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In 1930, Hollywood – centre for Mind-Control – introduced the “Hays Code”, which censored sexuality in cinema, on the grounds of “immorally influencing the minds of the public” with SEX. 😂

This censorship (along with its Religious origins) actually CREATED and FORTIFIED a split in the human being, between its wholeness, and its sexuality; separating the two.
This is how the billion dollar porn industry was eventually born; through censorship, and suppression, where it was forced underground, and into the dark corners of life where its light became blanketed in guilt and shame… which then expressed itself in twisted ways, due to trying to ‘flip the switch’, and saturate accumulated negatively-vibrating trauma with the positive charge of pleasure (pleasure/pain + trauma/healing HUGE topic).

Sex used to just be a part of the whole experience of being alive; it’s where being alive came from! YOU ARE THE LIVING ORGASM OF THE REUNION OF THE COSMIC MOTHER AND FATHER (whether you like it, or not – that’s your issue.)  

It makes ZERO sense, that one “official” couple fumble around in the dark, until they eventually learn they’re not compatible – or worse; think they have to live like that forever!

Art, education, and entertainment are natural vehicles for the exploration of sexual and sensual delight, that help you learn about yourself, and heal your traumas that were created by the Space Patriarchy, in the first place!

– aside from the Ancient Vedic Art of astrologically aligning partners with such specificity, that they were guaranteed to at least get along – and where a LOVE MARRIAGE always won out, over an arranged one.
Sexual Education of the next-generation was traditionally a WOMAN’S ROLE; the patriarchy needs to get its filthy fingers OFF human sexuality.
Its doing it wrong.

You know why He squashes Her down, century after century…

I’ve said it a MILLION times: the secret to your liberation, is *literally* found in your sexual energy.
UP The spine, ILLUMINATING your brain/mind/consciousness  – which is an EVENT, and not a concept. It’s something that actually happens, that releases you from slavery.
I’m sorry to say: THEY DO NOT WANT THIS FOR YOU. If they did, you would KNOW what Kundalini was, and that it could happen to you!!
When mine rose, that was my first revelation: “why the fuck did no one tell me this could happen?!”

As of the other day, the patriarchal internet plans to censor many of the frequented Social Media sites; Tumblr, Instagram, fb, and it will eventually hunt you down.

Tumblr censorship

“According to the policy, public discussion of “sexual violence and exploitation” is OK, but anything encouraging sex for pleasure between adults is now a bannable offense in public posts.”

Clearly, sex is the worst thing a person can engage in.  

FILE-SHARING was also interrupted by the patriarchy, rather than seeing where that could take us, as a species. It was bringing down the Monopoly of the Media Mind-Control Machine, and making way for the rise of non-curated stories.
SO, they started curating REALITY. 

Whether it’s file-sharing, or sexual pairing, The Goddess LOVES connection, and sharing, the speed of light, electricity, abundance, creativity, and creation…  

Many of you may know, that I left fb in April; I know it owns Insta, but I’ve just been laying low, here, and staying shallow, while I mourn existence, and what has become of the world in my short life.

I express my disdain in short bursts, on Twitter, and MeWe.
Mostly, I seethe.

We are living in a post-MeToo world, and those of us who are SEXUAL HEALERS and EDUCATORS have no platform, no vehicle, and no voice for our work.

Tantric Goddess, Psalm Isadora, who killed herself a while back, once despaired about how fb and twitter classed her HEALING WORK as “sex work” – she wasn’t allowed to advertise any of her stuff on the platforms and to the people that NEED IT, the most.

If you think I’m overreacting, do you think I’ve been overreacting for 9 years?
Or, that maybe, I might just be onto something…?

What you can do right now:
1) If you’re a female who is concerned about this censorship, click  to get on my list by downloading your FREE copy of 5 Rituals for Self-Care – this list is for women, only. Please respect the space we need to talk amongst ourselves. Click here, ladies!

2) If you’re not a female, you can get on my MAIN list, on the homepage of my website, [which has already been banned by fb AND IG DM] where I’ll keep you updated on what we’re doing. Scroll down the page for the sign-up form.

3) Join MeWe, I’m there. It’s like a colourful and fun fb. Private groups, chat, friends and shit.
(I no longer ad friends there, but you can join my astro-group to find me)

TRANSFER any of your Goddess or Sexy groups over to that site. Bring your friends. It’s a party.

Freedom still exists there, (for now). They are a smaller company, so it will take them longer to embrace censorship. Move quickly, gather your tribes.

4) Read the articles on my blog (here!) for more info on Sex, Censorship, and the Silverscreen.
– Give me a minute; everything I do as a Public Service, I do with c-ptsd from rape trauma, whilst reccurringly homeless.
Yes; I hate earth, and want to leave, asap.
Why would I want to stay anywhere the GODDESS LIFE-FORCE is enslaved??

Only men are allowed to make $ off women’s bodies and energy – the women, themselves, are not! 

Ergo: homeless. Dependent. Enslaved. And forced into unsafe conditions.  

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE; I’ve always been generous, that way.


Some of my later posts are *so* PTSD; I apologise.
There is a lot “in between the lines”; she just assumes you “get it” – and sometimes extra details and links in the comments.

I had *so* much to say; I’ve just not been able to get it out, in time.






* The Alphabet vs The Goddess by Dr. Leonard Shlain
* Sex at 24 Frames per Second
(Click *tiny blue link*, top LEFT)

No sex, please, we’re beholden to our advertisers.



* please note, I am not addressing any criminal or abusive topics related to this subject. Tribal Lore, or a matriarchy, would never tolerate such garbage in the first place. 


2 responses

  1. “…Then, one day after I published a story about Alex Vartman’s “The New Tantra” sex cult my entire account is shut down. All of a sudden the copyright image violation that Tobias didn’t care about is the reason. All of a sudden Medium doesn’t allow stories about “individuals.” All of a sudden the reports in my journalistic stories that they had read previously were a problem because they were “unsubstantiated.” Medium can shut you down for whatever reason they want. And they can use any excuse they want to do so.

    Earlier in the day before Medium shut down my account I launched this platform, The Guru. My articles will have a permanent home here. Yet, in the sake of the public interest Medium should restore my account under the agreement I no longer post there. Tens of thousands of people are being denied crucial information about these dangerous predators.”

    December 17, 2018 at 8:32 am

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