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Requesting Research: Temporary Post

Requesting Research: Temporary Post

I am writing a new book about the sexually abused.

If anyone would like to help me with my research, please, read on…

The working title is:
“A Guidebook to Sexual Abuse: the slow, silent death.”

So, what I will need from you, if you choose to accept:

* What needs did you feel you had that were never met?
(that you would now offer to others who have gone through this)

* What needs did you have that were met?

* Whether you were sexually abused *before* being sexually active, and how it shaped your ‘sex life’.

* Whether you had been sexually active before the abuse occurred, and whether it changed your ‘sex life’.

* Did you develop extra sensory skills, such as psychic intuition, astral projection, telekenisis – etc

* Have you ever, or since, had a “healing relationship”, where your partner helped you a lot.

* How are your relationships? (Friends, Family, Co-workers, Intimately)

* There are many forms of sexual abuse, and assault – anything that felt… wrong.

* Did your sexuality get trapped in your sex organs? High Sex-drive? Did you become self-destructive?

* Did you feel like every time someone touched you, or was alone with you, that they ‘might’ assault you?

* Do you physically tense up when you pass a stranger in the street, walking alone?

* Any “irrational” fears?

* Did you disassociate? “Leave” your body? Do you have any sensations? Did you learn to have sensation? No sex-drive? No orgasm? Eventual orgasm?

* Was your abuser: a stranger? familiar to you?
Were there feelings of Love from you, toward them? Or did they mean nothing to you?
(Trying to explore the differences, here, between not taking it personally {stranger}, and confusing it with ‘normal Love’, daily interaction with an abusive family member, or someone you were dating, or Loving {in which case, there can be no dis-associative barrier}.

* Did you ever: Recover? Integrate? Or do you feel broken forever?
(Please elaborate on recommended healing modalities)

* Any advice you might have for someone who has been sexually abused, that you wished you had done, or wished someone would have helped you do. Or anything you can think of.

Some homework for you (if you want):
1) Explore the “5 Languages of Love”, and let me know if “Affection” is at the top of your list, and how deeply sexual abuse wounds you.
If “Affection” is not at the top of your list; did the event/s *deeply* wound you? Or were you healed by many of the other Loving ways, such as: beautiful, healing words, or gifts, or acts of service toward you…

2) Watch the movie, ‘Mysterious Skin’, by Gregg Araki, and let me know if you identify with either of the boys; one of the boys, of neither of them.
Are you something completely different…


Please FEEL FREE to answer or offer anything YOU think might help the world, that I have not included in here.

You are also welcome to send me a quote from you, that would be your one message to the world regarding sexual abuse. And you can sign off as anonymous; with a made-up name; or with your first name – whatever you want.

Please understand that I operate on a Universal Scale; all agreements between us are for the sole purpose of education, and you enter into this with a humanitarian heart, giving *~ nothing ~* but what YOU want to give.

Email me anonymously, or not, at:
mardishakti at gmail dot com

In the subject, write: “Abused” (in capitals, if you want 😉 ) followed by “Reply” or “No Reply” depending on what kind of interaction you would like to have: you can deliver me your input, full stop, or, you can help me further, by asking and offering questions.
And yes, of course: “Boys are welcome, too.”

Thank YOU.

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