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DISCLAIMER: there are many articles on “conscious sexuality” out there, raising passionate debate and heated outrage in the name of ‘sexism’. It is my finding, that people who ark up about the “equality of the sexes”, have yin and yang planets in harmonious or unified aspects. In their world, the sexes are equal. There is also a breed of genderless people; Androgynous, Angelic, Alien – they also have these yin and yang planetary placements. So, to you, I say: you are not my “target” audience. You may read my articles with yin and yang eyes, and find yourself amidst its wisdom, and add your own in any of the comments. This is Tantra: getting to know people who are not you.


These Symbols, written in the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, transcend the limits of our Language… Hint: they are NOT 2D. The River… between them… is The Sacred Middle. Tantra.


In other people’s worlds, the sexes aren’t always ‘equal’, they are complementary; two halves, in teamwork. (-and “she” can “wear the pants”. Too. Some heterosexual-couples might even identify as lesbians, unbeknownst to you – especially with Venus, Moon, or Psyche contacts.) There are EXTREME masculine and/or feminine people in the world, who want to understand each other, and be in relationship with one another, who have been split in half by aliens/religion/tradition/society/nature/ – whatever – and do not have harmonious yin and yang planets/psychology. In these articles, mostly, I see over 90% of Women trying to educate men on how to be in relationship/s with them; failed Love has turned her Humanitarian. Her Lover is so far away (in distance and consciousness), that everyone is caught in her beam. I see public lectures to useless old boyfriends who refused to *~ EXPAND ~* “Female Teachers” are, in fact, a Yin/Yang. Teaching, and Illumination, are Active, Yang Energies. Giving.


Not 2D

As are Male Students: “receptive”… Yin Men. Because – classically – Men are Mars, and Women are Venus, and Mars is War/Sex/Self and Venus is Love/Relationship/Harmony. He wants to find his own way without any help from anyone – solo-mission into the unknown, discover shit, make mistakes, and figure it out himself; and She wants to Love, and Team Up, and become a Power-Couple who get WAY more done – together – than his “Pioneer Mission” can ever even hope to achieve on his own. Because he can see what he wants, and go straight toward it – but she can see everything, everywhere… Everything he can’t. Of course we all have male and female and Love and War and are all made of sperm and egg: Mother-Magic-Father. Cosmic Mother and Father energies are Yin and Yang – we all have them to varying degrees of balance and imbalance. These “conscious sexuality” articles are written by people (mostly women) attempting to educate the world on the art of relating. If you find you are irritated by the tone of these articles: WRITE YOUR OWN! Be a voice for your own minority, and post your article on the comments of other articles you find, so others can find them. If you are a reformed useless X-boyfriend, share your awakening. If you’re Androgynous, teach us how to Love YOU. If there’s a hole in the world, what are you going to do about it?


YIN AND YANG/SRI YANTRA/TAI CHI/HUNAB KU http://www.beginnerstaichi.com/tai-chi-symbol.html

Because if they’re not in communication, they’re in chaos. And this is Tantra: The Balance of The Cosmic Forces.

And the only reason that no one “wants” to be a “feminine” is because reception does not get the reception it deserves. It is a CONSCIOUS GIFT to be received. An ALLOWING. It takes great courage, to CONTINUALLY and CONSCIOUSLY open up, and flower, and bloom. Radios are receivers. To be receptive, is to receive your environment, the entire Cosmos. Wombs Lovingly and Willingly receive New Life. USB sticks receive data. So even though the days of Doris Day and John Wayne are over, Doris and Wayne still exist. And maybe they are attracted to each other. And maybe WE can help them understand each other. Because, according to these 90% of articles, Doris has found her inner cowboy, but Wayne still refuses to sing. LIVING EXAMPLE: my Venus in Virgo in the 11th House, means my Love is a Priestess, a Healer, a Teacher – and part Alien. Like, from the Future, or Outer-Space. Eccentric, electric, inventive. My Love is Humanitarian. (but enough about how great I am – lol) My Mars in Cancer in the 8th House, on the other hand, is a Feminist, Alchemist, Intimist, and Sexual-Energy Transformer. I protect Feminine Energy, and I fight for Mothers, and women, and sex, and Tribe – and Sanctuary. For Grandmas, Grandpas, and The Cycles and Secrets of the Womb, and of Life and Death. So you see, I am mostly of a “feminine” persuasion. A Feminine Warrior/Alien Priestess. My inner John Wayne is a Cosmic Cowboy and Goddess Worshipper. My Love and War are also in a sextile aspect, meaning they are a team, and a force to be reckoned with: Priestess and her Conscious Cowboy. * IN THE FUTURE I will also do short “John & Doris” astrology readings if that’s a reflection you’d like to have for yourself; and I’ll check the health of your Team Venus/Mars. I’m so busy right now, and will edit this part when I’m ready. Yee-hah!

4 responses

  1. Fab ❤ My Venus is in Virgo in the 7th House and I often feel like an alien. My Mars is in Libra so I often find myself all over the place because I don't want to push my masculine even if someone is pushing theirs 😉

    March 16, 2015 at 11:44 am

    • Thanks for sharing, Jo!
      “Considerate Cowboy” 😉 x

      March 16, 2015 at 2:17 pm

  2. bsneddon51

    Fantastic. Mars in Taurus for me… yet I keep coming back to the moon and always will on any chart. She is the mother, our soul, and our first love. The moon is like the second hand on a clock… The start of any love or relating is with oneself. Many people use relationship and sex to try and initiate the work that we all need to do for ourselves. I guess there are many levels of relationships as well as types.

    April 6, 2015 at 5:08 am

  3. bsneddon51

    Reblogged this on bsneddon51 and commented:
    A revised disclaimer may soon be rejigged…. not to say that it is not already recognized that a blog can present written material and additional web context in an almost limitless variety of context. We can pretty much write anything as sacred or as profane as we like. Were cave artists 26 thousand years ago censored or liable for not carrying the weight of the world…. and time, on their shoulders? I think not. No, I know not.
    We don’t even need to talk about freedom of speech as though it were something that even could be removed or erased even if a regime or legal system did…
    Slander?????? Change the channel. A conversation amidst any online community can go not only wherever the participants like, but also where the consciousness and conscience of the “group” so likes.
    I tend to operate on the basis that it is none of my business what others think about me or say about me…. and the fact that I continue to survive despite attempts to thwart me by the evil forces of Skeletor… and contained within the pages of the Steppenwolf…. NOT FOR Everyone 😉

    April 27, 2015 at 5:08 am

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