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An Excerpt From My Book: SUNSET

Sunset Fragment

I even suffer from a slight anger towards orange. I get angry at carrots for being so…orange.

I can only really tolerate it in a very particular shade. One in the triad of my favourite colours – reminiscent of a scene in Maui; where I have never been.

This composition is hot pink, sunset orange, and ultra violet.

I also have other triads of favourite combinations. There is a fluttery, alive, star-gold with radiant turquoise, and rose pink…

And a velvet red, turquoise, and gold.

I think I like turquoise because it seems to be a beautiful blue with a radiant heart of gold. And speaking of turquoise, Lets play a game!

(As I’m sure you can imagine, I actually write a small descriptive paragraph about it: as the more work you put in, the heartier the result. But at your leisure…)

About Us

1. What is you favourite colour? Now describe it in two words.

2. What is your favourite animal? Describe it in two.

3. What is your favourite body of water? i.e.: bath, river, lake, teeth brushing water… two words.

4. Imagine you are naked in a white room with no windows, no doors; no way in or out. Describe in two words how you feel.

It’s funner if you do it with others (as always)!

My answers are always changing, and I won’t give you the thesis, but often it’s:

1. turquoise (radiant, electric) or velvet red (warm, alive)

2. flamingo, peacock (both are exotic masterpieces) or tiger (powerful, majestic)

3. bath/shower/waterfall (weightless, warm / hot, unrelenting and / Gravity – there’s this whole thing with the higher river falling into and merging with the one below. The whole process of unification)

4…I forget.

I’ll give you the results later. Chances are if they were right here you would read them before playing. No fun.

~> https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/294522

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