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You will need sage, salt, lavender oil, herbal tea, rescue remedy, journal, water…

First, the talking stick.
Scroll down to the bullet-points to go directly to care.

Kali Yuga
is a crazy time… the dark-age of man. There aren’t many real grown-ups, here, on Earth.
When you need someone to hold-space for you to express yourself safely, you’re usually met with a “what about me!”

In that way, no one is ever heard; you shrink, and the other person becomes repelling.
Or, there’s fighting.

Space is feminine… a woman holds inside her body, *space* for new life. It’s a sharing quality that creation gave to her. In a world that suppresses the Goddess, there is *no space*… every void is filled, and people don’t know how to listen, and just sit with the sounds and the silence of creation.

But the ancient tribes of earth knew what was up…

Soul Retrieval  by Sandra Ingerman

            Imagine yourself sitting in a circle with members of your community. You have gathered together to support one community member who is suffering from a traumatic experience. You know that if one person is suffering and is ill it effects the entire community. So you have come to help hold the space for healing to happen.
            It is dark and the stars are shining bright in the night sky. The air is still. Everyone feels held in the loving arms of the universe and there is no doubt that healing will happen for all gathered here.

So when someone comes along and says: “what about me!”, they are not being a member of the community. They are penetrating the atmosphere of healing with individual ego-force – and their behaviour is leaking childhood-wounds. All over everyone.

Being a female is not divisive; it’s a fact of life.
In tribes, there was women’s business, and men’s business, and each one respected the other; it’s how they got shit done.

You would think that we were evolved enough to utilise the technology we have, to advance our communications – but the human-race is stuck in its infancy; it’s reactive. It imagines intonation in the written-word. It argues with itself, on your posts: commonly known as projection.
You would think that we were evolved enough to mingle women’s business, and men’s business, and that it would help us learn about each other, and respect each other – but that can never happen if people don’t know how to listen.

Not everyone has your life.
Not every girl has brothers, sons, a father, or knows men.
Some people have no family, or have been betrayed by it.

#RoseArmy and #MeToo are working on some world-changing things… that you are a part of.
This movement is about women; woman-led. If women hadn’t spent their lives working for this (without pay), enough to gather in unvanquishable number, in the face of adversity, criticism, attack, and interruption, there would be no *spotlight* for anyone to be heard in, in this moment.
Ladies, first.
Just like chess; there are rules.
And we are in a patriarchy; everything has to be tactical.



This Goddess-Moment does not want to be your mother. That’s Lilith (currently conjunct Galactic Centre).
She might want to be your Lover, your sister, your friend – she might not. How can she if you act like her child?
If you don’t behave as her equal?
Men can totally share their #MeToos; they are simply joining in, as equals.

Hear that? *So* Happy “ppl r waking up!” Don’t hurt Corey with your low-vibrations.

Anyone saying “what about me!”, or “what about men!”, or “this is a divisive psy-op!”, is behaving like a child.

Let women gather, and get organised.
Support them, or leave them alone. Show some respect.

You, child, come next.

Once women have regained the power that was stolen from them, she won’t forget about you. Her nature is sharing – despite your individual experiences.
This planet belongs to women.
Mother Earth is a mother.

There are mothers around who actually LIVE for the chance to mother someone; bring her a gift, respect her, and invite or ask her to take you under her wing.
Women should respect women’s right to not want to be mothers while they deal with their own pain. They need to stay *focussed*.
Knowing where you fit is the best self-care you can do; same as knowing where you don’t fit.

Rose McGowan has been working on her #RoseArmy for at least two years that I know of.
I’ve been working on sexual education and human liberation my whole life, and have really thrown myself in, in the last 5 years, after my last rape completely destroyed my life.  Slaving away. Dying, slowly.

