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Anahata chakra, the Heart chakra, is the seat of balance within the body.
It is the Sacred Meeting place of Rising, and Descending; ma and pa cosmos.
The Alchemy of Matter and Spirit; material essence, and spiritual awareness, unified.


“Anahata chakra has twelve vermillion petals. The Yantra in the centre of the chakra is composed of two overlapping, intersecting triangles.

One triangle, facing upward, symbolizes Shiva, the male principle.
The other triangle, facing downward, symbolizes Shakti, the female principle.
A balance is attained when these two forces are joined in harmony.”
~ http://www.tantra-kundalini.com/anahata.htm




Sperm + Egg = You

Sperm + Egg = You

Sex is the Root of ALL Life.

Relationship; Union; Generation.

It is the condition of our sexuality that creates the condition of our society and quality of our Lives; unconscious sex = unconscious life.
and ∞ vice-versa

Destructive sex ∞ Destructive Energy ∞ Destructive Lives

Nurturing Sex/Sexuality ∞ Nurturing Lives

Sexual Wholeness ∞ A Life of Wholeness

Powerful Sex ∞ Powerful People
Polluted Sex ∞ Toxic People

It really is, what should be tended, if we wish for the Tree of Our Civilisation to fruit and flower – or we, as a people, won’t be able to breathe.

The Secret to our Sexuality, is in its POWER to Illuminate the Mind, and charge the being into a creative, tuned-in and turned-on expression of the Universe.
aka NOT an obedient slave.

From the coccyx bone, up the spine, and into the brain;
A pillar of Electric-Light encased in a Sensuality Suit.

* Religious Oppression ( -ah, SEX *IS* GOD)
* Sexual Manipulation through Media
* Pretend “education systems” – ALL the emphasis is on the monkey-MIND
(distraction; occupation; distraction; occupation)
* Unconscious Parents and Teachers
* Bad Habits/Traditions
* Unconsciousness


A: It’s the sexually-charged electricity that turns the Lightbulb on, in the mind.

Without it; darkness.

Keeping sexuality oppressed, polluted, divided, confused, and manipulated is in the best interests of The Global Slavery System.

Broken Lightbulbs.

Seeking LIGHT outside themselves.

Sex (generally) creates a pleasure-positive charge that can be used to counteract negative charges, stored in the body; this is sometimes why sexual cravings can turn a dark corner.

What people get up to, in private, consensual environments, usually has to do with the alchemy of transforming negative charges, into positive ones.

Shadows, into the Light.

Suffering and Silence, into Ecstasy and Expression.

<Contraction> to Expansion ~*

The other shadow of sex, is not consensual – it’s not about relationship – and it is about power, and severe mental illness.
The most unconscious of all.
Walking Beasts.
The kind with no predator.

SEXUALITY is not a mental concept; it doesn’t live solely in the Mind.
‘God’ (Shiva) is in the Mind, (pineal gland; often asleep)
‘Goddess’ (Shakti) is in the hips (dancing, electric; sensual aliveness)

SEXUALITY is a complete experience, that uses ALL the senses, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
~ and sometimes that extra one… *~ Phenomena ~*
SENSES are our Windows from our inside to the outside… the meeting place. Tantra.

SEX is Love’s Reunion with itself.

SHAKTI is your aliveness…

This world needs some serious Relationship Education; but only the Conscious are paying attention.

Do I believe in Utopia?
Well, I come from there, so…
I know it’s possible.

HOWEVER – I find myself, in a Foreign Place… with Aliens, to whom I am also the Alien.
But they don’t understand me, like I understand them…
Alas; we SHARE Reality.

Currently Brought to You by Ignorance and Obedience.
“Whoever Controls the Media, Controls the Mind” ~ Jim Morrison

So… I will use MY MEDIA to *GUIDE* The Mind of Society.

I will not even go into the science of it; but our Lips are Sensors.
They READ… The inner lips explore their environment; from the time we are babies, and we put everything against the soft part of our mouths: TASTING LIFE. Sensing Life. Our mouth, our lips; our technology, sending information to the nervous system, to the brain…

Not to mention the pleasure… 🙂
Which, flickers the lightbulb in the mind – we want that!

SEX is a Language of Life, itself.

Do you want YOUR sexuality to be dictated by Unconscious History? By your parents, your teachers, dark society?
Or, do you want to grow up, and make it an expression all of your own… your language.

What turns you on? And WHY:
Do you Love the Fire?
Do you Love the Milk?
The Ice…
Do you Love Space-Exploration, or Gardening The Soul…?
Do You Love to watch *~ POWER ~* Erupt at the touch of your fingertips…

What the Patriarchy is Hiding AND Exploiting:

Mother is The Womb.
Mother, is the Mothership.
The Womb is The Cosmic Portal, through which we all arrive; don’t you think, that it’s actually rather logical to Worship the Womb of society? The Women, The Mothers?
Not the Patriarchal God that Heads all Religion, and DICTATES, from an invisible realm?
Looking out into Space… it is expansive, just like a Womb.
What is a *~ star ~* without a Universe to put it in…

If only society could see how beautiful Women/Wombs are when they Flower… The Perfume of Love fills the world.

Even if her womb is damaged –
Even if her womb is a ghost…
Even if she is not a Mother to embodiments, she is Mother to creation, to society, to projects, to the world.

If there is or was, something wrong with your Mother, it stems from her damage; for not being valued, for being treated badly, once upon a time, for being born into a lineage of women shaped by men… and carrying all that aboard her Mothership.
If she was hurt, and never healed, well – she was just your unconscious Captain. And that deserves a thank you.

How comfortable are we with our own Power, embodied?
Your Body is the Womb of your Soul.