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Tantric Maas


IN TANTRA… all the women are called “Maa”; this is because they become the Mothers of The World, extending warmth, nourishment, and nurturing, deep into the roots of the Soul, causing the seed of that Soul to *~ flower ~* into its full, radiant potential; safe within the Sacred Sanctuary of the metaphorical Womb of Creation, that is intimately connected to The Expansive Cosmos, that gives Birth to all of us, over and over again.


All Maa’s have within them, the Inner, Untouchable Virgin/Maiden, and the Eternal First and Wisest Woman, known as the Crone, who is Married to the Cosmos; she is beyond birth and death; She is the Boundary of infinity – the Gatekeeper of the Magic Portal from whence we all came, and shall return, no matter our age, our race, or our class ( – or lack of 😉 )


Creatrix is Triple – braided – because She is the Weave of Life, itself; the beginning, the middle, and the end.


Known by some, as The Spinner; The Measurer; and The Cutter of the destined thread which is Your Birth, Your Life, and Your End.


Tantric Maas are the Wholeness of this Trinity; her innate knowledge of New Beginnings, freshness, and eternal purity, transitioning to CONSCIOUS LOVE, Nurturance, and Nourishment of Life, which transitions into HEALTHY Boundaries that provide the necessary structure for infinity to come to form; to exist, and to manifest the ethereal vision and Highest Potential of the ever-present cosmos.


And in Her image – the coveted Form of the Goddess: Women of Earth. From Her, each Soul is Born into Form and Matter, out of Her Love, and from Her Body… Mother; who is Daughter of The Goddess.


Happy Maa’s Day, to every Womban… to all who ignite, nurture, and contain Life, itself.


May you always be Loved and Respected for the Cosmic Miracle and Fact that you ARE.


Jai Maa!


x~ Namaste ~x


(For Lovers of The Goddess: as I like to say;
“He protects Her Body; She protects his Soul.”


* Protection can read as Love; can read as Venerate; can read as Treasure.
Mother can read as The World.)


*~ ❤ ~*


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