Tarana Burke started a MeToo movement, 10 years ago, that has now joined forces with Alyssa’s latest one. No-one owns the expression: ‘Me, too’. It’s the most universal and unifying concept in human experience: affinity.
The origin story is sad; Tarana was a camp counsellor, and a girl confided in her about her stepfather graphically sexually abusing her, and Tarana stopped her short, sent her to someone else, and couldn’t bring herself to say: “Me too”.
“The look on that girl’s face,” she said, “The shock of being rejected, the pain of opening a wound only to have it abruptly forced closed again — it was all on her face,” she wrote.

That’s what people are doing to one another online; only you don’t get to see the shock on the faces of the ones you hurt with your words.
How can you know what you’ve done.

Since the MeToos, you now know, without a doubt, that the world is no longer on your shoulders: you can take a break, and know that a member of the Rose Army, or a MeToo, will take the nightshift, the dayshift, or the weekend, and you can have rest.
As long as you come back when you’re ready, the spotlight on this stays ON.


Rando Shakti on the internet

Things you’ll need: salt, sage, lavender, rose petals, rose water, water, colloidal gold, superhero art, womb-book, rescue remedy, herbal tea, essential oils, journal, blanket,

* Mass Soul-Retrieval means you are definitely not alone. Take Heart.
* take a walk along the ocean shore
* take a bath with epsom salts, and lavender oil, and rose petals
* even take a footbath
* add some rescue remedy to a bath, or your bottle of water
* sage your space, or make a spray with white sage essential oil and rose water – or any others you like. Being creative brings your power on!
* drink some green tea, or herbal tea at sunset (or whenever)
* make an aura spray with rose water and colloidal gold – add anything you like
* wrap yourself in a light-blanket; over your head, around your ears, across your body, and tuck your feet in, if you want: cocoon
* steam under a towel, over a pot of boiled water; use a drop of eucalyptus oil
* wear your Sunday-best – celebrate!
* drop of rose oil over your Heart
* self-massage any areas you can reach – make a massage oil to remind you of this Mass Soul-Retrieval
* practical thinking: connect with counsellors, astrologers, psychologists, naturopaths, homoeopaths, aromatherapists, doctors, masseurs, yoga classes, the swimming pool, and get your mind.body.spirit aligned.
* Make lists
* Matangi Mudra (or your favourite mudra)
* commit to yourself – anything is possible, now
* connect with other MeToos, and if you have suggestions for where to go from here, get in touch with Rose, Tarana and Alyssa, or just keep an eye on them
* write in a journal – or a blog. Or social media. Wherever you feel like expressing yourself.
* Join my group
* dance, sing, use your voice!
* Yoga Nidra: a gift for the nervous system. I Love this, and you can sample one of my favourites, here.
* if you’re rich, commission an artists rendition of you, as a superhero. I had one made, once, and it was so incredible to see a picture of my soul, compared to what only the camera sees…

Mardi Weaver

Imagining I am that toned gives me strength. lol. It retrieves my Soul, after all I’ve lost. It looked *so much* like my photos; except: cartoon. 😉 Incredible.



5 responses

  1. Coyote from Orion

    I like your leadership. Once more expressed in a way answering questions as they arose. It is a long journey. No fast food solutions.
    Bless you and good luck through this very weird spring in this very weird city.

    October 24, 2017 at 12:52 am

    • Thanks, Coyote ~ I just want us all to be Liberated, and live and create in a better, funner world where people don’t *want* to die! lol xx

      Enjoy your day ~ Corey is so Happy. 🙂

      October 24, 2017 at 1:09 am

      • Coyote from Orion

        Summer will be here soon… and the time will be right (for dancing in the street).

        October 24, 2017 at 1:22 am

  2. Hey Iris 💓 I just tweeted on my Twitter I hope your advice hits all the right sources who need to read your soulful message. Thank you 🌹 I loved it!!!

    November 4, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    • Hi, Sweetie! ❤ Thanks for bringing more Love and Pleasure into the world! xo

      November 18, 2017 at 7:58 am

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