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Just a thought…: Chaos and Harmony

Chaos is blind, but Harmony thinks it beautiful... "Chaos at the Heart of Orion" ~ Hubble/NASA

Chaos is blind, but Harmony thinks it beautiful… “Chaos at the Heart of Orion” ~ Hubble/NASA

(circa August 7, 2010)
Life is about the oscillating choice between these two primal forces.

One is free to choose – Chaos or Harmony?

Choosing both is probably the neutral point of non-dualists, who sit amidst the constant bubbling and erupting energy of these creative primal forces; who are in constant relationship.

Choosing Harmony is not denying Chaos – it is ‘choosing’ Harmony.

The way I see it, Chaos’ default destination is Harmony; and the path of Chaos denies Harmony.

Everything in This Universe that has at once been chaotic, has eventually settled into Harmony (if not, it is inert, arrested, or in the process of aligning…)

So, one can choose the path of learning this – and continue to oscillate between faith and separation – or, one can choose Harmony with absolute faith, and just go with the flow… and learn to ride the alignment wave… and admit Chaos. I would reiterate the historical point: “Follow your Bliss”.

Again, I bring it back to “…there is only illumination and ignorance…” (Thank you for that one, Shirley MacLaine – and Guides!). They are in constant relationship, for ignorance receives illumination. Reception is the opportunity for the growth of expansion – is this not the aim of This Universe?

I would say that ‘choosing’ Harmony leads to Illumination; and Chaos, eventually, leads to Harmony.

So, just a thought… what say you – my Divine Counterparts?

*…In La’kesh…*






Once upon a time, we had temples.

In those temples, were the Priests and Priestesses of The Goddess: Creatrix.

For the purpose of this story, we have the Trinity of Innocence, Ignorance, and Illumination:
Civilians; Beasts; and Priests and Priestesses of Creation.

In the time of the wars, the temples were used as a filter; to “de-beast” the bloody before they were allowed back into the villages among the innocent civilian men and women.

Eventually, The Beasts destroyed The Temples, along with the Priests and Priestesses – and everything they stood for.
They raped and pillaged the villages and villagers, breeding in violence, ignorance, chaos, and disorder ~ and a sleepy darkness fell all over the land…

What we have today, is this mess.

We have Civilians and Beasts who think they’re priests/priestesses; Beasts who claim to be Gurus, Holy Men, and Leaders, capitalizing on ignorance; invisible Priests and Priestesses without temples, and without each other – and any other chaos, suspicion, confusion, and undoing you can think of.
– sprinkle a starry-hope of the precious small things of life, in there, too. Civilian life is creative, fun, exciting, unpredictable, and has a lot more *~ expanding ~* to do…

The glorification – and training of – the nature of The Beast in women and men, through television and cinema, mixes the beast in with civilians; Breeding. Possessing. Controlling.
Condoning bad behaviour, and making it appear ‘normal’.

Anyone whole (Holy) is portrayed as Sanctimonious, Vacuous, a Charlatan, or a Loon.

We are the children of this mess:
Children of Priests
Children of Beasts
Our Mothers; of consciousness or unconsciousness.
Wounded, sometimes. Lineages back.

This beast has nothing to do with passion; nothing to do with sensuality; nor anything to do with the liberated ecstasy of the Earth-God, Pan.

This beast is purely reptilian, and in feral, survival mode. Calculating, reactive, ruthless, and manipulative.
(see comments for more on the reptilian brain.)
Survival is not necessary in a thriving, expansive eden of existence… there is Life beyond “Thunderdome”.

We all make our journeys from Innocence to Ignorance, from Innocence to Illumination, and from Ignorance, to Illumination.
There *is* an order.

Astrological Archetypes are a language unto themselves, and contain timeless, cyclic wisdom; The Priest/Priestess of our story is the True Representation of the Star Sign, VIRGO.

The Era of Wars, as the Age of ARIES.
The Earth-God Pan as the Age of TAURUS.
The Age of CANCER as the era of Matriarchal Societies and Cathedrals.

These traditional planetary rulers are:
Virgo: Mercury – “Right-hand of God/Goddess/Sun”, Scribe, Communication of Tantra.
Aries: Mars – Energy, Impulse, Force.
Taurus: Venus – Treasures, Senses, Love, Beauty, Art, Aesthetics.
Cancer: Moon – Roots, Origins, Mother, Home, Womb-Wisdom.

“Bad Leos demand to be treated like royalty.
Good Leos treat others like they were royalty, too.” ~ Christopher Witecki

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” ~ Jim Morrison

“What are you doing, Brahman?
You’re playing Hide and Seek with yourself…” ~ Alan Watts

At least we all have our humanness in common.
And Love, if we can find it.