might think; it’s not ‘evil’, it was meant to be fun… Maya is the canvas… No canvas, no picture! No form, no party.)

The lie was created by egos that take everything so seriously; “THIS is reality: I am your god, you are my slave.” – and other egos believe it.

If they are allowed to destroy, enslave, and rape, why are we not allowed to create, liberate, and protect?

If they are allowed to say No, why are we not allowed to say NO, back!

Maya has many interpretations, but it is more than a word; Maya is the Dancing Canvas. It is everything that you think is real, that is really just a show.
If you can be *in* the show, *and* watching the show “at the same time”, you have become awakened; enlightened; liberated from Maya.
Non-participation is not necessary, while you are here.
Peace on the Mountain is a life-style choice.
But you are where you are; you have awakened where you are.

The Matrix is the Labyrinth of Confusion: Maya Central!

Again; be in the Matrix, but not of it.
“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…” (Illuminati joke)

But now, this game is hurting people. It was already hard to remember we were just visiting, but now, our reality has been hijacked, and the controls put in place are deliberately designed to prevent us from Oak-ing… (Dear Acorn…)

Now, who, or what, is this control?


That’s right; the good ol’ Wizard of Oz.