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TRIBAL DANCE WORKSHOP: “The Love Dance with Ourselves” *Guest Post by Rebecca Cook*

Sacred Sexuality ~ The Love Dance with Ourselves
by Rebecca Cook

We are Sacred Sexual beings, we were created this way. To make manifest our greatest and highest selves. To be the best we can be … which has nothing to do with being in a relationship … or having sex. It means, as a woman, to honor the sacred feminine within, the Sacred Goddess within our deepest internal space, and whatever that means for us personally. You may choose to be in a sexual relationship, or you may choose not to. There is no right or wrong to any type of relationship. Whatever you choose and what is your own intent is that which we all need to be aware of.

Being clear of your own intentions towards yourself, and your choices, empowered as a woman to do your own thing, whatever that is, and  being clear on your intent towards others, your partner , or loved ones. Allowing yourself to be who you are in your highest form…. And being aware that that can change at times too. And that’s ok.

Who am I ….

what do I stand for…

what is my purpose on the world,

I recognize that I create my own happiness, my own highest good. And the good of all my loved ones, for our tribe, for the good of all humanity. We all want this, surely?

Allow unfoldment in your life, not control, gentle unfoldment, acceptance of your own truth and how that expands.

Being totally honest with yourself is the way to higher consciousness, unfolding as a rose, from bud to fullest flower.

Your feminine power is a well of delicious beauty and wholeness, ready for you to activate and dive into, without fear. The fire at the base chakra of your being, is the Kundalini rising, and as a whole the power of all women is being felt in the world for our healing qualities. The time of honoring the Goddess, the great Mother, is now ~ And the feminine force of the great SHI in all of us. Long before Christianity, the Great Goddess was revered:
”A Woman Warrior was honored and valued, member of the tribe, as all Women were, as an aspect of the Great Mother.” ~ Lynne Sinclair Wood… I love that  that … “As all women were….”

The sacred and ancient expression of dance, is both sensual, and sexual, tuning in to the beat of the music, the beat of the divine, the heart beat of the Mother Earth, and the Wildness of Father Sky..… Creation itself~~~ is sexual ~ How can it not be? Male and Female ~ The God and The Goddess … Shiva and Shakti …. Celebrate who you are as a sexual and  sensual being~~~ with and in no fear ~ only Love.

 In Ancient times, the Women danced for other women purely as an expression of Femininity and their own empowerment ~~ don’t we women love to dance…  some sensual drum beats, fine music, and we women start to move … and get it on … this happens in all cultures across the world … for the pure joy of it …this is how we honor the feminine force sometimes without even realizing it.

So realize and release this joy, with intent, and honor your Sacred sexuality with the Tribal Dance.


Dance, when you’re broken open;
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off;
Dance in the middle of the fighting;
Dance in your blood;
Dance, when you’re perfectly free.


Rebecca Cook~


2 responses

  1. Anders Roth

    The ongoing dance. And all the dancers … oh oh oh … come and go 🙂

    March 18, 2015 at 8:28 am

    • Come and go, come and go… ❤

      March 21, 2015 at 1:33 pm

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