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What is the Reason for Rape?

A young woman asked a very good question at the “Youth and Truth” sessions with Sadhguru.

My comment on the article is below her question; I have quoted Sadhguru from the article, above.

Q: Sir, we portray our India as a woman and call her “Mother India”. Yet we see many rape cases, even in which we see a man raping his own mother, daughter or sister. What drives a man with such madness of pleasure to do such an inhuman act?

The guy goes crazy.

If he thinks nobody is watching, he will pounce on somebody.

…you must understand that in a rape case, the only witness is almost always the victim. If you guarantee to a rapist that, if you rape and get caught, you will hang for sure, what do you think he will do? He will eliminate that only witness.

If he was in the village, then by eighteen, nineteen he would be married to somebody. Now he has no hope. He is simply there, and he will do wild things. This is the nature of a human being, we must understand.

The woman has asked the question, because she is *not* inhuman; she is not like this.
It is not her nature to be “feral”.

Wild with wonder, and passion, and creativity, and Love, perhaps – but she is not a rapist, or a killer, by nature.

Here, Sadhguru paints a picture of man as a “Wild, feral, hormonal rapist and murderer, by nature.”
And we are told he is “just a man” – or a boy, even, and to NOT BE AFRAID. Even Sadhguru sounds afraid! His first thought, is: “Do not guarantee to a rapist that they will be punished; for he will surely ELIMINATE YOU.”
Rape and Murder you.

Let us not forget that a FATHER who rapes his baby daughter, is not under the influence of Hormones – this is something else, entirely.
A darkness, that us women of the world still have no answer or explanation for – other than Man is, by nature, ‘stupid’, ‘hormonal’, ‘crazy,’ ‘opportunistic’, ‘self-serving’, ‘clueless’, ‘calculating’, ‘reactionary’, ‘murderous’.
That girls and women are better than him; so we will not have equal-partners, but needy-children with scary muscles; as bosses, teachers, parents, friends, and romantic-partners.
“Do not blame the boy-child! He is messed-up; misguided. Misdirected. Unable to think for himself. He is pathetic. Help him; but be careful – he might rape and murder you.”

Men can be MORE than this beast he is portrayed as, in every culture, all over the world. We are Universally Bonded by the fact that it is not “Indian Men” – it is MEN.
Women cannot help him; he rapes and murders her if she tries. Men must help Men.
Help them to R.E.S.P.E.C.T. women.

He goes on to say, that Indian Society had previously planned a boy’s life; your affairs will be settled, you will have a wife.

Man is the perpetual Baby; with his clothes laid-out, and breakfast ready. He does not see nor receive his Mother’s Love; he expects her servitude. She is his slave. Woman is his entitlement.
He is like a fat, pompous king, that feeds only the ego, and his primal nature.

The wife will be the ‘new mother’.

Some of the points he raised are relevant only to Indian Society. And to hormonal boys.

Mother Earth is full of murderous male-rapists who are beyond hormonal years; whose wives give birth to daughters; who have sisters; who were raised in cities.

The way I see it, the majority of the world worships a male-god; this has programmed girls to see men as god-Like.
Boys are not programmed to see girls and women as god-Like: it is imbalanced.
She automatically respects him; he automatically does not respect her.

This young woman’s question holds the key:
It is called “Mother India”, but She and her daughters are disrespected.

The further India moves from its Goddess roots, the stupider it’s men become.

Girls and women need to see Man for what he really is; not “god-Like”, but exactly as Sadhguru describes: FERAL AND DANGEROUS.

Om Shakti
Om Shanti


Trolling Dead Girls

I just thought I’d take a moment out of my life, to illuminate, that even after being raped, tortured, and murdered, girls and women are STILL abused. Even in their death.
Even after they’ve been ROBBED of their LIFE.
How low, can you go, humanity.

In the news of the two latest dead girls I’ve heard of – that I did not go looking for – the memorial site of Melbourne Comedian, Eurydice Dixon, was vandalised. That is, after she was already raped, and murdered by some big fat man.

Another is the Instagram of a 16 Year Old Girl. Tortured & Murdered by her LOSER 34 year old “boyfriend” – what kind of inadequate grown male “dates” a 16 year old girl??
Who has the life-experience, and responsibility, here?

A Teenage Girl’s body does not belong to anyone but her.
Her body is changing, she is embarking upon the slow, foreign bloom into womanhood.
Any adult knows this; if she’s posting “pretty pictures” on instagram, that’s her, exploring her own sexuality. It’s not for you.
Any adult knows, that insecurity fuels the need to be told you’re beautiful.
Every Body wants to feel Loved.
Daughter of a widowed dad, this girl had no mother to guide her transition from girl to woman.

And yet, trolls on the internet, with pathological attention-seeking deficit disorders have things like this to say:

trolling dead girls

One troll account named itself after her murderer. She didn’t “accidentally” end up in a barrel.

Children have no sexuality. What do trolls have to say about GROWN MEN that rape, torture, and murder children – and babies?
“What was the Mother doing…?!”
“Why was she wearing…?!”
Why; because men can’t be trusted?
Because men are dangerous, opportunistic, and predatory?
Because we should all expect this behaviour of men?

Some stories I will never tell you, and some pictures I will never show you – you can’t unsee that shit.
You can’t believe how women and children are treated, and what is done to their bodies by “men”.
Strangers – and the men who claimed to Love them.

“Rick and Julene had been worried their son Trent would go to jail after revealing he had a sexual relationship with the 12-year-old and feared that she was pregnant.”
– sexual relationship? Why are you calling it that? With a 12 year old?
Rick was a murderer, and a child rapist.

I wouldn’t have been able to sleep knowing I didn’t say something.
Dead Girls have no voice.