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TIME; it never matched my Heartbeat…

Did you know?
The days of the week are all named after the planets:

(…Tiwaz, Woden, Thor, Freya: aka Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus)

You can understand this clearly in the Latin-Languages; Italian, and French.

LUNdi – Luna – Moon
MARdi – Mars
MERCredi – Mercury

English uses the Norse names: “Thors” Day who is also Jupiter: “Jeudi”

One Week, of 7 Planets is one quarter of a Moon.
4 weeks, is 28 Days, is One total Moon Cycle, from empty, to Full, to empty, again.

So why are the Months uneven?

The maps of time indeed stem from the cycles of The Cosmic Clock; yet over time, we, of this world, have been ‘de-tuned’ from our once harmonious relationship to the rest of the cosmos.
We live in man-made time, that is the lock and key to Samsara (the hamster-wheel).

There are 13 exact Full Moons in one cycle around the Sun, yet we live with an uneven calendar map of uneven day’d months (‘moon-ths’), with a weird “Leap Year” every 4.
And the *very second* the year ends, it begins, again!
That never felt right, to me.

The Mayan Map-Makers have a 13 Moon Calendar, and something known as “The Day Out of Time”, around every July 25th.
The Sun rises with the Star, Sirius, on this day of “Time as Art” – but The Blue Star is a story for another time… ๐Ÿ™‚

Just knowing about any of this is the first step.

– but, I don’t know how a planet of people can evolve if they just keep going around in circles…

“A well-known adage is that those who forget history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history. Likewise, those who have never learned the facts of calendar history have built an entire belief structure on a faulty foundation: the assumption that weeks have cycled continuously and without interruption ever since Creation.”

“It must always be remembered that *when* one worships reveals *whom* one worships: the Eloah of Creation, or the god of this world that is the leader of rebellion against the Creator.”


THE AGES are also mapped from The Cosmic Clock. Each age is approx 2000 years; as you can see, our Map has reached this number, and began at the onset of the Age of Pisces: The Fish Symbol.

The Ages move backwards, and we have either begun – or are beginning – The Age of Aquarius.


“Mark Passio also discusses the concept of time and money very well. He posits that Time is TRUE Spiritual Currency.”

And he is only saying what I, myself, always knew: it never matched my Heartbeat.

Who still hasn’t got this figured out, yet?

All your time, all your presence, and attention, *that* is all you will ever TRULY have. To share, to give, to exchange… to live in.

*~ โ€œThatโ€™s it!โ€ he exclaimed to Lloydine. โ€œThe world is living in artificial time! This place should be renamed the Museum of Mechanized Time.โ€ ~*


You are being robbed;
and displaced –
every Heartbeat that you GIVE; that you don’t really want to give.

Spend it wisely.

Stay Tuned for next week’s episode!

(because that’s how synCHRONOSity works; in episodes; in events; in puzzle pieces… getting the picture…? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

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