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Once upon a time, we had temples.

In those temples, were the Priests and Priestesses of The Goddess: Creatrix.

For the purpose of this story, we have the Trinity of Innocence, Ignorance, and Illumination:
Civilians; Beasts; and Priests and Priestesses of Creation.

In the time of the wars, the temples were used as a filter; to “de-beast” the bloody before they were allowed back into the villages among the innocent civilian men and women.

Eventually, The Beasts destroyed The Temples, along with the Priests and Priestesses – and everything they stood for.
They raped and pillaged the villages and villagers, breeding in violence, ignorance, chaos, and disorder ~ and a sleepy darkness fell all over the land…

What we have today, is this mess.

We have Civilians and Beasts who think they’re priests/priestesses; Beasts who claim to be Gurus, Holy Men, and Leaders, capitalizing on ignorance; invisible Priests and Priestesses without temples, and without each other – and any other chaos, suspicion, confusion, and undoing you can think of.
– sprinkle a starry-hope of the precious small things of life, in there, too. Civilian life is creative, fun, exciting, unpredictable, and has a lot more *~ expanding ~* to do…

The glorification – and training of – the nature of The Beast in women and men, through television and cinema, mixes the beast in with civilians; Breeding. Possessing. Controlling.
Condoning bad behaviour, and making it appear ‘normal’.

Anyone whole (Holy) is portrayed as Sanctimonious, Vacuous, a Charlatan, or a Loon.

We are the children of this mess:
Children of Priests
Children of Beasts
Our Mothers; of consciousness or unconsciousness.
Wounded, sometimes. Lineages back.

This beast has nothing to do with passion; nothing to do with sensuality; nor anything to do with the liberated ecstasy of the Earth-God, Pan.

This beast is purely reptilian, and in feral, survival mode. Calculating, reactive, ruthless, and manipulative.
(see comments for more on the reptilian brain.)
Survival is not necessary in a thriving, expansive eden of existence… there is Life beyond “Thunderdome”.

We all make our journeys from Innocence to Ignorance, from Innocence to Illumination, and from Ignorance, to Illumination.
There *is* an order.

Astrological Archetypes are a language unto themselves, and contain timeless, cyclic wisdom; The Priest/Priestess of our story is the True Representation of the Star Sign, VIRGO.

The Era of Wars, as the Age of ARIES.
The Earth-God Pan as the Age of TAURUS.
The Age of CANCER as the era of Matriarchal Societies and Cathedrals.

These traditional planetary rulers are:
Virgo: Mercury – “Right-hand of God/Goddess/Sun”, Scribe, Communication of Tantra.
Aries: Mars – Energy, Impulse, Force.
Taurus: Venus – Treasures, Senses, Love, Beauty, Art, Aesthetics.
Cancer: Moon – Roots, Origins, Mother, Home, Womb-Wisdom.

“Bad Leos demand to be treated like royalty.
Good Leos treat others like they were royalty, too.” ~ Christopher Witecki

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” ~ Jim Morrison

“What are you doing, Brahman?
You’re playing Hide and Seek with yourself…” ~ Alan Watts

At least we all have our humanness in common.
And Love, if we can find it.

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