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People would sooner believe in the Law of Attraction, than they would in actual INTERFERENCE.

But if *you* have experienced this, you will know.

It’s very easy to become paranoid, or to feel like this is a way for people to avoid accountability for their actions – 

But if *you* have experienced this, you will know.

And if something *has* happened to you, that has altered the course of YOUR life, this *could* just be medicine for your Life.

“Because hostile hyperdimensional forces have a vested interest in the Matrix Control System, they go to extraordinary lengths to suppress any destabilizing factors that could disrupt their food supply. Anyone who starts the process of waking up and regaining personal power and freedom is immediately targeted. The targeting aims to put him or her back to sleep, render him powerless, or make him or lose faith in continuing his path.

When a personal impulse toward freedom occurs, an equal and opposite impulse is set into motion, attracting to the target various negatively synchronistic opportunities to engage in vibe-lowering experiences to offset his impulse toward freedom. These include situations that aim to induce fear, distraction, suffering, doubt, depression, indulgence in lower impulses, and self-serving behavior.

Sometimes this phenomenon arises naturally from the law of inertia (occult and karmic laws) while other times there is intentional and active amplification of this counter-impulse by negative hyperdimensional forces to disarm the threat before he gains more power.

Other methods of suppression include sabotaging and distracting a targeted individual via people around him who are open to direct manipulation. Anyone who fails to be fully conscious in the present moment can be a puppet for as long as his or her attention is elsewhere. Lapses of attention are enough for a subconsciously implanted impulses to result in regrettable words or actions.

Most people in this world place no priority on awareness or attentiveness, and instead live life in a semi-conscious dream state that makes them very prone to being pawns of the Matrix Control System. Some are born with insufficient levels of individualized consciousness to ever experience a lucid moment, and it is these who form the primary class of “Matrix agents,” the rest of us functioning as agents only part of the time when we fail to watch ourselves. Due to the plethora of spiritually asleep people in the population, the Matrix Control System has no problem finding chess pieces to maneuver into place around a target.”

~ Tom Montalk

#matrix #agents #interference 

* I intend to transfer all my articles and work, over the years, from fb to my blog. You might remember I had planned to do this since “Mary Magdalene and The Age of Virgo”.
Since this is also taken from fb, there are additional links and comments in the thread; I’ll put them in the comments, here. I’ll have to get permission from people to publish their comments. But this will be a work in progress.  


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  1. 1. I just came across this quote, today, but it stuck with me; so this is the first I have heard from him.

    So I have not watched these (and if they suck, I might delete them – 😛 )

    But sharing them:

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwwdZhNNVCE

    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oosh9AVSnbU

    4. https://mardishakti.wordpress.com/2015/05/25/who-is-maya/

    Public Comments: (P:)

    P: I’ve wondered all my life if I wasn’t jinxed this could possibly explain

    Following Moira: It’s a blessing of clarity.

    It’s helpful to know that injustice is a real thing.

    P: yah and to stop condemning ourselves to the point of paralysis. I mean, yes, we all perpetuate the system in one way or another and throughout the course of our lives, BUT we are also products of what is being done TO us and THAT should allow us to show ourselves (and others) some mercy. We must wake up, fix ourselves enough to move forward and come together to conquer whoever "they" are!

    P: Wooooow…interesting to reflect and recognise. Things keep on happening to throw me off my path, but the 'wake up' niggle is constant – I guess it never manages to put me fully back to sleep, it just distracts me from fully realising, on the material level, what I know to be true, and right.

    Following Moira: It definitely helps to illuminate this particular tactic… now we know, we are forewarned; even after the fact…

    P: So THATS what's been happening to me!

    Following Moira: That's EXACTLY what I said when I read it, P: l!

    P: Seriously! People may think it sounds insane but there is no other way to explain it once you've vetted out all the other options while working on oneself and getting through some of the craziest sh*t I've ever experienced!

    Following Moira: Agree.

    I've even written about some of the experiences of it in the book, but even MORE came, after I'd finished writing it.

    I've always kept an open-mind; "Maybe; maybe not…"

    But this is the one thing I kind of… refused to really 'accept'.

    But then, it is also SO damaging when new-agers insist that "it's a lesson", or "you must have something to learn from it!", or "you must have *attracted* it, somehow…" but NO: It's INTERFERENCE.

    And on a more personal level, I lost a lot of bright, creative, and sensitive people to heroin; and it was an unlikely sequence of events… like I say, above, about accountability, it just never sat right with me, and I always felt that something had gone "wrong".

    It's one of the major things I refused to see back in the days I had been sucked into the cult; who were 'they', and what was their agenda…?

    But, sadly, I have also witnessed sudden mood-changes and darker impulses surfacing in some people, when I've been with them… a great feeling of un-safety and unpredictability.

    Following Moira: And, I mean – what amount of PROTECTION can an individual *possibly* employ?!

    Towerbusters, orgone devices, crystals, violet flames…!

    P: Just look at the world today and all the egregious acts of violence and corruption. I spent a lot of time saying to myself "something's not right here. We can't possibly be this outta control within humanity"

    P: Right???!! I've wondered that myself! I don't think we are powerless because I went through some serious internal stuff and came out okay! I realized this CANT be who I am!

    Following Moira: And you are SO right.

    P: It's just hard with no definitive answers from Spirit! Someone to tell us the truth from the other side, because we know there's something amiss

    Following Moira: Details would be GOOD! lol

    Luckily, my Nanna sent me a few messages from the other-side, after she left…

    The Astral Plane is also a very enlightening place; just be wary of INTERFERENCE. 😉

    I hate the BS about you created it.
    Matrix aggressors seem to love to say…
    "You're such a victim aren't you"…
    However they really *can* victimize others,
    and their scorn is part of their pleasure.
    AND… they reserve the right to play "the victim" card.

    Awakening to realize "all this" is essential for being able to operate here.

    KNOWING …*this*…
    is not about validating being a victim,
    but about knowing how not to be victimized.
    Such knowledge does not keep people caught by feeling they are supposed to be "nice" to those using them.
    "Feeding" is exactly the right word.

    P: Well said…. I find i need to break it down
    to really pay attention.

    Some are born with insufficient levels
    of individualized consciousness
    to ever experience…
    a lucid moment,
    and it is these who form the primary class of “Matrix agents,”

    The rest of us functioning as agents only part of the time when we fail to watch ourselves.

    Due to the plethora of
    spiritually asleep people in the population,
    the Matrix Control System
    has no problem finding chess pieces to maneuver into place around a target."

    I had writings similar to this long before the movie came out.

    People who had read some of my writings
    told me I needed to see the movie

    THIS writing is very similar to one I wrote…

    I have not heard of Tom Montalk…
    I will be checking out who he is…

    Following Moira: Some of his vids on this thread x

    P: Yes… I also went to his web page.
    I am thinking there are a number of people who "got" the same information,
    before the internet, finding others was much more difficult.
    Even so, this is the first I have heard of him.
    The video I saw, is presenting what to many would be complex ideas, but it seems they are presented with clarity.
    At the same time, as I said, I think they are not "new" ideas.
    Probably such things need to arise inside first… and then hearing what others say, becomes a validation of what MUST …. first come from inside.
    The movie… THE MATRIX … perhaps would not have had the impact it did, had there not been many responding.
    I also can see how the darkness reacted to it by creating more ***darkness***,
    to prevent more from waking up.

    Following Moira: AGREE!

    P: The Walking Dead of Patriarchy.

    July 13, 2018 at 4:22 pm

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