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Just a thought…: Chaos and Harmony

Chaos is blind, but Harmony thinks it beautiful... "Chaos at the Heart of Orion" ~ Hubble/NASA

Chaos is blind, but Harmony thinks it beautiful… “Chaos at the Heart of Orion” ~ Hubble/NASA

(circa August 7, 2010)
Life is about the oscillating choice between these two primal forces.

One is free to choose – Chaos or Harmony?

Choosing both is probably the neutral point of non-dualists, who sit amidst the constant bubbling and erupting energy of these creative primal forces; who are in constant relationship.

Choosing Harmony is not denying Chaos – it is ‘choosing’ Harmony.

The way I see it, Chaos’ default destination is Harmony; and the path of Chaos denies Harmony.

Everything in This Universe that has at once been chaotic, has eventually settled into Harmony (if not, it is inert, arrested, or in the process of aligning…)

So, one can choose the path of learning this – and continue to oscillate between faith and separation – or, one can choose Harmony with absolute faith, and just go with the flow… and learn to ride the alignment wave… and admit Chaos. I would reiterate the historical point: “Follow your Bliss”.

Again, I bring it back to “…there is only illumination and ignorance…” (Thank you for that one, Shirley MacLaine – and Guides!). They are in constant relationship, for ignorance receives illumination. Reception is the opportunity for the growth of expansion – is this not the aim of This Universe?

I would say that ‘choosing’ Harmony leads to Illumination; and Chaos, eventually, leads to Harmony.

So, just a thought… what say you – my Divine Counterparts?

*…In La’kesh…*






Me too. sigh…

* Start with chocolate ( or coffee – one or the other.)

* Start with your favourite fruit; visualize, taste and smell… The colours! (Purple and Yellow, and pink… Passionfruit!) Surround yourself with the vibration of the colours. Use the essential oils of your favourite fruit.

* Start there; keep it up. WAKE UP your senses… rouse yourself from the concrete dullness of artificial reality…

* Look in to your past, at your happiest times – not dependent on another person, but maybe the weather, the smell of jasmine, the promise of something that you wanted, or were enjoying.
Start with One. Write it down.
Interaction with your environment, with ‘the other’ is beautiful.

* Which music changed, or changes you… listen to them. Write down (so you can SEE) what was going on for you emotionally, at those times… Listen to the music on REALLY GOOD SPEAKERS (wooden), a must. You need to FEEL it, again.

* One or 5 favourite movies? Watch them. Remember why you Love them, and what you Love about them.
Everything you Love about them is for you.

* SIGHT. Beauty. Anything. Art that you Love. Beauty that you like to look at; find something beautiful… Emerald? Lavender? Black Latex! 😉

* Which Season is your favourite? any order – *WHAT* do you LOVE about it…? Colours? Atmosphere? Activities? Write everything down. One word at a time. Then, bubble tangent each word. The answers you are looking for will send you an impulse.

* What did you want to be when you grew up? Why? What next? What is EVERYTHING you have ever wanted be?
List them all, tell yourself why. Ask yourself what steps can you take – TODAY – to get you one step closer to anything you ever wanted to be.

* Are you happy *where* you are? Why not? What is missing? Look at what you want. Research where you will find the things that are missing. Take one step, today, toward to being WHERE you want to be. -create a vision board, so you can LOOK at “where”! (Lucky you if you can draw 😉 )

* How are your foundations? Have you outgrown them? Are they too unstable? Sometimes surrender is all that is left. Things must die for new things to be born. MUST. Acorn to Oak. Compost to new growth.

* What are your dreams…? Bucket List? What would you MAKE SURE you had done before you die. Just ONE thing (keep going if you want).

* *LOOK* for your Bliss, everywhere ~ talk to people that seem golden. Especially 😉 Talk to everyone!

* Enquire to others, what *THEIR* Bliss is… Learn. Ignite. Remind. Be reminded.

* SENSES… Touch beautiful things, Look at Beauty, Smell Beautiful aromas… Taste delicious things! Listen to pleasing sounds… Like, really listen. Allow the vibrations *in*. Chant Sanskrit Mantras – ancient healing, and fine-tuning technology.

* Experiment with combining sensual pleasures. That’s why movies are so nice… combining visuals and sound.
And materials; combining textures and colours… and flowers, combining aroma, colour, texture! Food: aroma, colour, taste!
Combine. Sex combines all the senses at once – why it is so hypnotic and prevalent. If you would like to have sex, you might like to explore how to relate to another person. Look in the mirror. How do you look to you? Like who you are looking for? How do you smell? Are you sensually active? Are you sensually attractive? Are you the 6th sense? Go deeper – what are you attracted to? What qualities do you like in another, what do like in yourself?

* Get a makeover! Get a new haircut, buy a well-fitted or tailored item of clothing. Some solid shoes for a good foundation. Especially city living. Elsewhere ~ just for an occasional night out. Look into doing this once per season. Get rid of old stuff – pass it on to someone else for treasure. OR: find yourself a *uniform* look (all black), and feel secure in that uniform, to go about your Bliss…!

* Eat healthy – smell and taste and feel better.

* If it’s not about sex, define what you *would* find attractive in a sexual partner. ATTRACTION is how you make friends, too 😉
Write it all down, cross it out, start again, say everything that is on your mind – no editing. Look into the symbology of anything that has come up. Comfort? Strength? Teamwork? Those sorts of things. You can tangent bubble each word to find the *answer/s*.

* Write down everything you Love to do *with* a partner. Explore what that means to you.

Say Hi to yourself. 🙂

Look at your Bliss.

“No Man is an Island”.

(so, add things below that might help others Bliss out ~ fruit, flowers, scenery, projects – * 😀 *)