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SEXUAL ALCHEMY: The Long-Lost Art of “Making” Love

SEXUAL ALCHEMY: The Long-Lost Art of “Making” Love.

If you find, that all too often, the thrill has gone – all too soon – out of your sexual relationships, you may be experiencing awareness from approximately only one-seventh of the human aspect of your mysterious, infinite nature…


“Sex” is a friction of the genitals, and compared to the *~ BONFIRE ~* of Generating Love, is comparable to a matchstick. Over, in a flash…

Sex is unconscious, and not only is it energetically draining, emotionally debilitating, and full of transference, but it generally results in the accidental creation of unconscious life; Lovers part, and having no knowledge of their multi-dimensional natures, can become confronted by the emotional wounds of the “inner child nature”.
It is not uncommon for the parent of the child of the same sex to become jealous of the once-a-Lover’s affections for the new baby, and a feeling of missing out.
It spirals out from there; a feeling of separation, isolation, a seeking, a lost-ness, behavioural problems, emotional problems, and much, much more.
Not to mention the new life that is now in this world.

And, YES: you CAN orgasm without ejaculation. They are actually separate impulses.
You can store your mojo; “charge your battery”; regenerate your body; release occasionally; never release; release to pro-create – it’s YOUR sexuality, YOUR body, and you can do whatever you want with it, and share it with whomever wants to share it with you.

But, if Love burns out, and passion is drowned, you may be ready to ascend from the genitals, to the Heart.


Up to you, but you can’t explore what you don’t know, so why not try every which way and see for yourself.
There is no Bible – “Love is my religion”.

One may be familiar with this experience post-orgasm and release:

“Whereas, if there has been an orgasm, it is the common experience that there is a sense of loss, weakness, and dispelled illusion; following quickly on the first grateful feeling of relief.
There has been a momentary joy, but too brief and epileptic to make much impression on consciousness, and now it is gone, leaving no memory.
The lights have gone out, the music has stopped.
The weakness is often so severe as to cause pallor, faintness, vertigo, dyspepsia, disgust, irritability, shame, dislike, or other pathological or unloving symptoms…. even if no more, there is lassitude, sudden indifference, a wish to sleep.
A wet blanket has fallen for the time at least, on the flame of love.
Romance drops and crawls like a winged bird.
In Karezza, on, the contrary, the partners unfold and separate reluctantly, lingeringly, kissing, clinging, petting to the last, thrilled with and rehearsing memories, glowing with an affection and admiration which they feel can never end.” ~ the Endless Honeymoon of “Karezza”, aka Modern (1931) Man discovers the Timeless, Universal Language of Maithuna/Tantra/Sexual Alchemy.


O, and “Porn is a Lie” -just so we’re clear.
It can be extremely psychologically damaging to individuals, and relationships, if you don’t have a sense of humour about it.

You have a responsibility to the physical, emotional, and psychological aftermath of a union. “Generally” the female is on the receiving end, and will be left reflecting his “foreign energies” that she may or may not be able to process.
Old wounds may have opened, and all of it swims in chaos that seeks clarity -a lot can go on in this current Dark Age.

Abandonment of that process by one party can be devastating for the other.

If you are not prepared to be responsible, it is immature – and selfish – to dabble in things of great consequence that are not fully understood. And you can be immature and selfish if you want, but just know that “this” is an ACTUAL person.
You may end up with a baby – FOR LIFE (a whole other person!)
This Lover may be your baby – for a little while.
You may become the baby.
Everyone: be kind.

Too much Fire is Yanger, dry, parched, aggression, blistering wounds, and boiling blood…

Too much water, and we’re swimming in yin, deeper and further away, forgetting the sun, drowning in tears; quivering, dissolving, cold, and wet…

ALCHEMY: The Foundational Ingredients of Creation are *Just Right* – skillfully measured.
Fluid Fire; the Warmth of Light; the delirious bliss of Fire-Water; white, effervescent waterfalls of star-fire; bright, warm Lagoons of Love…

Marrying one’s own FireWater, one becomes a vast and radiant being.
When two vast and radiant beings come together, universes are born; because there’s space…

To ascend from sex, to a state of Love, begin by honouring ALL the Magnets – just arrive at The Sacred Middle, and “always show up for Love”.
One of you might run away, out of fear, or wounding, or some other rebellion, but at least you “showed up”. It’s what Love wanted.
Communication is an essential ingredient for Loving.
Know yourself, and share your self.
Love won’t mind.
Feel your way around each other… for best affect, sort your own shit out!
At the *very* least, know your wounds, know what you need, and know that LOVE will be more than happy to provide that for you.
All else is cowardice, selfishness, and unconsciousness.
Everyone, be kind.

