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Hollywood and the Collective Consciousness

Sex Censorship

I’d like to talk about The Hays Code.

“If motion pictures present stories that will affect lives for the better, they can become the most powerful force for the improvement of mankind…”

Here, we openly acknowledge the potential for psychic influence, manipulation, and mind control.

“Hence, though regarding motion pictures primarily as entertainment without any explicit purpose of teaching or propaganda, they know that the motion picture within its own field of entertainment may be directly responsible for spiritual or moral progress, for higher types of social life, and for much correct thinking.”

Whose thinking?

“Mankind has always recognized the importance of entertainment and its value in rebuilding the bodies and souls of human beings.

But it has always recognized that entertainment can be a character either HELPFUL or HARMFUL to the human race, and in consequence has clearly distinguished between:

a. Entertainment which tends to improve the race, or at least to re-create and rebuild human beings exhausted with the realities of life; and

b. Entertainment which tends to degrade human beings, or to lower their standards of life and living.

Hence the MORAL IMPORTANCE of entertainment is something which has been universally recognized. It enters intimately into the lives of men and women and affects them closely; it occupies their minds and affections during leisure hours; and ultimately touches the whole of their lives. A man may be judged by his standard of entertainment as easily as by the standard of his work.

So correct entertainment raises the whole standard of a nation.

Wrong entertainment lowers the whole living conditions and moral ideals of a race.”


The following are the seeds of the stories that have calculatingly manipulated the collective-mind since storytelling was harnessed on the silver screen; along with the psychological aftermath of these themes that have been magnified by their sojourn in the shadows.

Exclusion – regulation by agenda – thereby ‘created’ the shadow: it empowered the imaginary ‘devil’ in the dance of duality.

Let the projector shed some Light on a shady subject!


Crowd Control:
To this day, the most prevalent tv shows are about Law, Order, and courtroom shenanigans.
“OBEY” is the message.
The LAW is watching – they’ll get you!
These days, they protect the corporations from YOU!

(I may as well just quote the entire plot of THEY LIVE ~ lol  )



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