For same-sex partners, your body is the alchemy of sperm and egg, so know that we are all working with the same cosmic mother and father mojo.
If you can’t find enough info, and feel really passionate, perhaps explore the subject, and blaze a path in the field of same-sex tantra.
Love is androgynous.
The symbol within the Anahata is the fusion of an upward triangle (Fire), and a downward Triangle (Water).

SEXUAL MOJO: Sperm, and Blood are the mojo fluids in the body.
There is no “have to”, or “should” – only wanting.
Your choice.
Your adventurous exploration.
Unconscious, draining, destructive, self-destructive, selfish ‘sex’.
Release sex.
Pro-creation sex.
Ritual Sex Magik.
Nourishing, generating Love-Glow of Sexual Alchemy, individually, or in pairs.

Learn the microcosmic orbit, here:
(it’s not a free book, but read up on it and see if you like the writer, or just explore the internet for more…)

Just as a penis gets erect, so too, do the nipples. These are the ‘yang’ centres; man gives forth from the genitals, and plugs in to the female.
She gives forth from her Heart – pouring out Love-Energy…
This creates just one circuit of flowing energy; out of him, into her, out of her, into him – which is why it is so important for man to become aware of his yin-Heart; the vulnerability he feels there, is how she also feels at reception – openness needs to be prepared for.
Every body wants to give from their giving place; the only way it is mutually beneficial is to open to that circuit.

And it gets expansive from there… include the Soul-Gazing of the Eyes for figure 8’s ~ and even more currents to discover…

Subtle, and astral bodies, included!

No amount of sexual skill and study will ever come close to the spontaneous undulations and combustions of cosmic alchemy surrendered unto in a human Love container.

Sexual Alchemy is real, and people are doing it.
And I thought you might like to know. 🙂

Less sex – more Love!

*~ ❤ ~*

2 responses

  1. My comment on an article I just read:

    “It’s in the way of us having incredible, heart-bursting sex with you.”

    “Today, if you are man with any degree of sensitivity, it is a vulnerable thing to penetrate a woman.”

    These are important statements: firstly, if he is connected to his sensitivity, of course he ‘feels’.
    But if he is cut-off from it, then he is “insensitive”; there is no HEART, whatsoever. It’s all mechanical, and ‘selfish’… for want of a better word. But that’s not my point.

    My point, is that energetically, between a man and a woman, the female sex-centre is YIN, and the male sex-centre is YANG.

    This changes, at the HEART, where the female-Love is YANG, and the male-Love is YIN.

    Basically, his Heart feels as vulnerable, naked, and receptive as a vagina…

    If there isn’t mutual ‘penetration’, of the Love-Force, and the Sex-Force, then the two aren’t connected and flowing ~ “snaking”, as I like to call it.

    8 <~ this image

    (the eyes are also included as penetrating and receptive exchange… ∞ )

    Anyway, so once the flow is happening, and LovePower is being GENERATED, YANG enters her… and she becomes erect, and 'active'; activated.
    And YIN flows into him… (male ego is not used to or comfortable with surrender; opening; penetration…)
    HE surrenders, bathes in it.

    That's why, only a man in Love knows surrender; Love Wins. Whatever he thought of himself. He is opened. Forever.

    So… I have a few things you can read, if you like:

    1) https://www.facebook.com/notes/following-moira/the-creation-of-humankind-the-hermetica-the-lost-wisdom-of-the-pharaohs/485865104841201

    * here is the article I just read:

    December 30, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    • tanya

      Thank you

      October 17, 2017 at 10:02 pm

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